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The cave where Jesus stayed while living in India.
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This is a photo of the cave that Jesus is thought to have lived in while staying in India. The cave, known as the “Jesus Cave”, is near Rishikesh, India, by the banks of the Ganges River.

Seeing, Loving God Everywhere
by Ishwara Devi, ISS Admin.

Submitted to ISS by Ishwara Devi, May 20, 2018

The Jesus Cave

The appearance of Jesus as “Isha Putra” (the Son of God) was prophesied in the Vedic Bhavisya Purana. It is written that He would visit India at the age of thirteen and travel about India, eventually journey to northern India, and then stay for a time in the Himalayan region. Here, He would study with the ascetics and siddha-yogis, before returning to the Holy Land to begin His ministry for God the Father.

A growing mass of evidence indicates that Jesus, known as Isha (Isa) in India, spent many of His undocumented “Lost Years” in India.

“Jesus as Sanatana Dharma Missionary to the West”
by Swami Nirmalananda Giri

In North India on the Ganges River in the Himalayas, about an hour up-river from Rishikesh, is a Cave called Vashishta Guha. This Cave was made famous by the Ancient Sage Vashishta; it has been the home to Yogis for centuries, most recently the renowned Swami Purushottamananda.

About a five-minute walk down-river from this Cave is another Cave known as the “Jesus Cave.”
Set in the side of a sheer cliff on the banks of Ma Ganga (the Ganges River), the Cave has a spectacular view of the river and the surrounding peaks of the Himalayas. The Cave derived its name from the history that Jesus-Isha-Issa, spent time there during His sojourn in India during the “Lost Years.”

In the Last Century, both Swami Rama Tirtha and Swami (Papa) Ramdas lived in the Cave (at separate times), and had Visions of Jesus meditating there; though they had no prior knowledge of His having lived there and did not know that fact at the time of their Visions, but learned it later.

We had the Good Fortune to visit and meditate in the cave during a recent trip to India.

Sri Ramakrishna, His Great Disciple Swami Brahmananda, Swami Rama Tirtha, Swami (Papa) Ramdas, and Paramhansa Yogananda all saw Jesus in Visions–some more than once, and some actually Spoke with Him.

Sri Ramakrishna kept a picture of Jesus in His room at the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. He also told several of His disciples that He had seen in Visions that they had been disciples of Jesus.

Photo of Ishwara Devi

Written October 23, 2007 by Light of the Spirit Monastery.

The Tradition of the Jesus Cave is but a small part of the lore of Jesus' stay in India. To read more of the evidence of Jesus' time in India, read the in-depth article, “The Christ of India”, by Swami Nirmalananda Giri, that now is also in the form of a book.

In Memorial

- Ishwara Devi -

Oct. 6, 1953 - March 26, 2019

Ishwara Devi was a Devotee of God, a beautiful selfless Soul, and an Administrator for ISS, and advisor for the Institute of Spiritual Science Group (ISS) on Face Book from 2016-2019.

She is dearly missed by all.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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