Reflections on Easter by Peter Rousseau

The Resurrection of the Christ forever embodies the timeless truth of Spiritual Rebirth.
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The timeless message of Easter is the truth of everlasting life that Jesus Christ brought to earth.

Editor's Notes: Our thanks to Peter for sharing his beautiful contribution. Peter shared with me that Helen Lutes once told him this article “was one of Charlie Lutes favorite pieces to quote from”; with Charlie saying only that it was “written by one of our Meditators”. –DMR

Reflections on Easter
by Peter Rousseau
Easter 1997

The timeless message of Easter is the Truth of Everlasting Life. We humans are begotten creatures; we were not made. Being of one substance with the Paradise Father who inhabits eternity, we have immortal life. We have no beginning and we will know no end. Never has there been a time when we were not nor will there ever be a time when we will cease to be.

The question in life isn't whether or not God exists. The True question is, does anything exist in creation that is other than God? The Truth is that “God Alone Is”. All that exists is but His Being in manifestation and this is the Truth. He is the Source, course and goal of all life and in Him do we indeed live, move and have our Being.

We are in our essential nature Spirits. Remaining Pure Spirit, the Higher Self-projects a part of itself, the Soul, Atman or Anthropos of the ancients into the material world. There the Soul enjoys the changes and duality of life. Seeming to be controlled, it is the Soul that controls its own changes and experiences. This Soul or Atman occupies the body, but is itself not of the body and is fashioned of “Amrita”, Immortality.

The Bhagavad-Gita points out that creatures are unmanifest in the beginning, manifest in the middle state and once again unmanifest in the end. The advancing wave of humanity is now in the manifest state. At this time spanning aeons, man finds himself clothed in bodies of greater or lesser density; initially more dense, later, less so.

Ultimately when humanity's long pilgrimage in materiality is over, we will no longer need a body for purposes of experience and then, like the Prodigal Son, we will have returned unto the Father from whence we came; possessing a Divine Mind as the pabulum of millions of years of alchemical evolution; and we will go no more out from the Father, but become a pillar in the eternal Temple of everlasting life.

Peter Rousseau (on left) and Charles (Charlie) F. Lutes.

Until that far off day arrives however, humanity is governed by the law of rebirth, and each of us lives hundreds of lives, seemingly being born and dying in cycles until the great purpose of evolution is achieved. With the passing of each body, the personality is not lost but is strung as a bead on the Thread Self of continuous life linking the embodied human with the Immortal Self. Each personality is charged with the responsibility to fashion a beautiful bead, ever striving to fulfill the dictate of the Father to ‘be ye Perfect, even as your Heavenly Father is Perfect'.

The Resurrection of the Christ forever symbolizes this timeless truth of rebirth. This is the expression of the method of our evolution, bringing joy and serenity to the heart of the Seeker.

The Glory that is Easter forever reminds man that there is no death, only Eternal Life.

Laus Deo
Jai Guru Dev

  • Alleluia (Greek) “Praise the Lord”; transliteration of Heb. “Hallelujah” (praise Yah, the Creator).
  • Laus Deo (Latin phrase) ‘Praise (be) to God'.
  • Jai Guru Dev (Sanskrit) various translations, e.g.: Victory (or Hail!) to the Divine Teacher.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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