Little Leela Guinea Pig Earns Her Wings by Diane M. Rousseau

There once was a little Guinea Pig named Leela who wanted her very own Angel Wings…
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Once upon a time there was a little Guinea Pig named Leela who wanted to earn her very own Angel Wings.

Little Leela Guinea Pig Earns Her Wings
by Diane M. Rousseau (story and art)
Ray J. Rousseau (photos and sets)

A Guinea Pigs Journey of Self-Discovery

Once Upon A Time...

There was a little Guinea Pig named Leela who wanted her very own Angel Wings like the big Guinea Pig Angels in Heaven. Leela pig often looked at the sky, towards heaven and she would wonder if she tried hard enough and if she loved enough she would be accepted by the big Guinea Pig Angels in Heaven.

Little Leela often dreamed of meeting the Guinea Pig Angels in the clouds.

Then, one night, little Leela guinea pig had a wonderful dream...

In her dream, Little Leela went to Heaven. There, she met an older Guinea Pig named Emie. Leela was very surprised to see Emie and she asked Emie, “What are you doing in my dream?”

Emie pig answered, “I knew you were having this dream, so I came to tell you how Guinea Pigs can earn their Angel Wings.”

'Is it hard?” asked Little Leela piggie.

“It can be,” said Emie pig, “but not if you believe in yourself.”

“Believe in myself?” asked Leela, “But how can I believe enough?”

“There is a way, I can show you,” replied Emie pig.

Emie looked at Leela pig. She was very young Emie thought, but, maybe she would understand anyway.

Leela pig looked at Emie. She knew this could be very hard. After all, was she a good little guinea pig? Emie pig seemed to think so.

“Come follow me,” said Emie pig with a wise smile, “and I will show you the way.'

Little Leela Pig set out to follow after Emie Pig. But it was hard, Emie moved so fast! How could she keep up with Emie Pig? Emie seemed to know the way, and moved up the mountain with great ease and speed. She looked back at Leela pig and said, “Come on, you can do this, you must want to.”

Emie pig was so far ahead. Little Leela pig thought she saw something different about Emie way up in the clouds, or did she? It was misty and Leela could barely see Emie.

But Emie Pig called out again, “Come on, you must believe.”

“Where did you go Emie?”, cried Leela pig. “I am not as strong, fast or as wise as you are. I do not seem to know my way.”

Then over the air waves she heard Emie voice, “Oh, but you are as strong or fast as me, in fact you are very close and right behind me.”

“I am right behind you?” asked Leela pig, “Why can't I see you then?”

“But you really can,” said Emie, “I am right here!”

Leela pig was a little worried. She could hear Emie, but could not see her, where was she? Maybe if she tried harder, she just might see Emie. She must believe! So up the mountain Leela pig continued, on and on, just as fast as her little legs could go.

In the distance she could still hear Emie pig. “I am here,” Emie said, “believe!”

A fine mist seemed to come before her. It was very beautiful and smelled like roses! “I wonder, is Emie pig in this mist?”, she thought to herself.

Then the beautiful mist cleared at the top. There was Emie, and she was a Guinea Angel! Emie Angel smiled. She looked at Leela pig with love and kindness. “I knew you would make it,” Emie Angel said. “You just needed to believe you could do it. Your heart said you could!”

“You know my heart; how can this be” asked Leela pig. You really know my heart?” asked Leela pig again.

“Don't you know what an Angel is?” asked Emie Angel.

“Please tell me” said Leela pig shyly. She did not want to offend the Guinea Angel!

“A Guinea Angel watches over other little guinea pigs like yourself, and children too,” replied Emie Angel. “You see, we all watch over each other. It is love that brings us together. It is love that grows our Wings.”

“Does everyone have wings?” asked Leela pig.

Emie Angel smiled at Leela pig, “Guinea pigs watch over children, and children take care of them. Because of this, great love goes out from guinea pigs for children and adults too! We get our wings by loving and being loved by them, and also by believing in ourselves.”

“Do I deserve these Wings?” asked Leela...

“The Great Guinea Angel knows your heart Leela,” replied Emie Angel. “The Great Guinea Angel sees everything; sees your dreams, sees your love, sees the love you send out and the love that comes to you.”

“Oh,” cried Leela pig, “Do you think I love enough? Do children and adults know we love them?”

“Look down Leela,” said Emie Angel. “See the people down below on the earth? See how they need love like us? See the need that you fill by your love for them and their love for you?”

Leela looked down to the earth. She never thought about the effect her love might really have. She never thought about it and did not realize that all things need love, need care and that the whole world was really about the lesson of love; giving love and receiving love.

Now Leela understood what Emie meant in the beginning; she had to believe, she must. All she really had to do was to love and believe in the power of love!
But, had she earned her wings?
Was she good enough?

Emie Angel looked into Leela shinning eyes and tears of happiness filled her own eyes as she felt Leela's heart.

“Yes,” answered Emie Angel, “You really were a Guinea Pig Angel all along. Only, you did not believe in your love, and see, now you do, for your Wings have appeared on you!”

“It is the power of love!” said Leela Angel. “I will always love and believe in love. And every night I will Pray to the Great Guinea Angel to Bless the children, to Bless everyone with love!”

Emie and Leela then soared up into the Heavens to greet the other Guinea Angels. There was much to do and so much love to share.

Later, early in the next morning, Leela pig woke up from her dream. “Was it real?”, she wondered. Are we really Guinea Angels? She sat down and smelled the flowers in the air, and lo, for what was this lying next to her? It was a white sparkling Angel feather. It smelled like roses. It smelled like love!

Leela then knew it was true. Her heart filled with happiness. “I can make a difference”, she thought. I can if I believe! And right then Leela said a Prayer in her heart so the Great Guinea Angel could hear:
“May there be peace for all. May there be love and may my love grow every day and may everyone and everything be Blessed!”

You never know where you will find an Angel. Angels do come in many forms. You too can be one by learning the lesson of love, all you need to do is believe in love and in yourself. Then, like Leela, you too may see your own Angel, or better yet, feel your own Angel Wings!

Text and photos Copyright © 2006, 2020 Diane M. Rousseau, Ray J. Rousseau.
All rights reserved.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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