The Celestial Realms by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Celestial Realms are the Creation fields of the Lord.
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This unlimited universe is composed of countless different and innumerable strata of creation. Image credit: The Enduring Stellar Lifecycle in 30 Doradus; NASA, James Webb Space Telescope.

The following is an excerpt taken from a transcription made of an audio taped lecture given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; 1959, SRM- USA Publication.

The Celestial Realms
by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

An Extension of the Universe

We see before us the great extension of the universe, so many worlds here and there. We begin to wonder whether men like us, or beings, or life, exists in those parts or not. The almighty Creator wouldn't create anything without meaning.

So, what is spreading in this unlimited universe in different innumerable strata of creation? We could describe it in short: gross strata of creation, subtle strata of creation. Gross strata of creation means, where the earth element is predominant. Subtler strata of creation, is where the water element is predominant. And in the creation where earth element is predominant, there would be millions of worlds pertaining to millions of strata where the earth element would be predominant.

Predominance of earth element means from 50% to 100% earth element; and other, 50% of the other four elements. So, predominance of earth element means innumerable strata ranging from 99% and then coming on to 50%. There will be innumerable worlds where the earth element will be predominant. Likewise, there would be innumerable worlds representing different strata of creation where water element is predominant. Innumerable worlds like that representing different strata's of creation where the fire element would be predominant.

Like that, where air element would be predominant, and like that, where akasha tattva (space element) would be predominant. This is the whole extension of the universe, unlimited, unthinkably big, extended to, we could say - Infinity.

The Fields of the Gods

The creation where the akasha tattva is in predominance is in this field; the subtlest field of creation. And because all this field is the field of Glow, all the creation that there is, the body and all that is there is, the body of the people who live here, the beings residing here, their bodies are Celestial bodies, made of all Light, that glow, which you experience in your Meditation.
The Carina Nebula, the iconic ‘Cosmic Cliffs', energetic jets and outflows from young stars glow; visible through the James Webb Space Telescope. Photo credit: NASA.

The whole creation is of that Glow. The houses that are there, they are built out of that glow material, as we on earth having earthly bodies make use of the earth to build our houses; they make use of that Celestial matter of which their bodies are made - glow, made of all Light. Nearest to imagine, would be houses built out of glass bricks and the man made of that glass - all celestial. This is the field of celestial body, Celestial life. This is the field of Gods. All the innumerable Gods, the stories that we hear, come from this field.

Somewhere in the creation there exists a world of Celestial life, and that is that field where “akasha tattva” is in predominance. When we say that there are worlds of different intensity of life, gross and subtle, then even our experience of meditation shows that there is within us that field of Glow which we are counting here to be the world of celestial life. That you have experienced within yourself, when the Mantra goes off and you get to the most subtle state of vibration, that field of Glow, and that within yourself, which is the field of Celestial life.

Adi Para Shakti in its pure state, might be existing in some part of the universe, but again in its pure state it exists within us as particular subtle strata of our own existence. And therefore, by getting in tune with that more and more, we get directly tune to that field of Gods in different strata of the universe.

The Celestial and the Kingdom Within

You have heard the saying that all that there is in the universe is within man? And that is it. The subtlest strata of our existence, that state of Glow, that we experience, is the Field of God. And from there comes to us the direct communion with those Celestial Gods.

And this is what Christ meant when He said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. Certainly, it is somewhere in the universe, the life where there is no suffering, no sin, all happiness, and bliss; in its pure state that Celestial life of Heaven exists somewhere in the universe, but apart from that and in addition to that, it exists within ourselves also.

The more we get Tuned to it, the more we become like it, more Celestial, more powerful.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Transcribed For the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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