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“He Is Risen” by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau
“For God so loved the world...” an Easter message.
A Summary of Karma by Joseph Michael Soos
Karma results from our actions and reactions.
Temple of God by David A. Tokar, Ph.D.
The travels of Jesus during the “lost years”.
Ahimsa by Dr. Gulab Kothari
Ahimsa is best learned by being in the company of the virtuous.
Our Ishta Devata by Eric Fremaux
We choose a Beloved Deity as a focus for Devotion.
Consciousness Unfoldment by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
An individual conscious goes through many lives before it awakens from its slumber.
I Am Not the Body by Dr. Gulab Kothari
That part of us which is eternal, is not of the physical body.
Paramatma by Eric Fremaux
Paramatma may also be called the Supreme Self.
Ishta Devata Teachings by Philippe Chauvancy and Paul Schaefer
One's Ishtadevata is determined by their Jyotish chart.
Hitbodedut by Rabbi Eli Mallon
Hitbodedut offers the great benefit to a wide range of people.
The Wisdom in Knowing How Prayer Works by Rabbi Eli Mallon
Believe what you ask for in prayer, and it will be given unto you.
Contact with Brahma by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD
Brahma is both in the non-realitive Divine, and in manifest Physical Creation.
Brahm's Journey by Dr. Gulab Kothari
Brahm's journey is the evolution of an individual Soul from Brahm, and back again.
Seeing, Loving God Everywhere by Ishwara Devi
The cave where Jesus stayed while living in India.
Giving as the Fundamental Rule of Behavior by David A. Tokar, PhD
Love and compassion are advocated by all the world's Great Religions.
Healing Thoughts in Written Words by Rabbi Eli Mallon
Heaven is the Source of all healing.
Spirituality and Epochs of Time by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD
In each Epoch Spiritual Truths are brought forward, advancing the timeless Union of Truth and God.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus by Dr. David A. Tokar
June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Christ and His Mission by Peter Rousseau
Christ's Divine mission was for a humanity that was in danger of losing the path of evolution.
Passover by Harley L. Fisher
Passover is a time when the soul leaves the bondage of an old state of awareness and is elevated to a new, higher state.
Guru Purnima by Pandit Gaurav Dwivedi
The Guru is the teacher of truth and light who dispels the darkness of ignorance.
Reflections on Easter by Peter Rousseau
The Resurrection of the Christ forever embodies the timeless truth of Spiritual Rebirth.
The Meaning of Navaratri by Pandit B.P. Sharma
The celebration of Navaratri is a Hindu festival honoring Mother Divine.

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