Guru Purnima by Pandit Gaurav Dwivedi

The Guru is the teacher of truth and light who dispels the darkness of ignorance.
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Guru Purnima is the day set aside for the seeker or student to offer the Guru, the 'Teacher of Truth or Light', their gratitude for teaching the path to Enlightenment.

Guru Purnima
by Pt. Gaurav Dwivedi
Vedic Pandit, Maharishi Vedic Astrology

The word “Guru” in Sanskrit is translated as “dispeller of darkness to Light”, i.e., a “Teacher”. In this context the Guru is the 'Teacher of Truth or Light', one who dispels the darkness of ignorance through Knowledge and leads the aspirant on the path to Enlightenment. The day of Purnima is the day in each month in which the full moon occurs. The day of the Full(est) Moon in the month of Ashadha (July-August) is thus known as Guru Purnima.

The day of Guru Purnima is traditionally the time when seekers and students offer the Guru their gratitude and receive his blessings. Guru Purnima is also considered an especially beneficial day to practice Yogic Sadhana and deep meditation. The Guru Principle is traditionally said to be a thousand times more active on the day of Guru Purnima than on any other day.

The Celebration of Guru Purnima was begun by Shri Veda Vyasa more than 5000 years ago. Shri Veda Vyasa was the Great Master who wrote the Mahabharata and all the Puranas which he did for the preservation of all the Vedas. During his life Veda Vyasa gathered all the Vedic hymns existing and divided them into four parts based on their use in the rites and characteristics. These are Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. The Puranas are said by some to be the “fifth Veda”. He then taught them to his four chief disciples – Paila, Vaisampayana, Jaimini and Sumantu.

Matsya, an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, is depicted here protecting the Saptarishis (the seven sages) and the Manu at the time of the Great Flood.

Guru Purnima is the sacred day that marks the very first transmission of the Yogic Spiritual Sciences from Lord Shiva, the Adiyogi, who was the first Yogi to the Saptarishis, the seven celebrated Great Sages or Rishis: Atri, Kanwa, Vashistha, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Gotama and Bharadwaja. This momentous occasion took place on the banks of the lake Kantisarovar, which stands a few kilometers above the Kedarnath Temple in the Himalayas. The Adiyogi (Shiva) became the Adi Guru, or the first Guru, on this day. The Saptarishis carried this Knowledge offered by Adiyogi throughout the world, including Knowledge of the Spiritual process of Knowing, created and cognized by Adiyogi.

When observing Guru Purnima, you dedicate the day for your inner wellbeing. It is best to eat light, listen to spiritual music, meditate and watch the Moon. The moon will be fantastic and full with Blessings because it is the first full Moon Day after the solstice. It is very auspicious to share with others the significance of Guru Purnima; love and appreciation is offered for the Holy Teachings, which are Ageless and Timeless Truths and these are the Spiritual Sciences that were given to govern all aspects of life. This one-day of the year is when one receives the Special Blessings from their Teachers, Masters, and the Vedic Masters and full Holy Tradition Lineage.

The Essence of the all Wisdom lies in the 'Bhagavat Gita',
(The Song of The Lord) which is included within the great Hindu epic,
'The Mahabharata'.

Wishing all a 'Very Happy Guru Purnima!'

Shri Bramhanandam Param Shukhdam Kevalam Gyan Murtim
Vesvateetam Gagan Sadsram Tatvamasya di Lachyam.

Om Shri Guru Dev Namaha!

Pt. Gaurav Dwivedi
July, 2015

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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