The Keynote of the New Age, Part Two by Charles F. Lutes

Consciousness is that State that experiences true Spirituality.
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Editor Note: The following article is part two of a special two-part lecture given by Charles (Charlie) F. Lutes in 1992. The text is taken from personal hand-written notes and transcribed by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.

The Keynote of the New Age, Part Two
by Charlie F. Lutes

Part Two: Soul and Spirit

Soul and Spirit

Buddic (Christ) Consciousness is that State that experiences true Spirituality; one goes past Cosmic, God and Unity Consciousness as the Higher Self or Solar Angel takes over. Christ is Head of the Office of Christ. In TM(1) we first gain Cosmic Status. All gods desire a human birth for through this body one gains experience of Higher Strata.

As vast as this Universe is, it still has limitations. No lesson will be given to one by the Lords of Karma (Lipka Lords)(2) that one cannot handle. Approach lessons from the point of seeing it through, do not run away or avoid problems. If you feel good about something, it is in your Script; if you feel bad, use your intuition and pay attention as it is not in your Script. After one is Initiated, they are no longer guided by the Stars but by the Soul and Spirit.

  • An Adept: One who has mastered at least one Path.
  • Avatar: From the Realm of Angels who un-stymies evolution, brings the Higher Teachings.

Love is the one Cardinal Force in all Creation. [The] Solar Logos is in complete control of our Solar System. In the Universe, the Universe Logos is in control. The Solar Logos always knows at all times what is going on in its System. This is true for every Solar System. The Cosmic Logos is in touch with the Solar Logos.

Audience question:

“What gives the Mantra it's Power?”

Charlie Lutes:
“Our Mantra is the most pleasing Name of God. Mantras come to Life at Initiation, it comes to Life. It is known as the “sleeping Word” that becomes Awakened at Initiation [of TM]. It is The Almighty Father. In Initiation we Invoke the Power of the Mantra. You are sponsored before God only once; at Initiation. Initiation gives the Power through the Tradition and From Almighty Father. If the Mantra is given out with improper intent or lack of knowledge, many times it goes back asleep.”

Balance And Harmony:

The greatest problem you will ever have is in living with yourself. God Is your Companion. Unfulfilled business demands fulfillment; demands reemergence of Creation for existence.
Balance and harmony, this is a constant renewal. Periods of activity and rest.

Cosmic Day and Cosmic Night:
Cosmic Day: Period of Manifestation of the Universe.
Cosmic Night: Period of Dissolution.
Cosmic Day and Night are of equal length.

Human: Same purpose -to gain Cosmic Status. The impression is made in the Akasha(3), in abstract Space. It is in the Subtle Realm where all Records are kept. It is the “Cosmic Storehouse” or picture gallery Recorded by the Recording Angels and is also called the “Book of Life”. It is in a very High and remote level on the High Inner Planes. It reflects in the Astral (where it is commonly read) if read at all. The Recording Process is going on continuously.

Lipkas are Lords of Karma (Karmic Scribes) who operate from Love and who one meets with before and after they incarnate. They create the destinies of every person, they balance things out to teach us. Every person who leaves this world has an appointment with these Beings. From the 1st three days after your death, you review your life from the last day to your birth. Overviewing your lessons and what is possibly still needed to learn. Not all that happens to us is our karma, as not all people choose what is best or right in any given situation, or are receptive to the influence of good.

No fatalism in karma. We have free will, and we Can change our Future.
Love opens all doors.
Hate closes all doors.

Early humans were androgynous. It took 1,000,000 years before separation into male and female sexes. This is why equality and to balance life and lessons are so important.
The Elohim(4) are in charge of Human Evolution.

Truth and Wisdom

One of the truths of life:
Most people are not ready for Spiritual Evolution. Religions are necessary guides for the Soul, the dos and don'ts of life. The Soul must feel the truth of rebirth and then will want to go back to the Source. Always trust the Spiritual. A Life of quality leads to Heaven. One must be liberated from vices. TM liberates one from the astral planes, as one overcomes the lower desires of their nature.

The Main Role of the Female in the Aquarian Age:
Female has to be feminine and equal with men. She is to bring dignity to life and create dignity in the home. No double standard will be able to exist. Men and Women are not to be in competition with each other. Female will be a great force of Spirituality. She will lead men back through love to the Right Path. Lack of Spiritual Values creates a selfish love.

Earthbound spirits gravitate to low vibrations from 50 to 600 years depending upon their attachments. They still rack up karma as an earthbound spirit. Worry and fear depletes one's energy or vital body. Optimism helps Spirituality.

The difference between Wholeness and Intuition:
The Whole is greater than the sum - always remains indivisible. In the Whole, all is seen at the same time without division. Right Perception depends upon wholeness. This enables one to have clear insight into anything. Gives finer Perception and Right Intuition.

Impulsiveness is often mistaken for Intuition. Impulsiveness is based in emotions. Intuition arises when all mental activity ceases, not thinking, it is when Clear Insight comes in a flash. Intuition cannot be commanded or enlisted. It comes in the “gap”. It is Awakened by development. Awakened by Meditation “In” the heart, not on the heart. On the mental plane it is between action and precedes thought. Only when thoughts subside does Intuition come to the field of cognition. This Is Love. God Is Love. Heart is where Purusha comes into existence.

Advice for this coming Age:

Put your attention on the Spiritual. Not on money or controversy. Keep your thoughts on Spirituality as we go through the transition. Be with like-minded people. If one has Faith, firm belief and trust in the Spiritual Path, you will be sustained and be kept on the Spiritual Path and be given assistance. One arrives at Spiritual Life at the point of Inner recognition, and it is lived.

The Keynote of the New Age is Spirituality.
We are here to Be Lights.

End of Part Two

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(1) Transcendental Meditation®
(2) Lords of Karma (or the four Recording Angels in the Kabbalah) are those Divine beings who are the recorders of karmic actions. Also known as the Lipka Lords they are connected with the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) and its recorders. Lipika comes from the Sanskrit root “Lipi”: writing.
(3) Akasha is the word meaning 'upper sky' or 'space' in Sanskrit. The Akashic Records are a record of all events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future for of all life forms in the universe.
(4) The Elohim are angelic beings and are also known as the Creation Angels and God's right hand.

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Copyright © 2020 Lutes-Rousseau Archive, 1992 Notes
Copyright © 2021 Institute of Spiritual Sciences
Transcribed here for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences, ISS
Edited for ISS by Ray J. Rousseau

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