Christ and His Mission by Peter Rousseau

Christ's Divine mission was for a humanity that was in danger of losing the path of evolution.
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Detail from 13th century 'Christ Pantocrator' (Christ in Majesty) mosaic located in Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey).(1)

Christ and His Mission
by Peter Rousseau
Christmas 2002

The mission of Christ Jesus was in large measure to “seek out and save that which was lost”. Without Divine intervention, humanity was in danger of losing the path of evolution and so Christ came to earth to “take away the sin of the world”, ameliorating the situation. It was Jesus, the human “Adept”, who prepared the physical body for the Christ spirit to use.

If Jesus, in sacrifice, had not offered up his body for the use of the Christ, the work of redemption would not have been possible, and humanity would have remained in perpetuity in Limbo, separate from God and unable to progress. With the descent of the dove from above, it was the Christ that came up out of the waters of the river Jordan at the baptism, occupying the body of Jesus; and He used it for the full three years of the public ministry. By taking upon Himself the tremendous karmic burden of a sinful humanity, the sacrifice of Christ Jesus re-opened the path of evolution, and mankind's pilgrimage in materiality could continue.

As important as the work of redemption was, Christ also brought and gave to the apostles, the Word of God, the power word that the apostle James, the brother of John, the Beloved of Jesus, claimed had the power to “save your Soul”. Long misunderstood through the ages as referring to the Gospel, the Word of God was in actuality the secret and unutterable designation of the Supreme Deity, by the vary knowledge of which man and his God are made consciously one. This is the most pleasing Name of God, through the power of which the neophyte is delivered into the vary presence of the gods at the top of creation when utilized in deep meditation. This was the power Word to which the Master referred on the Mount of Olives when, in giving the summation of His mission, He said, “Father, I have given them the Word and it shall set them free”. When the curtain of the temple was rent from top to bottom after the crucifixion, it indicated that the Word of God was now going to be made available to “whomsoever will”; heretofore along and difficult probationary period was required for one to quality for Initiation and gain the “secret way of redemption”.

For many centuries the knowledge of the Word of power has been lost and humanity has fallen into suffering and decadence as a result. Now, however, we are witnessing a revival of the forgotten wisdom, and mankind is once again beginning to turn back unto the Light to save itself. We are born of bliss and wisdom destined for eternal life, and the great Lord of life, in His Almighty Merciful nature, will not hold back the key to re-gaining the paradise that was lost for long. Now, each of us, just by willing it, can do as the Nazarene would have us, when He said, “Follow Me”. On that self-same cross, each of us must be crucified, burning up all our sins in the fire of knowledge, if we would leave behind us forever the chrysalis of the physical body on the cross, and free the bird of paradise, the universal Christ in man, to roam free in the omnipresent field of infinite consciousness and Light in the transcendental spheres of nature, our true and eternal home.

Gloria In Excellsis!
Laus Deo

Photo Footnote:
(1) In Christian iconography 'Christ Pantocrator' (Greek) is primarily an Eastern Orthodox or Eastern Catholic theological aspect or specific depiction of Christ. Pantocrator is usually translated as “Almighty” or “all-powerful” and is derived from one of many names for God in Judaism. When the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek (the Septuagint), Pantokrator was the Greek transliteration often used both for YHWH Sabaoth “Lord of Hosts” and for El Shaddai “God Almighty”. -RJR

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