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The Spiritual Science Of Gems

The Spiritual Science behind Gems, Design and Nature

by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Gems have always held a fascination down through time, however, their real value is in their makeup as coherent structures that grow holding spiritual energy they are able to transmit. It is important for a gem cutter to study each gem to know how to release the pure energy and inner light that is held within them. In Gem Cutting, a professional art, the cutter takes a piece of rough and cuts it for the highest quality of symmetry, faceting and polishing to sustain the fine value held within the gem. If the gem had been left uncut, the strong inner energy, though still having a vibrational quality, cannot be fully experienced, realized and appreciated. It takes a human being to release the stored spiritual energy as brilliance and inner beauty for us to receive the maximum benefits available on several levels that each gem holds due to their unique color and growth pattern.

A human being is often referred to as a “diamond in the rough” noting the process that we go through as our inner brilliance comes alive and refines our many facets and talents revealing the inner beauty within as our true Divine (Diamond) Nature. We realize then our true value, as well as the value we place on others, is really the Spirit Light that shines within and this true reality becomes more apparent to us the more we unfold our true Nature. So too, the Gem can be thought of as a miniature aspect of spiritual light, as it’s true structure relates to trapped spiritual energy while also reflecting the beauty of the universe.

Gems are crystallized vibrations of sound as trapped light and color in a growth matrix. This is why their purity is so important as they emit a fine subtle spiritual energy which affects the planet as well as the appreciation of their Divine value which can be also be experienced when worn on the human body, used in paintings, structures or as tinctures that were used in ancient medicine and, in some cases, are still used for this pure value today. Gems then can be thought of as captured spiritual energy and intelligence and as Divine vibrations that emit the song they sing to Nature and us in their many colors.

The Precious Gem Ruby

Material: multicolored Corundum
Hardness: 9 on the Mohs Scale (The Ruby is second only to the Diamond, a 10, in hardness)

Only the Red Corundum can be classified as a true Ruby, all other colors of Corundum are known as Sapphire. The finest Rubies come from Burma, are referred to as Burmese and are beautifully vivid with a true blood red. They do not usually grow beyond three Carats in size, are truly rare and and the finest quality Ruby is often more expensive than a Diamond.

In Ancient Texts the Ruby is the Gem of the Sun and so confers the spiritual qualities of Love, Ruler-ship or Leadership, Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom, Courage and Truth. In Medieval times, the Ruby was worn by Kings and Queens as well as Priests and Brahman Priests who knew their Spiritual value. They were also used in scepters, articles placed on Altars and in Breastplates to emit their spiritual energy into the atmosphere so all people could receive benefits from their beautiful and pure qualities.

Ruby is also associated with the heart, blood and keeping the nervous system nurtured for healing due to the encapsulated energy. This again is due to the spiritual quality of the Sun as held in the evolving matrix of this crystalline Gem and the subtle energy it emits when used. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe; it keeps planets in precision movement and our bodies in perfect attunement. It is the “Cosmic glue” and Spiritual Intelligence maintaining the flow of life and helps expand our consciousness and creativity.

An example in Nature of the value of this ruby red color can be seen in a red rose. Red Roses hold a very fine spiritual energy due to this color which, as a vibration, holds the song of the flower which is in the smell that is given out into the atmosphere. The smell of this color of love affects our consciousness, inspiring love, strengthening our heart as well as our sight. Some people having a Mystical experience or an experience of Grace often report smelling roses during, or after the experience, regardless of their beliefs.

This vibration of love as sound can also be experienced or felt when musical instruments are played or intently listened to. This musical vibration produces a thrill, a state of bliss or devotional ecstasy, which can cause further devotion or even healing. This has been shown scientifically in the past study of plants and as has been shown most recently by Dr. Emoto, using water to show the purity of thought vibrations which are really subtle sounds emitted in the atmosphere.

While I was a Speaker at The International IOU University Conference on Innovative Education in Jaipur, India in February 2006; I met a Colleague from Japan who, after diagnosed with cancer and given little time to live, had began to play the Cello again. This placed him in states of bliss, which led to his full cure. He felt this bliss as Divine Love and this is what cured his body. Mantras also have these effects as they are the inward Language of Sacred Sound.

Gems, Jyotish and Astrology

Jyotish is the Spiritual Science of Astronomy in Vedic Texts and means the light of Heavenly bodies. Horoscopy is the use of gems and their relation to planets, health, prosperity, life issues, and Predictive Astrology or Vastu Shastra, is the Science of land placement, building and construction. The Ancient Vedic texts show the Spiritual Science of gems as well their planetary values in strict relation to a persons natal birth chart and gives the individual their own recommendations based on specific needs. This is an actual art, as this Science has been passed down in families in India and has been kept pure for ages.

In 1986, I was invited to an International Conference in St. Louis on “Gems, Jyotish and Ayur-Veda” and this led to my working as head of the Jyotish Project for H. H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for four and a half years. During this time my appreciation increased for the Profession I had been working in since 1970 as a Jewelry Designer, Artist and Sculptor. My knowledge deepened in the Spiritual Science behind gems, the geometry of Nature in a painting, sculpture and use of color, the importance of Design and how it affects the body. These things were no longer seen by me as just beautiful or just a material formed object. These elements are “captured” spiritual aspects in their finest sense as energy and have profound affects in healing, soothing, and restoring balance by their effects on our sight and in the subtle impression they emit in the atmosphere as well as on the wearer.

Original ring design by Diane M. Rousseau
Nature holds this Sacred Geometry which is the manifest aspect of the Beauty, Intelligence and Energy of God. We can see this in the growth of our body, the Earth and its ability to restore balance, the growth of minerals, in the purity of Water, the energy of Fire, the life breath of Air and the sounds we hear and create in Music and Space. We can see in recorded History the ancients knew the values of gems, metals, geometry, and the science of color, sound and smell. The MAGI, who were revered thousands of years ago, knew this Spiritual Science. They knew the value of the Sun, Planets and our place in the Universe and our sacred relationships to them. They used gems, incense, flowers, tinctures for healing, Mantras, Prayers, and sacred geometry; knowing the Divine values within each and their affects.

Over time this profound Knowledge became lost, except to those who remained loyal and preserved this knowledge in Sacred Scriptural Texts, we can find this knowledge today if we look deeply into our own Faiths, the traces are there.What was misunderstood as “new age” was really this knowledge returning. As time has passed, we see that these Eternal Truths have been kept safe and are there for us all to appreciate and benefit from.

From Ancient Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, China, the Middle East to Europe and the Americas, we see this knowledge has been preserved in Temples, Churches, Mosques, Castles, and Building’s as well as in ancient ruins. You will see precious and semi-precious gems inlaid in walls, tapestries and in paintings, jewelry, the use of colors, geometry and its relation to sound; all hold Spiritual Values, all have an affect on the surroundings, the environment and our well being and consciousness. All this Knowledge places back into our own hands the value of life, the beauty a human being can bring due to their inspiration and Devotion, which is love of the Divine seen and realized in all Creation. We have the ability to bring beauty in many forms and through our own expansion and creativity; the finer values of life are appreciated and experienced in own life and growth; while we restore the beauty of the planet by our own inner and outer balance.

When given as a gift, a gem promotes strong feelings of love in any relationship. The custom of giving an Engagement Ring and Wedding band, trances back to the Spiritual Scientific knowledge of the ancient Rishis who knew that there is a nerve in the ring finger on the left hand that goes straight to the heart. During the Ceremony, those who marry, also “wed” through the energy they share as they place the Rings on the ring fingers during their Vows. The popularity of using a Diamond in Gold in the Wedding Rings dates to the knowledge that Diamonds relate to Venus, which is human love, affection and purity. This love, when pledged in sincerity with this Ring was thought to remain pure and last a lifetime.

Consciousness is basic to everything in life; like the human body, minerals are part of the body of the Universe. Gems have a very coherent structure, their action does not take place on just the gross physical level; it also takes place on a subtle vibrational level. Up until now, people have looked at gems strictly for adornment or as gifts. Now a gem is no longer just a diamond, ruby or an emerald, it is something profound, it is something that affects them spiritually. It is something meaningful and helps their evolution, expanding their consciousness and unfolding their true value within, while appreciating all beauty in nature, themselves and in others.

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A two part version of this article originally appeared in the October and November 2009 issues of Big Fun magazine.
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