Earth is a Learning Planet by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Inner and outer experience enables a full integration of inner to outer life Reality.
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It is by Love expressed daily in our actions that the we will become the Transformation in Balance and so that then the Earth can become the Destined Enlightened Higher Planet of Peace.

Earth is a Learning Planet
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
August, 2018


The Holy Scriptures contain the ‘dos and don'ts' for life, to guide in the Soul's evolution and also to instruct in practical life. As the Soul awakens, our experiences keep unfolding, showing higher levels of Truth. These Truths were handed down to humanity ages ago in Scriptures coming from the Higher Worlds. Often, when we experience a direct Truth, not too much time goes by before this information is verified by an actual experience; maybe with another person, or we may find it in a book when we were not even looking for it. This outer experience happens in order to give substance to the inner experiences so that there will be a full integration of inner to outer life Reality.

On Higher Worlds that are Divine and Non-Relative, there are those Souls that have Mastered the lessons of Earth and there is Perfection, however, on this planet, we are still in a state of learning, development and growth in self-mastery over the lower nature or small self. Individually and collectively, this planet will eventually and completely reflect the Divine Beauty of the Spirit, the Soul Realized in the Divine, the True Ego (I Go With God - Thy Will) and bring all realized Truth out in all aspects of life. All fields will be as reflections of Divine Illuminations creating Fullness in Reality where Love is lived from gained Wisdom. This is the planets Destiny.

The Learning Planet

When I was 21, one of my first “confirmation lessons” with my teacher, Charlie Lutes, was a confirmation as to this planet's purpose as a means of the Soul growth in practical life. The Earth was created and given this dispensation as a Learning Planet as the Earth holds ‘opposites', it is in relative Creation that one learns by thought, actions and through increasing awareness applied in daily self-referral. This planet holds all levels of consciousness at once and so there are accidents, deliberate criminal acts and direct and passive abuse and the neglect of children and adults; these examples are not always events that an individual has earned or deserved and they are not Karma, or a Karmic lesson. In fact, some events occur as the other person or persons failed in seeing their own life lesson and missed an opportunity. In a practical sense, the mental and emotional abilities are not able to comprehend random hurtful acts and abuse so as to be able to transfer the “lesson” to the Higher Self, as true Lessons are from “Realized states of Wisdom”. It is not always perfect here, but what which becomes refined over time is one's Soul and Consciousness.

The Almighty gave us a means whereby we could grow in higher States so that each one sees more clearly the reason for duality, and each one eventually graduates to a more evolved world, a world where all are ‘In Tune' with each other. Until then, it is us that will bring the needed positive changes. If one sees an act of injustice, they are part of the awareness in being there to bring good and do right action, otherwise they would not have witnessed the act or been there to witness. There are the forces of opposites and Good Triumphs in the actions taken from Wisdom. Sadly, there is much confusion on this and false teachings which mislead one to think whatever they witness or experience must be deserved and karma is being worked out. In talking to Charlie Lutes on this, he said justifying the hurtful actions of others was, “… ignorance of what karma even means, as sometimes it is one's own mean small self who does these actions, and if there were not laws, very few would sometimes learn anything”.

Because of man's small self (i.e., the little ego) this world sees too much suffering and this is not part of the Divine Will or Plan for the Evolution of this World. There are too many homeless, too many people with health issues, many with no funds, access to clean water and then there are the fires, pollution, flooding, earthquakes and active volcanos; the suffering of children, elderly and animal abuses, loss of homes, the ability to work, and people are still fighting. A Loving Almighty did not create this, and is not behind any of this. This is not His Will; His Will is that people Awaken, Remember and then ‘Know' what needs to be done to help themselves and help others; the strong to guide and protect the weaker and to be a voice and give hope to all humanity, as this is a learning Planet of expanding development of the Soul to be lived in Action.


In the Cycles of Time, the Higher Light leaves temporarily and darkness comes and so a Prophet or an Avatar must come again to Guide Humanity back to the light of Truth, as many have lost their way. This is found in every Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and in the oral Traditions, in Prophecy, and those gifted who see the Future while in Prayer, Meditation, or States of Grace. Lord Jesus Christ incarnated and brought the Key (the Word) to teach so we may reach Salvation and Liberation, as an ‘Incarnation of Love and the Word'. He gave practical Sermons to guide the Soul and life; He would not have needed to come to a world that already lived God's Will, a world where people were already perfected. Time and again the Almighty sends Prophets and Avatars, and they Teach to inspire, uplift and guide to a Better Age where people will live in peace, will treat each other as true brothers and sisters, respecting others in body, heart, mind and Soul and all of nature too.

Gods Will is for us to Know Him, to live the Divine Laws that were set down as Guides to Soul Evolution and for people to work in Awareness with Natural Laws; when Consciousness raises enough then all humanity will eventually have a World that is Enlightened. God as “Spirit” functions though each individual who Awakens to His Will, and these are the ones who will speak and act for positive change, some remember the Past and so are here to bring the needed answers for a better created ‘Now' and ‘Future' that benefits all. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said in a Lecture in 1964, “first know God, and one will then Know to do Right Action”, until then, he said one was not ‘connected' to God in Awareness. Meaning that, until then, one lived from ignorance and created this for others as well. Maharishi added, “the more Conscious one is, the more they Feel”. Awareness feels and recognizes and so ‘knows'.

The Soul and Transformation

Some do not believe they have a Soul and do not recognize that others do either and further they falsely believe that they are only mind and that nature is here just to be used. God did not create this false reality and is not behind these mistaken beliefs. This is one of the reasons Maharishi shared Spiritual and Practical Knowledge in SRM (Spiritual Regeneration Movement started in 1955 in India and in the USA in 1959) and tirelessly taught meditation, so that one could Realize God. How humble is love, that we can only serve once this ‘realization' occurs, going from Inner revelations and experiences to actions in outer life from Realization. Heaven does not contain duality, from Light one brings this experience, Beauty, Goodness, Love and Wisdom, and continues to grow, as the Soul, Spirit Self, is Eternal.

Every state of Consciousness exists at once on earth because this is a lesson world and the awakened are Divinely Inspired and Impressed to teach, guide, and care to bring goodness to others; it was set this way long ago by the Enlightened Illuminated Ones. The awakened feel and their hearts hear the cries of the world: the poor, the sick, the lost, so they will act from Love. No action is too small, all ideals, inspiration and acts of kindness adds up over time and so it all goes into the greater Collective. The ages come and go; we are now in the time of Prophecy and a Great Transition of an Age. We are to here to learn to make the difference through our love and by working together to end suffering. All this by learning compassion and in expanding spiritual education to include the fullness of life and knowledge of the Soul. It is by our awakened Awareness as a Vibration of Higher Being and then expressing Love in our actions that we will become the Transformation in Balance and the Earth will become the Destined Enlightened Higher Planet of Peace.

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