Ishta Devata Teachings by Philippe Chauvancy and Paul Schaefer

One's Ishtadevata is determined by their Jyotish chart.
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Photo of puja table with picture of His Holiness Shri Jagatguru Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, or, often affectionately called, “Guru Dev”.
Dedicated to keeping the teachings of the Holy Tradition pure. Photo by Philippe Chauvancy.

Ishta Devata Teachings
by Philippe Chauvancy and Paul Schaefer
November 18, 2022

About Ishtadevata….

An Overview

Maharishi Ishtadevata Techniques (MIT)© are powerful advanced techniques – specific mantras, mantra phrases, pujas, homas and japa, that will enliven and stabilize important specific values of natural law in a person's physiology and consciousness - the Ishtadevata value. Ishtatadevata refers to a guiding, protective, managing value of natural laws, intimate to the individual and favorable to each person's evolution. One's Ishtadevata is determined by their Jyotish chart. These techniques are taught in stages.

When someone becomes interested in learning the Ishta Devata techniques, their readiness for instruction is first determined by a special, and specific, personal Jyotish reading in advance of any instruction. The suitable, or optimal time, for instruction is determined by one's personal Jyotish chart. Once this is determined, some student applicants may be asked to do specific calming, purifying practices at home as preparations in advance of instruction. This is done to insure that maximum benefits and comfort is derived from the teachings and the practice.

Steps of Instruction

  • Time Commitment and Practice Structure:

The first phase of instruction in MIT teaching involves an audible practice – mantras spoken quietly, in the morning, and again in the evening, for approximately 10 minutes twice a day, then followed by the practice of meditation and the Sidhis.

  • The First Phase of Instruction:

The first phase of instruction and practice prepares the ground for the more specialized mantras and mantra practices to come. The purpose of this phase of the practice is to purify and prepare the body and mind for the second phase of instruction. This first phase is referred to as the “Ishtadevata Stapetya” phase of instruction – the “waking up” phase.

  • Learning the Mantras – Steps of Instruction, Day of Instruction:

On the day of instruction the student should be in a quiet, clean place, free of distractions such as cell phones, general noise and pets. A ghee lamp should be lit. Then the guru puja is performed. After the puja, and prior to instruction, the student performs two minutes of pranayama. Following pranayama, the mantras, which entail multiple specific Sanskrit sounds, are taught to the student.

This is done individually and privately although in some countries a translator may be present to assist pandit Jaikrishna with the instruction and communication. The student recites the mantras in front of pandit Jaikrishna and pandit checks and corrects the students pronunciation. A written and audio pronunciation guide will be provided for instruction along with guidance from pandit Jaikrishna. Checking of pronunciation and experiences will be offered and available until satisfactory mastery of the sounds and techniques are achieved. The student is also taught the traditional way of counting off the mantra repetitions in a special mudra.

An Overview of Phase One

The first phase of instruction provides the student with the technique to “warm up” the nervous system and this begins to awaken the Ishtadevata from its slumber. The stage one mantra is called the Ishtadevata Jagarana Mantra. It is practiced for approximately 90 days regularly along with the regular checking of experiences and the correct pronunciation before the second phase of instruction is then given.

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Maharishi Ishtadevata Techniques – MIT©

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