Michael Sherbert

Michael Sherbert
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Father Michael + Sherbert is a valid Apostolic Ordained Oriental Orthodox Catholic Bishop and member within the Orthodox Catholic Church Of America, where he received his seminarian training through the Arch+bishop and his +Bishop within the Orthodox Catholic Church Institute, as well as Holy Wisdom Seminary for Spiritual Direction.

Bishop + Michael is in communion and a ecumenical member of the Council of Bishops of the Progressive Episcopal Church and is the ecumenical presiding Bishop of the Diocese of Cumberland within The Progressive Episcopal Church and Society of Jesus Realization, the Apostolic Communion & Order of the Friends Of Jesuhua/Jesus, and the Societas Christi; The Society of Christ.

Bishop + Michael has had years of experience as a spiritual director and as a spiritual interventionist, blessing, cleansing and exorcism within the Christian Church, as well as serving others within the paranormal community. He is a spiritual healer, an intuitive, counselor and teacher who has studied and experienced comparative religious studies and practices from the major historical world wisdom traditions & spiritual teachings for over thirty years, including the teachings of the Christian wisdom tradition and mystics.

For Christ has not given the world a new religion, nor a new philosophy, But Christ has given and revealed a relationship of life, healing, and regeneration for all, in all, and through all, until all are in all; Which is found only within the Divine Presence of the Father's eternal life and love within the fullness of the Spirit...The Eternal Way...

Please see Father Michael's article on the ISS web site:

Sanatana Dharma The Perennial Philosophy of Life
by Father Michael Sherbert
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