The Christmas Secret of the Guinea Elves

by Diane M. Rousseau (Story and Art)
Ray J. Rousseau (Photos and sets)

Leela Elf & Emie Dear patiently await Santa’s message the night before Christmas.
It Was The Night before Christmas, and Santa's special Guinea-Deer’s and Elf Pigs were in the forest waiting to hear their special call in the air waves to help Santa with Presents that were needed...

Emme-Deer thought she heard Santa's voice and Leela-pig-Elf felt she should hurry and get the Presents ready for "pickup" for Santa...

Emie Dear “hears” on the air waves that Santa is on his way!

Emme-Deer looked and she saw Santa, she was filled with joy even more this year for she knew a secret about Leela. Meanwhile, Leela-Pig-Elf thought of all the Presents that needed her attention and felt she should tell Emme they were not ready yet...

But, Emme-Deer knew, she always knew Santa depended on them being ready, and they always were! So Emme told Leela to gather a few more Presents, the special ones for Children who had Guinea Pigs.

Emie Dear and Leela gather the presents that are for the children who love and care for all the little animals.

These faithful Guinea pig-Elves kept their secret and told the Emme-Deer's and Leela-Pig-Elves how much they were loved during the year. They watched over the children at night and kept a special eye on their charges, and they listened to all the stories that the children told.

It is a language that only children and Guinea-Deer’s and Guinea Elf's hear...

Emie Dear is so happy because she knows Santa is very happy with little Leela elf.

So, Santa had come!! He picked up the special Presents and whispered a secret message to Leela-Elf. He told her to tell Emme-Deer she had done well again this year, and that if Leela was very good, Santa would make Leela fly like Emme-Deer! This was the secret of the Guinea-Deer’s!

Leela sat down in the snow and smiled to herself, for now she knew why Emme-Deer was always so happy. Leela "knew" that the magic of giving and loving would make her grow white antlers like the Guinea-Deer’s and she would fly too!!

When you feel the joy of giving, and you have done a job well with love, you too will fly!!

With Love To All,
Ray and Diane M. Rousseau

A job done with love brings so much joy
that the Heart can fly!

A job done with love brings so much joy that the Heart can fly!

Text and Photo's Copyright © 2005-2013 Diane M. Rousseau
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