The Nearness Factor by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

When the student is ready, the Master appears.
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Sunset while looking out over the grounds of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Jaipur, India. Photo by Diane M. Rousseau; February, 2006.

The Nearness Factor
Professor Chandra and the Search for the Master
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

We often we may not “See” until the Right Time…

When I was in Jaipur, India, presenting at an International Conference with Delegates from many countries in February, 2006, I met a fellow presenter, Dr. Chandra, who was very accomplished: he was a Vedic Scholar, Physicist, and a university Professor. We had many similar interests and we talked for hours and he asked to know how I had met my Teacher, Charlie Lutes (who I had spoken of earlier that day) and Dr. Chandra wanted to know how I had first recognized him, and how I knew he was “the One”. Dr. Chandra also told me a story about himself, and how often times what's often placed in one's life has been waiting a very long time to be discovered and recognized, even taking possibly lifetimes; sometimes something destined to change the course of one's Soul and life.

These International Conferences were not open to the public until the last day, and this last day was when the Press and public were allowed in to hear some of the Summary Presentations that were part of the proceedings, but without the details of research and development. There was also time each evening when Delegates could meet, talk informally, and freely share their personal ideas on subjects and ask each other questions.

Opening statements of IOU's Second International Conference.

That evening, Dr. Chandra told me he had enjoyed my Keynote Presentation earlier that day and he wanted to know more; particularly about how I spoke from my own experiences, “how and when” I met my Master (Guru or Teacher), and how I knew beyond any doubt that he was the “One”.

That evening, we spent three hours in the lobby of our hotel talking into the wee hours of the morning. Dr. Chandra's compliment on my Presentation earlier that day in front of the Delegation was clearly also a recognition to Honor my Master, Charlie F. Lutes. Dr. Chandra honored Charlie's Teachings of Christ and the Teachings of The Holy Tradition which were imparted to Charlie under the “Spiritual Regeneration Movement” by his Master, H. H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: the Sacred Holy Tradition and Lineage of Masters and Vedic Masters, of whom he had Knowledge and Loved with the Highest Regard.

When I Recognized my Teacher

I began to tell Dr. Chandra about the day I recognized my Teacher. I had been looking for years, and I knew in my Soul the day I saw him. I had told this to Ray, my husband, as we were sitting in the audience at a conference, waiting to hear a lecture, when a tall man walked up the aisle. I do not know how God works these things out, but I told Ray, I do not know who he is, but he is my Master! When he went up to the podium and turned around to face the audience, I could not move; it felt like a shock went through me as we locked eyes. Later, he looked at me and spoke my name to me, and we shared a short conversation.

That was how I met Charlie Lutes; my Soul recognized him beyond any doubt. That was in September of 1972. Ray and I had been initiated into TM, under SRM, April, 1972, and over a few months we had listened to several lectures by different people on this subject, but this was different. A few weeks later Charlie called me, and set up a private meeting to see me in January, 1973. When Ray and I met with Charlie, here in Seattle, he took me aside and questioned me for about 30 minutes; he then told me he was taking me under his wing, to keep it quiet and to not share any of the instructions he taught me that day, or from that day on, and not to share the knowledge with anyone other than with Ray. He said he would keep contact with me and shared this was “The Way”; it is to be quiet and natural, though not necessarily typical, and this was due to Soul destiny and agreement. He also said, if anything I “was given got back to him, that would be the end of my receiving knowledge from him”. I told Charlie I understood and agreed; it was easy to give him my word, it was a matter of my heart and Soul. He knew.

My Relationship with Charlie was Blessed by Maharishi, he was in agreement with Charlie in this decision, and from then on, after January 1973, all future instructions, teachings, were only from Charlie, as Charlie was a Master in his own Right. From Charlie the love of Maharishi overflowed to me as did his love for Christ, my heart and Soul were at Home.

Dr. Chandra and his Work

Flowers on the grounds of the Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Jaipur, India.

After this, Dr. Chandra sat back and smiled knowingly; he was tall with bright dark eyes, a man about 55 years old at the time; he had spent many years studying and researching Ancient Texts and the Shastras; he also was a Professor of Physics and a Sanskrit Scholar at a prestigious University, and his research was in “The Subtle Frequencies of Sound”. In his research, he deciphered the silent frequencies one inwardly heard as subtle Vibrations of finest Sound that held Divine and relative Cognitive Knowledge and information that was received based on the level of one's Spiritual perception and development. These Sounds cannot be artificially induced, nor can any machine or external device duplicate their true subtle Divine Resonance, Energy, Information and effects; they happen entirely due to one's Spiritual progression. Charlie Lutes, in 1972, had told me my experiences regarding hearing these Sounds, as frequencies tones since childhood, was due to soul development and Spiritual expansion; he called the experience, “… your Connection and Experience directly with Being”.

In my Presentation earlier that day, I spoke on “Sound Currents” that are heard ‘within' as progressive “Encodement's of Spiritual and Relative Knowledge and Cognitions”, that would also be seen in outer life, and in the new Physics with the return of Spiritual Science. Dr. Chandra was happy in our meeting, and I was grateful when he then excitedly shared with me his own Realizations and personal story of finding his own Master (Guru). He had recognized in me, the same Heart, Feeling, and the Sense that Knows when one has found the Right One.

Dr. Chandra's Story

Dr. Chandra in the audience at the 2006 conference.

Because he always had a deep desire to find the right Guru since early childhood, Dr. Chandra would often go from one Guru or Master, to another, and learn what he could. He spent about 20 years looking, and though he deeply appreciated all the Teachings given, he still had an inward longing, an understanding and feeling that there was more and one day he would Know his True Master, that he would feel this in his Soul, Heart, Mind and Spirit. So, he kept looking for the ‘One' with whom he could settle down with and surrender his heart and mind to completely.

Dr. Chandra told me how a friend had invited him to a well-known Ashram about 20 years earlier where the Yogi presiding gave great Spiritual and Scientific discourses; excitedly he went with his colleague and friend, as he felt inside this just might be the One. We agreed, it is a matter of the Soul and heart, one Knows beyond any doubt a sense of completion that is deeply felt, remembered and Known; “one is at Home”.

Later that evening, at the Ashram with his friend, Dr. Chandra, while listening to this great Yogi, heard him reference his own Dear Master, and how, to this day, he looked forward to every visit. Dr. Chandra could not wait to speak to this Yogi, he had seen so many others, but this one was different! This Yogi had spoken that night with such conviction and Spiritual energy, Dr. Chandra felt he somehow “Knew” his Teacher; the Yogi's stories about his own Teacher both spoke to, and touched, his Soul. As the Yogi continued with stories through the evening about this great Saint and their Teachings, Dr. Chandra recognized some of the descriptions of the village where this great Saint lived. Later that night, after everyone had gone and the Spiritual discourses had ended, Dr. Chandra asked the Yogi if he would mind sharing about his Beloved Teacher. The Yogi was thrilled and happily shared with him how he had found this great Teacher after searching for many years, and about the day he went with others to see Her.

Dr Chandra felt confused at this point, for he had been to some of these villages and never heard of this great Female Yogi Saint. He spoke to the Yogi about this, and he told Dr. Chandra that this Female Saint was very quiet, and did not want to be known outside of those who sought Her out for “True Knowledge”. Her Knowledge had been passed down for many, many, generations, and due to its Spiritual depth, Her direct experiences, and Revelations, it was only taught and freely given when other Yogi's or Swami's sent to Her the student that they felt was ready for “one on one” Teaching.

That Which Belongs to God

Dr. Chandra felt so happy when he realized he would be permitted to meet Her, and receive ages old Instructions only passed to the few. All that was required was listening, being respectful, a sincere desire for Higher Knowledge, being quiet with humbleness of heart and to be willing to listen and learn as the Grace flowed, and later, for the time required when the first of several Initiation's would take place. Each Initiation led to greater Knowledge and experiences that were based upon the previous Initiation and the student's own experiences and comprehension, which showed if the individual was ready and so then prepared for the next phase of Teaching. Many questions were answered, some in Silent transference. Money was never part of this exchange, as it is clearly written in the Shastras, one can never charge for what Belongs to God.

Spiritual Knowledge must have practical application, one's outer life needs to be approached in responsibility, in loving duty and adherence to the Teachings from inner realizations to outer life. This Knowledge was passed down one-on-one, and stayed in the family, or Order, with those who were also the Guardians, it could never be sold and only a few could Teach it and these were mature adults with deep commitment and with a dedicated desire to be of service to humanity. Many a Swami had come by for years, and this current Female Yogi was the only one that was allowed to Teach, having had Initiation and instructions since she was a child in the various aspects of the Order, which was the Divine Knowledge of Sri Vidya, The Names of God, Mantras and The Language of Divine Sound and Light.

The Female Saint

As Dr. Chandra spoke, he looked at me and his eyes filled with Light, he smiled and shared that he felt so at home hearing this Divine recommendation from a Highly Revered and Respected Yogi; it was as if he had waited his whole life to finally meet this Female Saint whom so many others also Revered and Respected. He asked the Yogi for the Saints Name, and when he heard it, tears filled his eyes as his head bowed to his chest, his heart overflowed in fullest surrender and gratitude, for he heard the very Name of his own Mother!

Dr. Chandra told me his heart was fully humbled, as he recalled while growing up how so many Holy men and women, Sages and Saints would visit their home. He had left at a very young age for his Education, preparing for the University he wished to attend, as he wanted to incorporate Spiritual development into Academic circles to show its necessity and application. He did not “See” his Mother as others did, and to this he added, many do not appreciate what they are given, sometimes unable to See due to “nearness”. Many get complacent, impatient, as they misinterpret the closeness in a possessive way, or expect Perfection. In this we agreed, as the Soul knows when it is time, as the heart is ready.

Love and God

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Jaipur, India. Photo by Diane M. Rousseau.

Unbounded Love is what is Divine, it can only be given and shared. The Master knows when one is ready; they read the Soul, see past the mind and form, and beyond, as they listen and “see with Divine Awareness” what is needed and required on one's Path to know the Self, The Supreme, The ONE. In humbleness, they help you stand on your own two feet, with greater respect and appreciation, to learn, for Scriptures, for Life and for that which is Sacred, True, in Balance, in Love and God.

“No one can dictate to another's Soul.” -Charlie Lutes. One Seeks and God Answers, as humbleness is present when the soul is ready for true Knowledge.

God guides us as to this timing, a feeling comes at the proper time and one seeks, sometimes for years, and one's Soul calls out, as a wave of Heart longing in Sound is sent to God and the Master hears and comes, finds you, and takes the responsibility on to help guide you in Higher States of Consciousness, in Self-Sufficiency through Knowledge and Experience, Loyalty, Devotion, Love, and the Grace and Will of Almighty God.

Text and photos Copyright © 2023 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, All Rights Reserved.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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