Paramatma by Eric Fremaux

Paramatma may also be called the Supreme Self.
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The tree is the material manifestation, our material nature, and has two kinds of fruits, distress and happiness. Those who are living on the tree and in the body are just like two birds. The two birds seated in this tree represent the choice the living entity as the self and that which chooses Paramatma, as the Holy Spirit of the Trinity Godhead to overcome the material nature; to choose, and to Be, right action.

The Supreme Holy Spirit
by Eric Fremaux

''The Paramatman (Supreme Self), the Great Lord (Maheshwara), is also called the Supreme Spirit (Parampurusha), and is the Silent Witness, consenter, supporter, and experiencer in the body.”
- Bhagavad Gita 13:22

Expanding Consciousness

Paramatma is the Absolute Atman or Supreme Self.
The term Paramatma comes from the Sanskrit parama, meaning “highest” or “supreme”, and atman, meaning “self”, “soul” or “individual spirit”. It is the “primordial self” or “the self beyond”. In Hindu philosophy, Paramatma is the universal or eternal Soul. It is one of two types of souls - the other being jiva-atman, which is the individual soul or self. The Self and Supreme Self are the two eternal entities of creation.

“God is present everywhere, and His right of proprietorship applies to everything. The feature of the Lord by which He is present everywhere is called Paramatma.”
- Srimad Bhagavatam 3.15.45

Practicing yoga (e.g.: meditation) can unite Atman with Paramatman by helping the practitioner become more aware of oneness with the universe. Depending on the specific tradition, Paramatma may be called the Supreme Self, the Super soul, the Collective Consciousness, Absolute Reality, Absolute Truth, God and/or Brahman. When the individual self - often referred to as simply Atman - reaches unity with Brahman, it becomes Paramatma and all worldly individuality vanishes. Selflessness takes over.

“…As one expands in Soul Consciousness, one will 'create and serve' from greater Wisdom, as Knowledge comes from Peace, Compassion, Kindness, Tolerance, Beauty and Love of Truth that are experienced, constantly expanding and lived. Here is the “Unity Experienced” from within from the holy spirit, the Self (ATMA) in the Supreme Self (PARAMATMA) is experienced as The All; here is the Peace reclaimed for All, as All are ONE; from inner Unity, selflessness, compassion, service and living Ahimsa (peace) becomes the natural outcome and the way of life.”
- Dr. Diane Rousseau , “Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha”

In Vedic scriptures, there's a story of jiva-atman's separation from Paramatman and the soul's subsequent fall into the world of earthly birth and death/decay. Among Hindu and yogic traditions, the ultimate goal of human existence is union with Paramatma to end this life-death cycle.

Depending on the specific Hindu tradition, Paramatma can be described as reaching the following states:
  • Moksha - liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Bhakti - obtaining pure, divine love.
  • Jivanmukta (jivamukti) - Self-knowledge that provides liberation while living.

“In his 1976 book, 'At the Sign of the Square and Compass' by Geoffrey Hodson; Mr. Hodson states the following, “...Man spirit and God spirit are One Spirit; the Atma (God) and the Paramatma (Supreme Being or Spirit) are ONE”. Further, Mr. Hodson gives insight by the following revelation, “...In terms of transcendental Consciousness, this Realization is the goal of human achievement. The Search for the Lost Word which Freemasons seek to find or recover is an experience in consciousness, an awakening of one's mind into direct knowing of oneness with the Great Architect of the Universe”.
- Dr. Diane Rousseau, “The Vedas and Sanskrit”

Paramatma is the Absolute as Holy Spirit to Atman. Selflessness and Love is the attribute of Paramatman, where all selfishness vanishes. Paramatma is then the soul awakened in the Eternal Supreme Self, as the “Primordial Self”, or the soul as spark, now a Flame, a “Self Beyond” which is Spiritually identical with the absolute and when we draw near to the ultimate reality: The Almighty.

Edited for ISS by Ray and Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.

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