Sound and Creation by Eric Fremaux

Physicists and Sages tell us the Universe is in constant state of vibratory motion.
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All of physical creation originates from sound or the Word from Divine Spirit, God's Field and the Sound vibrated to the physical universe to create and energize it, giving shaped, form and Divine Light or Spirit.

Sound and Creation
by Eric Fremaux
Oct. 5, 2017

Physical Creation Originates From Sound

Modern scientific discoveries have recently joined the voices of Ancient Sacred Scriptures to help pull back the veil of ignorance that once shrouded the true power of “Sound” in God's universe. Today, these applied sciences and technologies can be woven together, working towards the redemptive understanding of sounds or vibrations that can heal, deliver, destroy, and even open portals to the heavenly realms and higher dimensions.

Physicists claim that the Universe is in constant state of vibratory motion of energy. Sages tell us that the Universe is consciousness in its essence, and has conscious impulses by its very creative nature. The motions of consciousness are the preliminary manifestations of the highest subtle vibratory energy, which is sound. All physical creation originates from sound, the Word. Consciousness or Divine Spirit, God's Field, vibrated over the physical world to energize it, giving it the ability to be shaped and formed.

Quantum Field Theory suggests that the Quantum Field is more significant than its outward manifestation. Simply put, the source is greater than the effect it produces. If one were applying this principle to vibration and creation, we might say that created matter is a response to a greater field, as God's Field is greater than the manifest physical world. The scientific String Theory is a cosmological theory based on the existence of cosmic strings and echoes the Vedic knowledge that is thousands of years old and states that “everything” is in constant wave motion. All that exists is made of moving energy, whose vibration, source of light, is kept alive by nothing less than the sound of Om or Aum, the primordial sound that created and that is sustaining the Universe. The string or vibration at the center of all matter in the Universe is in the sound wave from God that is spoken over each created thing at its entry into existence. God's voice, that God vibration, is the glue holding all creation together. The word that God speaks lives forever and supersedes our material reality.

Consciousness, Sound and Light

The Rishis were (and still are) experts in the science of sounds known in the west as phonetics. Sound is the softest, but the most powerful, form of energy in the universe and Mantras are Sacred Sounds with a great scientific basis. The letters of the mantras constitute an alphabet of forms brought together in a form of sound and power. They denote that formless Absolute that is beyond all forms, yet is the cause of all forms. In fact, we can say that our world is the outcome of sound giving existence to form. As early as 10.000 B.C, the Rishis, the Ancient Vedic seers, in all their wisdom, knew that our universe is not woven from Matter but Consciousness.

Objective causality links consciousness, sound and light. Everything is consciousness, and consciousness is no less than the subtlest energy field giving rise to sounds. Consciousness creates sound waves which create light. There are different kinds of light (visible and non-visible) and there are different colors of light and each one originates from specific sound, in other words, each color has its own sound and the intensity of vibration of each color causes a certain tone. Mantras are energetic vibrations of words/sounds, they are vibrations of energy, just as we ourselves and everything else in the physical universe are vibrations of energy. The divine vibrations of mantras allow us to connect to the divine vibrations of the True Self, the All, the One.

“Today, modern science sees the whole existence as reverberations of energy, different levels of vibrations. Where there is vibration, there is bound to be a sound. So, that means, the whole existence is a kind of sound, or a complex amalgamation of sounds - the whole existence is an amalgamation of multiple mantras. Of these, a few mantras or a few sounds have been identified, which could be like keys. If you use them in a certain way, they become a key to open up different dimensions of life and experience within you.” -Sadhguru

The Power of the Mantra

Each sound has his own specific level of vibratory energy. Mantras come from Sacred Scripture and the basic aspects found in Sanskrit are very sound sensitive and specific. The various people and cultures on the planet speak different languages and according to what language they speak so unless real training is imparted, they can distort the various Sanskrit mantras, which then affects their powers. Mantras coming from the ancient Vedic tradition are Sanskrit sounds, a language which make it possible for human imitation of the natural vibrations produced by the dynamism of the Unified Field : the Field identified by objective modern science as the silent source of all creation and by Yogis as the Supreme Self, Paramatman, the field of Pure Consciousness. The Rishis or Sages did not write the Vedic hymns, the Rishis called themselves mantra dashtras, or the “seers of mantras”, not the composers of the mantras. The Rishis cognized the mantras already in existence in etheric space and made them known to us. These mantras, like the Laws of Nature, have always existed.

The ancient power of mantras is now validated by modern science, which reveals that mantras connect us in a very real way to the farthest reaches of the universe. Light as sound manifest, contains consciousness. John Reid, the UK inventor of the cymascope (a technology that renders sound in visible patterns) wrote: “You create infrared light when you speak...The infrared light carries with it the modulations of your voice that rush away at the incredible speed of 186.000 miles per second. Unlike the sound of a voice , which becomes inaudible after about one mile, the infrared light created by your voice rushes out into space where it travels for eternity, carrying your words or songs to the stars.”

Eric Fremaux

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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