The Christmas Secret of the Guinea Pig Elves by Diane M. Rousseau

Little Leela, the Guinea Pig Elf and the night before Christmas.
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Leela the Guinea Pig Elf and Emmie the Guinea Pig Deer patiently await Santa's message the night before Christmas.

The Christmas Secret of the Guinea Pig Elves
by Diane M. Rousseau (Story and Art)
Ray J. Rousseau (Photos and sets)

It was “The Night Before Christmas”...

and Santa's special Guinea Pig Deer and Guinea Pig Elf helpers were in the forest waiting for the special call they would hear on the 'air waves', so they would be ready to help Santa with delivering the special Presents that were needed.

Emmie Guinea Pig Deer thought she heard Santa's voice, and Leela the Guinea Pig Elf suggested they should hurry and get the Presents ready for “pickup” to help Santa.

Emmie Deer “hears” on the air waves that Santa is on his way!

Emmie, the Guinea Pig Deer, looked up and she saw Santa coming in the snowy clouds. She was filled with even more joy this year, for she knew a special Secret about Leela. Meanwhile, Leela, the Guinea Pig Elf, thought of all the Presents that needed her attention; she felt she should tell Emmie that she was still working on the Presents and that they were not quite ready yet.

But, Emmie Deer knew not to worry, she always knew Santa could depend on them being ready when it came time to help, and so, they always were! So Emmie told Leela to gather a few more Presents, the special ones for Children (and Adults!) who had their own Guinea Pigs.

Emmie and Leela gather the presents that are for the children who love and care for all the little animals of the world.

These are the Faithful Guinea Pigs who keep the Secrets of children that they tell the Emmie Deer and Leela-Pig Elves before Christmas. They told them about how much they were loved during the year, and how they loved and watched over the children at night and kept a special eye on their charges; they were careful in how they listened to all the stories and secrets that the children they loved told them.

This is a silent special language that only children and the Guinea-Deer and Guinea Elves are able to hear and understand.

So, at last, Santa had come!! As the snow softy fell, Santa moved quickly and picked up the special Presents, and then, he came over and gently placed his hand on Emmie Deer head and whispered a secret message to her. He told Emmie Deer to tell Leela Elf that she had done very well again this year, and that if Leela was ready, Santa would make Leela fly just like Emmie Deer!

This was the Secret of the Guinea Elves!

Emmie Deer is so happy because she knows Santa is very happy with little Leela the Guinea Pig Elf.

Later, as snowflakes fell softly in this Magical Forest, Leela Guinea Elf sat down in the snow and smiled to herself; now she knew why Emmie-Deer was always so happy. Leela now “knew” that the Magic in Giving and Loving would make her grow her own Pure White antlers like all the Guinea Pig Deer's and she too would be able to fly like Emmie Deer! This is the Secret of real Love.

When you feel the Joy of giving and you have done a job with Love; Love brings so much joy from the Heart that You too can fly!

With Love to All,
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,
Ray and Diane M. Rousseau

Text and photos Copyright © 2005, 2020 Diane M. Rousseau, Ray J. Rousseau.
All rights reserved.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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