Sacred Truths and Sacred Knowledge by Dr. Diane M Rousseau

Enlightenment has its Source in the ancient Mysteries.
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The Knowledge of the Sacred Eternal Truths is planetarily Universal and has always been kept Sacred down through the Ages by both East and West.

Sacred Truths and Knowledge
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
April, 2021

The Tradition of seeking and experiencing Enlightenment has its Source in the ancient Mysteries that hold Knowledge and connections of the Inner Planes. The Sacred Truths and Knowledge are found at numerous geophysical locations and it is Knowledge that was shared and spread by migrations ages ago. Confusion was perpetrated due to the misuse of Sacred Knowledge in ancient Babylon of the One Truth by Higher Intelligence who confounded the Languages that then created divisions and this later resulted in lack of understanding. The study of cultures, migration, Archeology and Linguistics prove it is the same Knowledge and that it was altered and mostly forgotten in time due to migration, wars, languages and lack of Inner understanding. These Higher Beings Knew that it was through Inner unfoldment of the soul, by transcending the mind, that Higher Truths would be revealed as one unfolded and that in Knowing ‘The Self', the Knowledge of the One Truth would be restored. As per my teacher, Charlie Lutes, “… humankind would once again walk and talk with God”.

The indigenous peoples of the Americas, greater Oceania and Polynesia, of Australia and New Zealand have in their history knowledge tracing back to the continent of MU, including Enlightenment; which is Universal. This is written about in the “Lemurian Scrolls” by Swami Subramunaya(1) and other works by the Himalayan Academy in Kauai, and the “MU” series written by Churchwald.(2) The ancient Knowledge of the History and Mysteries went to Egypt, the Himalayas and Andes mountains and were kept Sacred and mostly hidden by the appointed Enlightened Elders.

Lord Jesus (Issa, Yeshua) Christ, who passed 30-36CE, traveled to Persia, India, Tibet, England, Rome and Egypt among other places and studied and Taught these Ancient Truths and of the Inner Way. He brought Salvation, the Knowledge of the Spirit, of Unity and inclusivity of The Way and Sacred Knowledge for all. This is found in the Essene Text, Old Testament, The Bible, and was taught by Jesus's Apostle St. Thomas, who passed 72CE, in Tamil Nadu, India, who went to live in India after Christ's crucifixion to Preach and share the Gospels, the Universal Truths that belong to all; ancient and shared by so many Prophets, Mystics and Greats long ago along with the Old Testament. Each of Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua's Apostles went forth with the Way and Truth to other lands, including France, Scotland, Spain, and England to preach what is known as the Gospels and of the Inner Kingdom.

The Knowledge of Eternal Truths is Universal and kept Sacred down the many Ages by both East and West and taught by Saints, Sages, Mystics and Teachers. Ancient Teachings which include the Vedas and Holy Tradition was taken forward by Sri Shankara, who created the 4 Holy Maths of Spiritual and Scientific Seats, or Vedic Peeths, in North, South, East and West in India. It is the North Seat which is the Highest Spiritual Seat. This Sacred Knowledge of The Holy Tradition is Universal, found in all Sacred Languages, Sacred Texts, Religions and in the depths of all Faiths, all over the planet.

In the last 200 years, this knowledge has come out more though new Archeological findings, discoveries, and release of more Ancient Texts in several dialects, Cuneiform's and tablets also relating to hidden Language, Symbology and Sacred Geometry in Western and Eastern Traditions. In-depth studies by Linguistics have shown, and continue to reveal the meanings in old and newly discovered Sacred Texts, such as the translation of “The Book of Enoch”(3), Humanities History in 1st Century BCE and Nag Hammadi texts from Egypt, which have revealed these many ancient origins.

This shows at one time, all Knowledge, Spiritual Truth and Sacred Language was ONE; it was and is Planetary, giving a cohesive platform for understanding of all peoples and true unity. We find the importance of Enlightenment and Salvation in other works later by Geoffrey Hodson, H.P. Blavastsky, Rudolf Steiner, Elizabeth Van Buren, Manly P. Hall, C.W. Leadbeater and others referencing both the Ancient History of MU and Atlantis; from Margaret Storm (who was very close to Nikola Tesla) we find similar references. It is not West or East, it is the Planet's Spiritual History. This, plus knowledge in ancient texts and Scriptures includes ‘how' the Knowledge was brought to Earth ages upon ages ago. It is Time and Consciousness that reveals and revives this Knowledge, found in Sacred Oral Traditions upon every continent long ago along with Prophets, Mystics including the American Indians who have this ancient knowledge and of the Sky People who came and shared of the Great Spirit.

In this Age of Enlightenment, we find the Truth through our own Inner revelations and personal unfoldment, and from experience of Spirit in the Light of Understanding and Love, we find the common ground of true Unity. We see and discover Truth everywhere, in every language and Faith, and through discovery, experience and research, we know that this Knowledge belongs to All and is not from any one place. This gives appreciation to every Faith, to all Peoples, Traditions, Cultures, Religions and to all Races, leading to an Enlightened Society and Cosmic Reality of the Oneness of which all are a Part; which is Salvation of the Soul and Liberation, or Moksha.(4) We must go forward and give equal respect to all Faiths and Cultures in the Spirit of Unity. This is the basis of the Institute of Spiritual Sciences which is also Research and Education for Science, Interfaith understanding and Intercultural Peace.

(1) “Lemurian Scrolls: Angelic Prophecies Revealing Human Origins” (1998)
by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (January 5, 1927 – November 12, 2001).
(2) “The Lost Continent of Mu, The Motherland of Men” (1926); “The Children of Mu” (1931); “The Sacred Symbols of Mu” (1933); “Cosmic Forces of Mu” (1934); “Second Book of Cosmic Forces of Mu” (1935) by James Churchward, (27 February 1851 – 4 January 1936).
(3) “The Book of Enoch”, translated 1821 by Richard Lawerence (1760-1838).
(4) Moksha (Sanskrit) is a term in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism for Spiritual Enlightenment and Liberation, or final release; and eschatologically refers to freedom from samskaras (Sanskrit: the cycle of death and rebirth). One gains Eternal Life.

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