Healing Thoughts in Written Words by Rabbi Eli Mallon

Heaven is the Source of all healing.
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Let us turn our attention to Heaven and an affirmative statements by “New Thought” teacher, Ms. Ann Meyer Makeever.

Healing Thoughts in Written Words
by Rabbi Eli Mallon

A teaching of “New Thought,” out of which come two of my teachers — Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein and Rabbi Joseph Gelberman — is that God is the only true Reality; everything else is only an appearance.

To correct the “appearance,” direct your thought instead to the true Spiritual Reality. I understand that this is a challenging idea to most people.

But, it can be an uplifting one, too. In this article are two affirmative statements of this thought by another “New Thought” teacher, Ms. Ann Meyer Makeever. The graphic designs are my own, formatting Mrs. Makeever's statements as specific prompts for our own thinking.

The first is presented above: Perfection, Everywhere, Now

The second is:
There is nothing to heal --
only perfection to be realized.

This is much in the spirit of the teaching in Torah that when the Israelites were assailed in the wilderness by poisonous snakes, Mosheh, at God's direction, created a brass snake and carried it throughout the encampment. As the people saw the brass snake, they were healed.(1) The Talmud questioned whether a brass snake could actually heal and concluded that if, when the Israelites saw the brass snake, their attention was turned to the Creator of all, they were healed.(2)

I don't here advocate against medical intervention in favor of prayer exclusively. Our prayers for Divine healing might in some cases be answered by our finding effective cures and therapies. But let us at the same time turn our attention to Heaven — to the Source of all healing — to help ourselves and everyone else.

Rabbi Eli Mallon

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(2)Rosh HaShanah 29a
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May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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