Culturing the Divine Spark by Charles F. Lutes

The Soul was never born and will never die.
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Put your attention on the Spiritual. Not on money or controversy. Keep your thoughts on Spirituality as we go through the transition. Be with like-minded people. If one has Faith, firm belief and trust in the Spiritual Path, you will be sustained and be kept on the Spiritual Path and be given assistance. One arrives at Spiritual Life at the point of Inner recognition, and it is lived. -Charles F. Lutes(1)

Culturing the Divine Spark
by Charles F. Lutes
1993 Lecture Notes
Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.

“Increasing discernment also guides us to an ever-expanding understanding of what is best for one's growth, and the truth that, ‘No one can dictate to another's Soul.' As one transcends a ‘group thought-form' to one of holistic love, this Unity embraces others and the good anyone does, as ‘The Self in All and is All Inclusive'... ‘Awakening In Being… knowing the Soul is Knowing Growth is Eternal in Spirit as is life.' This is the Absolute aspect of Being, the Soul-Spirit, it means one Awakens to Eternal Life in growth and In God.” -Charles F. Lutes(2)

The Body

Spirituality (daily Spiritual practice) increases one's growth and purity. This body is being raised up to the highest level it can be raised up. One cannot force this. Some people came into this life prepared for the changes that come. Many were Initiated in another life, and spontaneously remember. How you lived in another life has an effect on how fast one grows. Everything happens at the proper time for the individual.

The Subtle body is not rigid and surrounds the physical body. It has certain principles and levels of Consciousness:
  • Base of the Spine: Subtle Energy around the base of the spine governs the physical body, food, sex, and life force. This is where influences, petty desires, and anger dwell if unchecked.
  • Navel Area: Courage, heroism, and if unbalanced, aggrandizement.
  • Heart: Center of the Unstruck Sound. One can hear this, inner Sounds. Heart is the Center of Love, sees Beauty, Harmony.
  • Throat: Center of Expression, goes beyond time. Power to speak Truth is given as one develops right and thoughtful speech.
  • Between the Eyebrows: Vision, Creativity and Will Power (Spiritual Will). The Command Center, sees Intuitively. Sees that which is not visible on the physical.
  • 1000 Petal Lotus, Crown; one receives a great down pouring of Bliss. Holy Spirit comes in. This Energy meets the purified rising energy from the base of the spine as they merge, “Inside the Heart.”

The Soul

The Soul was never born and will never die. A Chalice causes the Divine Spark to be Struck from The Virgin Spirit. Then, the Soul is clothed in matter, as a Human Being. Time and again the Soul Reincarnates through lessons, life after life on the road to perfection in Reflecting the Divine. Lessons are learned on the Path. By learning lessons alone the Soul can become perfected.

At death, the Soul lays aside it's garment to take on a new body. The time between lives is different for each evolving Soul depending on how much they learned. At the end of each life, the Virtues learned are added. By degrees of perfection, that is our new Vibration or Soul Consciousness. Matter does have glamour; many get pulled by this.

    - One must guard against being drawn into matter, and keep up their evolution, mastery, and their Spiritual Quest.

    - Guard against pushing yourself, if one forces the body with too many disciplines, it breaks down.

    - Religion and Spiritual Teachings were created for this purpose; when one is ready to understand the do's and don'ts of life. Entering a Spoke on the Wheel of Life, that is called Religion, to bind one back to Divine Laws of the Soul. Spirituality is the process of living it... Spiritual to physical life.

The Divine Spark

We grow into the Divine until we no longer see the difference between the Light and Reflection of the Light. The Original Spark as Soul now returns and becomes, ‘As a Flame.' The Soul is that part of the Higher Self (Over-Soul) that was sent forth. The Higher Self (Over-Soul, Solar Angel) is learning the lessons of life.

(L-R) Helen Lutes, Charlie Lutes, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Santa Catalina Island residence course; circa 1960's.

Before the descent into the realm of matter, we began as a Divine Creation: Sons and Daughters of God. Humanity was guided by Higher Beings (the Elohim). This Earth is a lesson Planet, it was set up this way in this galaxy.

Entering the Material Realm

* 1st man was nomadic, searched for food; survival was the main issue. The average age was up to 18 years for life.
* 2nd man was agricultural, then began to build cities. Man is going to from mind to Cosmic Mind.
* Then, Spiritual man: Cosmic, and beyond...

Our Higher Self, the Atman, is the Real You, the Real Self. On earth, we are shadows of the Divine Self. The Higher Self has Divine Mind, is Unmanifest. Enlightenment is the experience of Soul Knowledge; this progresses to Salvation and Liberation. Self, or Soul Realization, comes first.

“Like children, we must learn, and like children, we also come of age. Then and then only has destiny run its course down the halls of time, and we have at long last reached our destination. We have become a Pillar in the Everlasting Temple... and we will no longer go out.” -Charles F. Lutes(3)

(1) “The Keynote of the New Age, Part Two, by Charlie F. Lutes”
Transcription from 1992 lecture notes by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
The Keynote of the New Age, Part One by Charlie F. Lutes
The Keynote of the New Age, Part Two by Charlie F. Lutes
(2) “Earth is a School” A Conversation with Charlie F. Lutes by Diane M. Rousseau.
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“Earth is a School” A Conversation with Charlie F. Lutes
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Lecture 19, Destiny of Life by Charles F. Lutes

A Charlie F. Lutes Lecture
Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Edited for ISS by Ray J. Rousseau.
Photos courtesy Vincent J. Daczynski.
Lutes-Rousseau Archive, 1993 notes.
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