Consciousness Unfoldment by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

An individual conscious goes through many lives before it awakens from its slumber.
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Akasha,(1) or Space, is encoded energy, or prana, and as dimensional energy, it holds levels of intelligence, power, and density of Spirit in multiple manifestations. Each person, though their expanding Consciousness, becomes aware of their own Divine Self as they receive the “Sounds of the Cosmos”, known also as the Music, or Frequencies, of the Spheres.

Consciousness Unfoldment
The Multi-Dimensional Consciousness of Divine Creation
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
March 18, 2018

Unfoldment and Evolution

A soul's consciousness expansion, being an unfoldment of its evolution, is the destiny of all beings in this universe. All individual beings grow and evolve in their own time; and all planets and systems also grow and evolve in their own times. The subtle energies of individual beings and that of star systems, grow, refine, and change, as finer levels, or dimensions, of Creation unfold. The essence of this Consciousness is Divine Spirit and Divine Love. It is the Soul's expansion in awareness which brings fullness of the Divine, and an increase in understanding, awareness, and fulfillment of the “Divine Purpose” of all life.

An understanding of these Divine Laws unfolds in human beings through Meditation, Prayer, self-reflection, reading Scriptures, and through acknowledging Divine Grace. Soul expansion is then experienced by revelations of truth of the Divine in Wisdom. Because human beings are divinely encoded to know God, that God-Essence in the Soul, they are given the understanding of these Laws and how they affect their lives. As each Soul matures, it awakens and understands in its own time, the reality and the truth of how and why the physical plane laws, or natural laws, are reflections of God's Higher Laws. This is also true of all higher beings: the Angelic Beings, Avatars, and Masters on higher plains of existence, as their thoughts affect this plane in the same way all sentient being's thoughts affect the totality of All Creation. Thoughts, expressed and understood as subtle energy, go out into the entire universe, affecting everything, from the inside the tinniest energy particle of subtle realms, to the densest level of gross expression.

Akasha, or space, is encoded energy, and all energy holds levels of intelligence, power, and density of Spirit manifestations. Each form expresses the degree of intelligence within it, and each individual form also contains the ability to expand. For example, Love does this: it is beauty and refinement, a higher expression and greater degree of Spiritual Intelligence, of Cognitions and Creativity. Thoughts of love become outer manifestations of expressions of an expanded Consciousness.

Essence of Realization

Our Divine expansion in awareness gives unfoldment in knowing of one's place in creation and the Soul's responsibility; each Soul comes in with specific lessons they need to learn and understand. By conscious expansion over time and intent, one lives in a way in spiritual unfoldment which supports nature and all life forms. This is achieved by being productive on spiritual, physical, and evolutionary levels, and this must include respect for nature in all Her forms. Because this is a relative world, there sometimes are accidents; there is much ignorance, as all are in different stages of evolution. This is why one cannot do a ‘true reading' of another; it would deny the Divine that in a moment can expand one's Spirit and Consciousness and change a life. There is Karma, there is accountability and there is a loving Divine Presence that transcends the idea of form or gender called Almighty Father, Divine Mother, The Supreme Being as Supreme Spirit Source. Miracles and Grace are Divine and outside of time, as Divine Intervention. The Grace and Light of God is always there.

Every individual as a conscious “spark” of the Divine creation, may go through many lives before it awakens from its' slumber. All life around us is in different stages of evolution; growing and maturing to fruition. To become Awake, in fullness, is to be awake to the infinite Love that is within and then to naturally desire this same awareness for all beings. For some the lessons come more easily; for some it is hard for them to accept love, and for others, to learn to give it. This process is the Essence of Realization, to know that Love is the Divine Flow and Consciousness that moves through, and in all, Creation. This process of individual growth and advancement should be understood with patience, empathy, and compassion.

The Lesson World

Earth is a lesson world, a world of learning, learning to accept love and express love. It is a great gift and blessing to have an incarnation on earth; to know and experience God is the ultimate destiny of all beings; to be living in a world of opposites, gives one the greatest chance for growth. Long ago this planet was given a Divine Dispensation to be a planet of learning whereby a Soul could gain the fastest evolution and development. The lessons, once learned, give the Soul the knowledge of God's Divine Grace and Plan, to graduate into higher and more beautiful worlds. The greater the degree of development, the higher the world that directly corresponds to the development. One graduates from this learning world into more advanced worlds where resonance in understanding reigns, as Light and infinite growth of the Soul is known as the ascending Reality of Eternal Life to the Permanent Realms of Light In The Divine or in Absolute Eternal Life. Each Soul, understanding it is a divine spark, will, overtime, become Born Again of Spirit, a Living Divine Flame.

The Ancient Rishis(2) understood the Divine and subtle nature of sound, light, and vibration; and the importance of Scriptures to provide guidance. The Divine Sounds of God, later known as “The Lost Word” or the Encoded Mantras, are Sacred Names of the Divine. With the proper teaching, we can “transcended” the mind on the Mantra, into the Soul and into Being. “Veda” means all knowledge, Vid means to Know; “Sri Vidya” is Divine Wisdom; the Knowledge of merging with the Divine as the Divine Marriage in one's own Being or Self, to Know the Supreme Self. . Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who first came out as SRM (Spiritual Regeneration Movement) in 1955, gave these Sacred Teachings, the mantras, so mankind could unfold in spiritual consciousness, inner to physical healing, creativity, regeneration from inner to outer be lived. Lord Jesus Christ taught this, as the Word and the Way to the Eternal Kingdom.

The Inner and Outer Kingdom

Image of a fractal. Fractals are coherent structures that exist at both the small-scale of snowflakes and pine cones, to the large-scale of galaxies.

Meditation is a “Key” to the limitless and unbounded Divine Inner Kingdom, giving direct experience that purifies and cultures the heart and provides the Soul with the Way, a direct “highway”, to God. Meditation allows the brain to be receptive to receive subtle cosmic sounds (due to the Divine Nature of the Mantra -Word-as encoded Sound and Light) In Grace, Spiritual directives of the Divine are often received and cognized. These Divine Sounds affect us on all levels, increasing our intelligence and intuition, perception and refining our depth of Love, Heart and Soul with Spirit in understanding and creating a deeper reverence for all life. The significance of Sound is that it is the Word, Before the Beginning of all manifest Creation from the un-Manifest, The Almighty, from inside the subtlest atom to expanding universes; all are encased in Spirit, in Sound and Light as Intelligence Units of Being and in densities of life. This process of Meditation brings the direct infusion of Divine Light and Bliss. Along with Scriptures and prayer, it will develop overtime, the Soul, heart, and mind and align all into balance with the Higher Self and Will.

A great gift is understanding one's own Self and the depths of Grace to be realized through Faith, Knowledge and understanding. Each person, though expanding Consciousness, becomes aware of their Divine Self as they receive the Sounds of the Cosmos, known also as the Music or Frequencies of the Spheres, and of the Finer Realms of Creation, bringing in that Intelligence, Love, Beauty, and Unity. As our experiences continue, our understanding increases, which then continually expands one's consciousness. Conscious awareness spreading like waves of Light on an endless Cosmic Ocean, bringing fulfillment to all creation, as each one's heart learns to see God as the Eye of Unbounded Spirit and Love.

Diane M Rousseau, LHD PhD

(1) Akasha (Sanskrit) means space or sky in traditional Indian cosmology. Hindu philosophy states that akasha or ether, is the fifth physical substance, which is the substratum of the quality of sound.
(2) Rishis (Sanskrit), the Ancient Rishis were great yogis or sages who after intense meditation experienced and realized the supreme truth and eternal knowledge. Tradition holds that the Divine Knowledge is ONE and brought from Higher Divine Realms, also known as the realms of Elohim.

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