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The Institute of Spiritual Sciences Advisory Board is a group of officers, esteemed colleagues, and contributors who bring their own unique knowledge and skills to ISS in order to enhance and complement the mission and intent of the Institute of Spiritual Sciences. The mission of ISS Advisory Board is to further education in the Sciences, Spirituality and Meditation in order to help alleviate suffering and promote peace through innovative education and spiritually sustained living.

Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, Ph.D
Founder and President, Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS)

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau is Founder and President of the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). In her work, she has contributed both nationally and internationally as a speaker, lecturer, author, and professional artist. She has been Keynote Presenter at several International Conferences in India and she has made numerus presentations to various Masonic lodges, including the Peace Arch between the USA and Canada in Blaine, WA and for The Theosophical Society. Her Topics have included: Spirituality, Science, Higher Consciousness, Ancient History, Meditation, Vedanta, Inter-religious Understanding, Space Studies, Sustainability, and right use of Technology and care of the planet in Transformation of Humanity.

In April 1972, Dr. Rousseau was Initiated in SRM (TM) Meditation and in 1973 she was selected to be personally mentored by Charlie Lutes (1912-2001). Mr. Lutes was World President for Maharishi’s Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM); Charlie was also a Student of the Mysteries and of Manly P. Hall. From Charlie Lutes, Dr. Rousseau received Instruction and ancient Teachings of the Holy Tradition of the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math: Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (1941-1953) and H. H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1912-2008).

A Professional Artist and award-winning Designer, Dr. Rousseau served a four-year Apprenticeship program for the State of Washington and the International Board of Trade, and became a Certified Master Journeyman Wax-model Maker, Artist, and Designer. She later founded, and was President of, a national Fine Jewelry Design Corporation for 10 years, doing National and International work. Dr. Rousseau was selected by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to be the Authorized Designer and supplier for his International Maharishi Ayur-Veda Gems (MAPI) and Jyotish Program.

It was during this time of an intense mix of her two greatest passions: Spirituality and Art, that Dr. Rousseau began re-directing her focus and became a dedicated researcher in Philosophy, Jyotish, Vedic and Ancient Texts, Spirituality, Mysteries, Ancient History, Meta Sciences. Consciousness and Theosophy. Dr. Rousseau then founded and became President of ISS, which she formed in June, 2006, to promote spiritual, scientific, intercultural, and interfaith understanding, higher conscious development; uniting Spirituality and Science, with insights into experiences and higher dimensional understanding, expanding Consciousness with attention to creating a better world, and practical application for peaceful relations.

Dr. Rousseau received an LHD in April 2006 from Smith Chapel Bible College, “for Academic, Ministry, and Community Leadership”; granted by her Mentor, Dean Emeritus Archbishop Dr. Delmer T. Robinson THD, PhD, and Collage President Dr. Abe Johnson. In 2006 she was recruited by IOU President Dr. Jan Hakemulder for PhD work and he became her Mentor until his passing in 4-2008. After four years of international lectures and research for her Thesis/Dissertation, Dr. Rousseau received her PhD in Philosophy with Emphasis in ‘Consciousness Studies’ in August 2010, from IOU-Intercultural Open University, Int. Dr. Rousseau’s PhD was granted by the IOU international Board in 2010 and signed by Dr. S.L. Gandhi (her Mentor then) the IOU-IOUF international Advisory Board and Dr. Sandra Hurlong; the new international IOU-IOUF President.

As a writer and author, Dr. Rousseau has published articles in newspapers, international newsletters, magazines, websites, and other media such as Facebook and Linked-In. She authors Articles and Papers on the ISS website and has contributed to several books that have been published.

With a lifelong passion for the Truth, her studies have been enhanced with over 50 years of experiential knowledge; Judeo-Christian, Vedic, Inter-Faith and Intercultural Studies, Theosophy, Humanities, Ancient Texts, Science, Unified Field, Space, Meta and Cosmic Realities, including the welfare of Life and Nature.

Ray J. Rousseau
Chairman, ISS Advisory Board; ISS Vice-President and Treasurer

Mr. Rousseau is Vice President and Treasurer for the Institute Of Spiritual Sciences, Chairman of the ISS Advisory Board as well as it's chief editor, site developer and the web administrator for the Institute Of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) web site.

Mr. Rousseau has traveled both nationally and internationally with Dr. Diane M. Rousseau numerous times to help represent and support ISS participation at conferences, forums and lectures and has held various positions within ISS since its inception in 2006.

In addition to his extensive work with ISS, Mr. Rousseau has owned and operated a wholesale business for over 40 years, as well as being a Regional Manager for a multi-national retailer with whom he has had over 30 years of retail and management business experience. He now devotes his time fully to ISS, and it's work in Spiritual Education and development.

Please see Mr. Rousseau’s articles currently on the ISS web site:
Ganesha, The Master Of Obstacles
by Ray J. Rousseau
OM, The Symbol for Primordial Sound
by Ray J. Rousseau

Eric Fremaux
Member ISS Advisory Board

Eric Fremaux, was born French from an Italian Mother and educated in Christianity, Masses & Catechism. Due to Fathers Military Career, he was born in a Military Camp Hospital. Because of its Corps, his family followed his father in various 2 year stays (deployments) in different ancient French Colonies, Guyana; South America, Africa, New Caledonia down to Australia, living with all different cultures during childhood, which Eric stated, “opened the Heart.”

Later on in France, as a seeker of Truth, Eric did Superior studies in Higher University of Sciences in “Biology and Micro-Biologics”, “Physics in Quantum Mechanics and Chemistry”; atomistic Level, to get a License in “Biological Sciences”. With a French Diploma of “Professional Cook”, in the years of 1990's to 2000, Eric worked on Staff in Vlodrop, Meru, for H.H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Purusha Group in Valkenburg (Near Vlodrop) and Vedic University, also Home of Mother Divine Group; there, as Chief Cook for the International Guests and for Courses for Mothers Divine, expanded his knowledge due to Ayurvedic Indian Cooks and Guests from Maharishi, which he described as “A Great and Divine Asset”.

Personal: at the beginning, Eric found a Sense of God faces the Mysteries behind the work of the Nature of the Relative World and more with Quantum Physics derived from the Vedas. During his Studies, Eric was initiated into TM. In his First Meditation in Initiation, his mind made a flash and a thought arose: “I know/recognize this Field!” as I have had experiences before of this natural State of Transcendental Consciousness. Due to the Practice of TM, he was lead quickly and directly to the Integration of God. Eric writes, “I am dedicated to work from the heart like a monk to Spiritual Growth and Ascension, Expanding Consciousness. I am Researcher, a Seer; a seeker of Truth, involved and working for this new Era to mature this Shifting World, which is going to the Light of the Spiritual Realities!
ISS is my Greater opportunity.” Researcher and ISS Facebook administrator.

David A. Tokar, Ph.D.
Member ISS Advisory Board

David A. Tokar, Ph.D. began pursuing Spirituality at an early age. At the age of eleven he began studying guitar, became a full-time professional musician in 1980 and taught and performed music for over thirty years. He was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in 1978 and attended numerous Meditation courses, including many lectures by Charlie Lutes.

He earned a Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance (1989) and a Master of Music in Classical Guitar and Music History at Temple University, where he studied and performed in Masterclasses with Oscar Ghiglia, Michael Lorimer, Christopher Parkening. In 2002, he earned a Ph.D. in Musicology from Rutgers University, where he was the first candidate to write a dissertation devoted solely to Music and Spirituality. While at Rutgers, he also received a Dissertation Grant to design and teach a course entitled, 'Music of the Spheres.' He has taught Guitar and Music History at Temple University, Rutgers University, Delaware Valley College, and other locations while maintaining a home studio. Dr. Tokar continues to write articles on Music and Spirituality, Comparative Religion, and other Spiritual Topics.

Please see Dr. Tokar's articles currently on the ISS web site:
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Dr. David A. Tokar
Three Favorite Sayings of Charlie F. Lutes
With Commentaries
by David A. Tokar, Ph.D

Gulab Kothari PhD.
Member ISS Advisory Board

Gulab Kothari PhD. is an Indian author, 2nd generation journalist and the editor-in-chief of Rajasthan Patrika, an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper published in a large number of major cities in India. The Patrika Group also has a significant digital presence with over 28.54 million unique visitors per month. In 2015 Rajasthan Patrika launched a Delhi-based English language news website called Catch.

Dr. Kothari is known for his contributions to Vedic Studies and has written numerous books and other articles. Dr. Kothari was conferred with the Moortidevi Award in 2011, for his book “Mein Hi Radha, Mein Hi Krishna”.

Dr. Gulab Kothari has written numerous other articles and a number of his books are available on Amazon India at: Gulab Kothari Books.

Please see Dr. Kothari s article on the ISS web site:
Times are Changing
by Gulab Kothari

Father Michael Sherbert
Member ISS Advisory Board

Bishop Michael W. Sherbert, O.S.B., is a valid Apostolic Ordained Oriental Orthodox Catholic Bishop and member within the Orthodox Catholic Church Of America, where he received his seminarian training through the Archbishop and his Bishop within the Orthodox Catholic Church Institute, as well as Holy Wisdom Seminary for Spiritual Direction. Bishop Michael is in communion and an ecumenical member of the Council of Bishops of the Progressive Episcopal Church and is the ecumenical presiding Bishop of the Diocese of Cumberland within The Progressive Episcopal Church and Society of Jesus Realization, the Apostolic Communion & Order of the Friends Of Jesuhua/Jesus, and the Societas Christi; The Society of Christ.

Bishop Michael has had years of experience as a spiritual director and as a spiritual interventionist, blessing, cleansing and exorcism within the Christian Church and is a spiritual healer, an intuitive, counselor and teacher who has studied and experienced comparative religious studies and practices from the major historical world wisdom traditions & spiritual teachings for over thirty years, including the teachings of the Christian wisdom tradition and mystics.

Please see Father Michael's article on the ISS web site:
Sanatana Dharma The Perennial Philosophy of Life
by Father Michael Sherbert

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