Balancing Spirit with Science by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

It is essential to balance Spirit with Science to reach the Cosmos.
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Scientists, Teachers, Mystics, Sages and Yogis tell us that purification of the soul, mind and nervous systems are needed for the balance of the 'inner and outer being'. We must balance our Spiritual Energies in order that we may have a full Awakening and travel the Stars and the greater Cosmos.

Balancing Spirit with Science
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
The Balance of Spirit with Science, Space Travel and Humanity's Cosmic Transition.

Achieving A Balance

The Balance of life is essential to Spirituality returning to science; Spirituality as Consciousness, expanding and applied as a Meta Science of the Mystical life(1)(Soul and Spirit integration) and the unfolding in physical life. “Mystical” means hidden, the hidden meaning in life, until our experiences reveal, in States of Expanding Consciousness, both the Inner Life and the Subtle Fields. These States of Expanding Consciousness when applied in life are then expressed from Knowing, to all fields for expansion, and this is the outward Science. The Reality of the Soul is Eternal; this was written about in the “Science of Being and the Art of Living” by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the mid-1960s. Maharishi explained that, as Consciousness expands in Being (Higher Self), this is, “lived in life” as an expressive, beautiful, and ever refining external “Art of the Self”.

Maharishi, in 1961, while giving a lecture in Santa Monica, California, in an SRM (Spiritual Regeneration Movement) audio tape, spoke on the transformative effects of the Mantra. Maharishi emphasized, “The Mantra first heals the Soul, then heart, to the mind, body and then the atmosphere”. True changes come from the ability to go beyond Relativity. Mantras are “Divine Names Encoded as a Divine Language” (the Inner Vibration) as Sound and Light that Infuses the Spirit into the Soul, in Silence, and this causes the purification of the soul, mind and nervous system needed for full Awakening.

Charlie F. Lutes spoke on this in 1973, and later in 1985, when I brought him to Seattle, Washington to lecture, he said that this practice of Meditation was needed, as it is “The Teaching of this Age”. One learns from fathoming the depths of their Soul, as the subconscious was cleared and entered Higher States of Being. An illustration often told by Maharishi on the benefits of meditation, was how a muddy glass of water became clearer as clean water (like when using the Mantra) was slowly being poured into the glass, washing away the mud. Eventually, after enough purification, one experienced this as a permanent State of Being and so then came more from Awareness and Self-Referral, could see more clearly, and operated from Knowing.

Scientists, Teachers, Mystics, Sages and Yogis

Many of the great Scientists of the past were also Mystics; they were the Philosophers who studied and experienced the mysteries from the subtle fields to the gross physical. They found the underlying unity in this vast oneness of Spirit and Matter. They knew of Sacred Languages and realized this Knowledge is needed and experienced in integrated States of expanding Consciousness. They found then, as they do today, that there is an underlying depth of Unity in all Faiths and in all Fields. However over time and history, with the wars, great migrations, the confusion brought about by man's changing languages, and along with “Soul forgetfulness”, circumstances eventually caused most of humanity to lose touch and awareness of these deeper Truths... and the knowledge became hidden once again.

Mystics, Yogis and Teachers, such as H.P. Blavatsky, Bishop Charles Leadbeater, Geoffrey Hodson, Max Heindel, Sri Yukteswar, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Manly P. Hall, Charlie Lutes and scientists like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and others, are just some of the many greats who studied the many Mysteries and added their own experiential “Realized Wisdom” to this greater Knowledge. Knowledge that is ages old and is preserved in ancient oral Holy Traditions, Sacred Ancient Texts, and other written works. These Greats contributed to the unification of Spirituality with Scientific progression for the welfare of humanity through selfless service. All worked for this current “Age of Realized Enlightenment”, the Age of Balanced Reason, the Age of The Holy Spirit, which we entered into as the Age of Air, Spirit; as Aquarius in 1987. This “New Age” which is continuing to establish itself, even more so after 2003, is continuous inner expansion to outward changes that are seen and experienced as Nature responds. (All creation is in flux as corresponding levels of Consciousness). The Return of Christ, Love of God, Truth, the Divine Laws for the Soul, and the Natural Laws, all for the Balance of All Life.

Space Travel and the Divine Destiny in Oneness of Spirit

We are seeing Science return to the realm of the Soul, through the awakened Spirit as a natural multi-dimensional reality. We are seeing advancement of these integrated States of Consciousness in new alternate forms of energy and in advances in medicine with Enlightened Doctors who include the wisdom of the Subtle Field and the Power of Prayer. Physicians are now incorporating Prayer, Cognition, studies of NDE's (Near Death Experiences), OBE's (Out of Body Lucid Experiences), Transcendence of the mind into the Soul, Healing and Higher Dimensions of Reality in their work, and this is continually being researched and comprehended through direct experience. This gives a greater appreciation to the knowledge found in many Religions, Faiths, and Traditions; Religions and Faiths that have maintained a Spiritual Reality, never separating Soul and inner growth from the progression and balance of outer life. In the study and research of Antiquities and Archaeology, new discoveries are found at Sacred Sites of ancient artifacts that prove the Scriptures are multi-layered, the Esoteric to Exoteric, and reveal the wisdom of planetary histories ages old, that were often thought of as Myths. This, along with the writings of the many Prophets who shared their Divine revelations and experiences, all combine to further guide humanity along with Angelic Contact and the Higher Divine Intelligence.

The Hubble Space telescope travels through space with the Earth in the background in this photo, taken after the fourth servicing mission in 2002.
Photo credit: NASA.

Knowledge of the Soul, the Reality of the Supreme Spirit in all Creation when studied and taught, leads to expanding knowledge through Education, and this gives insight and greater depth to both Scriptures and Scientific Research when combined with the knowledge and responsibilities of the right use of new discoveries and technologies. Now, from this perspective, when we are creating treaties and policies, including those needed for Space Travel, regard is given to the care and value of life here, and with respect to other life forms and intelligences. In a Lecture by Charlie Lutes in Seattle in 1985, he talked of the Cosmos, and of the destiny of humanity taking their place through maturity in Space Travel, from self-mastery and peace within, to outer life, as the needed requirement for travel to the Stars, the importance in knowing differences must be solved here first. We take “who” we are wherever we go, and we must restore the Balance and have peace on earth first, as this is part of this Transition and planetary transformation.

The Focus of the Age: An Enlightened Balance

This is the focus for this Time Period, as all fields of study gradually incorporate Consciousness as a Reality for the continued and Integrated expansion in all fields. Many times we hear that “truth was kept from people”, however, it is more true that, as Consciousness expands, so does the ability to perceive and discover the Truth that was hidden, the key then is using wisdom and knowing so that everyone comes to this realization “in their own time”. The Mysteries and Wisdom Teachers have always held the “Truth and of the ONE in the Supreme Spirit”, a truth that we are now seeing unfolding in this age. Still, it takes personal application and perseverance to create Unity for the needed effective change to be realized here.

The 'heart' is the first enlightened from “Awakening in the Light with Pure Love”, as Divine Energy combined with the Higher Mind's Cognition's help to restore the Balance and return the Sacred and higher understanding to life; thus incorporating expansion in all fields with respect to all peoples, cultures, faiths or gender. “All beings” then Advance in Consciousness, and this includes the animal kingdom, all planetary ecology and nature. Long ago humanity broke Natural Laws in tampering with life. The Enlightened individual and the collective Humanity are now moving forward through expanding Consciousness and are also being aided by Spiritual Energies of the Cosmos and Higher Intelligence to create a better today, now lived for the Future of all. This means respect for the soul and all life forms, the right of life to grow, to expand in happiness and finer understanding and in Cosmic expansion.

Aquarius, as an Age of Air, includes Cosmic Status as people learn to work together in an Enlightened Balance that returns individual and collective consciousness in the Awakening of the real purpose of the Soul's Destiny and life. A Divine Destiny in Oneness of Spirit, and with respect to all life and in the Cosmos. There are always great changes on multiple levels that occur as the old is left behind, with lessons learned that are now incorporated into the new, as many old ideas no longer serve one's life. Traveling in the outer reaches of Space requires peaceful citizens to work in harmony here on Earth first for Advancement.

Carl Sagan once wrote, “Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.”

“In One Universe - One People”, Dr. Steven Greer writes:
“As great as the challenges to unity have been and continue to be for humans, how much greater might this be for the emerging and embryonic relationship between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations. The superficial and cultural differences between, say, an American and a Kenyan tribesman may pale before it! If disunity and conflict arise when we look only to the differences between humans, how much greater will the potential disunity and conflict be if we are able only to focus on the points of difference between humans and extraterrestrial beings. The failed and disastrous ways of the past - of seeing only differences and foreign qualities - must give way to a new way of seeing, of seeing with the eye of oneness. This eye of oneness must be directed not only towards our fellow humans, but towards extraterrestrial people as well, for the same fundamental basis for unity which exists among humans also exists for the relationship between humans and extraterrestrials.”(2)

As Charlie Lutes said, “One takes who they are, wherever they go”, and our responsibility to all life here, and in the greater Cosmos, must be part of this Reality.

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

(1) A mystical life is having a Spiritual Reality based on intuition, contemplation, cognition, and meditation which gives experiences of an expanded Spiritual nature.
(2) Used by author's permission, July 31, 2013; Dr. Steven Greer, Sirius Disclosure. For more information on Dr. Greer and his work, please click on this link:

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