“He Is Risen” by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau

“For God so loved the world...” an Easter message.
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“He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.” Matthew 28:6 (NASB)

He Is Risen
An Easter Message
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
Ray J. Rousseau

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

A human being is often referred to as a “diamond in the rough” noting the latent potentials present before one undergoes the process of life lessons, the growth and refinement to be found uniquely in living a life with love. When a diamond is cut and polished its inner structure releases and reveals the trapped Light that was held within; so too is it with one's own Soul through the Spirit, as insight into our true value is gained in the living of Life and growth, a refinement to be found from a deepening love for creation.

The ‘polishing' of this potential that is locked inside humanity is the true purpose and meaning of life. This is the refinement of the Soul, revealing its true destiny and Nature, always reaching for the source of Love; that inner light of Love for others, expressed in humble service, as the heart soars in Joy, Appreciation, and Gratitude for the love found in Divine Source. In this refining, one becomes a Light released now as a Flame in the heart. In the hearts inner landscape a brilliance comes alive from the Soul, and refines as facets of the personality, talents, and Grace as the Light of the Soul shines through, revealing the Inner Beauty within: the inner and outer Divine Nature.

Insight into our true value is gained in the living of life and our resulting growth from a deepening love of this true meaning. This is the Reality of the Soul, as the Holy Light of Spirit is more ‘known'; then that which one ‘Truly Is' shines by the True Reality of Being in the Eternal; Unconditional Love becoming more apparent as more unfoldment takes place in the Unbounded Spirit of God Most High.

Love is what expands, Love lives in Goodness; Divine in its Purity, Beauty, and Renewal. Love is what touches Heaven and brings It's Grace to Earth, sharing in Sweetness, Kindness, and Intent, in the Glory of The Supreme, and Light of each soul and heart in Union of Spirit.

“He Has Risen,” speaks of the risen Christ, and, in our heart, our awakening in Realization of God and His Love; one is now humble and in awe of Almighty God, of all God's Creation, His Glory, and the preciousness of all life.

Heaven on Earth to be born within each Heart… ‘May the Way, the Truth, and the Life' …Be Lived.

Happy Blessed Easter!

Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD
Ray J. Rousseau

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