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The Institute of Spiritual Sciences: Dedicated to the unfoldment of Higher Truths by furthering research into the natural expansion of Spirituality, Science and Spiritually Sustained Living to promote good relations for global unity and peace, the validity of Higher Consciousness in practical life, Meditation, expanding higher education, the importance of inter-religious and inter-faith dialogue for understanding and expanding knowledge of Spiritual Realities, Spiritual Experiences and Spiritual Traditions in un-locking the unlimited potential for Creativity, Beauty and Wisdom of the Divine Spirit.

The mission of the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) is to expand education and further integration of Spirituality, Science and Meditation to help alleviate suffering and promote peace through Innovative Education and Spiritually Sustained Living.

May the Light and Love of God prevail

Diane M. Rousseau, LHD, Ph.D

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