Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

A Pathway to Self-Illumination, the practice of Meditation is essential and affects all aspects of life.
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Dr. Diane M Rousseau standing at front of podium and conference banner with flags of the 8 countries officially represented at the 2011 conference.

Editor's notes: Dr. Diane M. Rousseau was a Keynote Speaker at the:
International Encounter on Universal Wellness Through Meditation, Yoga and Holistic Health.
February 17th to 20th February 20th 2011.
The conference was organized by the Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Institute of Vedic Studies and Research Jaipur, India in association with Libera Universita di Oki-Do Mikkyo Yoga, Italy.
This is a transcript edited for web publication of that paper and lecture.

Fourth Plenary Session: “Meditation – A Pathway to Self-Illumination”
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Diane M. Rousseau LHD, Ph.D.
“Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha”; Being and Living Ahimsa

Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau LHD, Ph.D.
Presented: February 19, 2011

Dr. Rousseau's introduction by Dr. S.L. Gandhi as Keynote Speaker of the Fourth Plenary Session.


The following Paper is based on the natural unfoldment of Consciousness due to 39 years of the Spiritual practice of SRM-TM-Transcendental Meditation, Advanced Techniques, Spiritual Teachings and personal experiences, which still continue. My Teacher of 29 years, until his passing in Dec. 7, 2001, was Charlie Lutes. Charlie was World President and World Governor of SRM, Maharishi's ‘Spiritual Regeneration Movement' that was brought forward by H. H. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from the Ancient Holy Tradition and inaugurated in the USA in 1958.

SRM was formally started in India in 1952 under the direct inspiration and Teachings of The Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, His Divinity Jagadguru Swami Brahmananda Saraswatiji Maharaj of the North Seat, under the Direct Guru-Disciple chain. Guru Dev (Dec. 21, 1870 - June 12, 1953) Held the Spiritual Principal Math of India from 1941 until his passing in 1953 and was called “Vedanta Incarnate” by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India in 1952. It is known that this Ancient Holy Tradition must be held in accordance with Acharya Adi Shankar who set up the Four Vedic Math's over 1800 years ago, as the Shankaracharya's must be well versed in the Vedas, upholding Advaita or Cosmic Oneness, expert in Yoga and In Union with the Divine...

Dr. Rousseau delivering her paper, “Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha”.


The practice of Meditation is essential to life because it gives the ability for one to create a better way of life and enter Higher States of Being, which affects all aspects of life. In Transcendental Meditation, one transcends “fields of thought” which we can think of as levels of the mind in Consciousness. What has blocked a human from happiness, health, better relations, cultivation of compassion and expanding Consciousness, is the stagnate energy of stored negative thoughts and memories that have been held over time by the subconscious mind, heart and body. This develops a sense of separation, which creates focus on the outer life as it becomes more material; the inner sufferings continue and create further distance and forgetfulness of the most important aspect of life, one's True Self. The Self (Jiva) or incarnating Soul-Spirit is the Inner Being, the true immortal multi-dimensional Self, and one must have the Key (Empowered Mantra) to be able to unlock the mortal mind to enter the Holy Space, which is ones natural State of Being, the Spirit Within.

To understand happiness, we must realize through experience the source of happiness. The nature of the Soul is bliss, joy, and Oneness with the Unified Field of Spirit. When one incarnates, there are variable conditions within their environment; such as the possible lack of prenatal and medical care, lack of proper nutrition, education, and lack of community support and resources, and this can cause a sense of separation which will become imprinted on the soul along with anxiety, stress and the effects from internal and external suffering. This can be further compounded by the stresses of young adulthood and later adult life, as the individual will often retreat back into themselves and pull away from natural expressions of life, love and natural expressions of life, love and natural growth as their sense of self and environment affects the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels of Being.

The Lalita Sahasranama Mandala or Yantra, showing how its nine interlocking triangles form a total of 43 smaller triangles.

We can understand the importance of Meditation when we look to the Source of this profound Knowledge. Veda means “Total knowledge”; the Divine Revelations, syllables, verses, stanzas and Mandala's(1) of the Vedas have shown throughout time how to enliven the Soul, inspire the mind, guide and illuminate as well as enhance the physiology though the direct relationship with the nervous system, which holds the inner Consciousness of the body. The Knowledge of Veda is contained in Sound, and the Mantras are of Sattwa(2) or Pure Spiritual Energy. This is the Key(3) to the importance of Knowledge as the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter Six, Verse eight, speaks of the Eternal as follows:

“...Contented in Knowledge and experience”.

This Verse illustrates that real Knowledge or Knowledge, which is of a permanent nature or Divine Nature, gives us ‘inner contentment', and helps us to be able to rise above outer painful circumstances. One who understands the Spiritual side of life will gain strength daily from the experience of peace and higher development. Knowledge, by direct experience, can remain no longer conjecture, but is based in Reality by experiences that keep unfolding and expanding, giving insight into this next phrase in this Verse:

“...Contact with Brahman is infinite joy.”

It must be remembered that Consciousness affects the mind, which will direct the body's intelligence; here is how we learn to understand that lasting healing comes from within.

This shows us that contact or experience with Brahman as the Eternal Light holds the Divine Value of Bliss and brings this inner joy to all aspects of relative life. The Permanent aspect of the “living Spirit within” comes alive with the experience of daily Meditation as one “transcends all the fields of relativity”. The mind over time becomes an enlightened tool of the Self, which ever unfolds higher Truths and expands Consciousness infinitely as profound peace and energy are added to life for one's self and for the welfare of others. Ahimsa, harmlessness or non-violence, becomes the natural outcome of the purifying heart, for each time the source of inner suffering or pain is removed from the memory, body and mind, the heart becomes filled with Bliss and more happiness, as this Spiritual Essence is the Light of God.

This is the inner meaning behind the words “support of nature”, for until one experiences God, one will continuously fight their own true higher nature (which is in Balance) and will not have the natural support of nature (as they are out of balance) and this creates stresses in their life and in the lives of others, one also may not fully appreciate the Eternal Value that is encoded in Scriptures. Spirituality and insight come with the natural expansion of Consciousness and is essential for growth, healing and for transforming one's life. A life lived from the level of the mind denies the experience of inner development, and this Knowledge is critical to all aspects of life. The Mantra naturally contacts this Field of the Divine and “infuses” this into the mind, body, and heart.


Mantra and Brahma(4) together constitute Veda; this means one who practices Silent Meditation, by experience reaches Enlightenment, and the Truth of one's Eternal Spirit from experiences of this State of Reality; one also gains higher Knowledge by direct experience of the Creator's Creations. The Song of the Lord, the Bhagavad Gita, expresses sublime love and devotion to God as well as gives deep insight into the nature of the Soul, the individual Jiva, and the knowledge of life with all of its trials, duties, personal battles and tests to help remove the darkness of ignorance and discover the Divine Nature of the Soul, the Living Spirit. One, through experience, becomes aware that there is Eternal Growth and Life and a Supreme Being or Supreme Spirit and that there are Divine Laws for the Soul to Live by as well as Natural Laws that Govern and belong to relative life.

Dr. Rousseau speaking at podium, Dr. S. L. Gandhi, Dr. Gulab Kothari and members of Libera Universita di Oki-Do Mikkyo Yoga, Italy.

In understanding the Truth, one does not seek to escape life, but desires to learn to live fully while consciously living Dharma or Right Action, according to both the Divine and Natural Laws of God. One lives in this world and gains appreciation for all of God's Creations as the heart unfolds due to the Divine Transcendent Nature of the Mantra; the Spiritual effects and understandings will be imprinted upon one's mind, body, heart and Soul Consciousness. The practice of Meditation, as taught by the Holy Tradition, uses an Empowered Mantra;(5) over time this daily practice takes one past the natural state of Enlightenment to Liberation, Salvation or Moksha because one is purifying by “infusing” the Sound of Spirit; the Sound from the Non-Relative Fields of the Divine Almighty, which Science today refers to as the Unified Field. Here we must acknowledge that there are “Levels of Unified Fields” (Thesis and Dissertation “The Spiritual Science of the Unified Field through Vedic Meditation and Understanding” Unity Consciousness, Dr. Rousseau) which encompass Non-Relative (Spiritual) and Relative Fields of Higher Realities that co-exist beyond known space and time.

In the Vedanta Tradition, Sound,(6) as a Pure Vibration, gives insight into this most important aspect. Sound is the first impulse that came up as a Thought from the Supreme Being. This First impulse is known as Primordial Sound, which holds the Sacred Vibrations of the Divine or Spiritual Essence; this means the Word or Mantra holds this inner Divine Value, Knowledge and Potency. In Scripture we can relate to this Verse as follows; In the Beginning was Brahma and the Word Was and Is (Non-Relative) with Brahma, and Brahma “Created” from the Source (Unmanifest)(7) of His Thought the Word, the Mantras(8) (Unspoken Divine Language), which contain the Divine Non-Relative Spiritual Power(9) of Creation as well as Knowledge of the many Relative Fields of Creation, or, “Unified Fields of Creation”, as the Almighty Source,(10) Paramatma,(11) is the Supreme Spirit beyond Name and Form. This first Sound was issued forth as a Vibration of Divine Energy that due to its Divine Character is also seen as Light. This Divine Light and Intelligence holds the Value of the impulse of Pure Energy and is the Divine Directive behind the many manifestations in the relative Fields of the Almighty Creations, or “Unified Fields of Creation” which denotes each level of refinement of consciousness, evolution of form and Spiritual Potential.

As Primordial means Source; the Source of all Creation is Sound. The Trinity Contained in the Supreme Being gives deep insight into the degrees of Spirit in matter in physical reality. The three principles of Creative Energy(12) are called Sattwa (Pure) Raja (Rule-Action) and Tamas (Purifying, removing ignorance) Energy. Sattwa is Pure and is of Divine Energy that can only manifest as a positive aspect in gross physical reality. It must be understood that the three Gunas(13) are only subject to the physical aspects of reality and are not of Divine Reality, which is Non-Relative, and of Permanent Status in Infinite Realms. Divine Sound as the Empowered Mantra goes through levels of dimensions of reality, from the Non-Relative Divine to the relative material universe; Pure Consciousness in Spirit is experienced and understood as Divine.

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau with fellow conference delegate (Jain nun) exchanging pranama (in cultural terms this means a “respectful salutation”).

All Divine Sound comes from this Silent Source; all fields of creation contain degrees of this Divine value of Consciousness. All manifestations of Creation are degrees of sound, light, and intelligence as vibrations in Evolutions of Consciousness in material densities. One who transcends past the field of thought goes past the “idea” of a spoken language and transcends the mind direct to the Source of Thought, the Soul (Jiva) Spirit within. The Creator while in Silence issued forth the First Word and to enter this Divine Field is to enter the Source of Pure Being, The Spirit, which is not touched by worldly matters and is full of unbounded Divine Energy, Intelligence and Love.

In a recent study and meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),(14) test studies have shown: “...over-lap in the brains processing of language and instrumental music, and new research suggests intensive musical therapy may help improve speech in stroke patients”, researchers for the AAAS, stated as words and music go together, “ is confirming that those abilities are linked in the brain”. Dr. Gottfried Schlaug, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School made the above statement; in addition, he states that, “ making is a multi-sensory experience, activating links to several parts of the brain.” The Mantra then can be thought of as the “Soul's Music”, and ‘Sings' the Divine Language of Supreme Intelligence and Love as the very Vibration of Being; this is the “Song of Being” in the human-Being.

From this research we can also conclude that Mantras, specifically those who sole purpose is used for Silent Meditation, in their higher aspects are the most pleasing to the brain and its receptors and this leads us to realize, as Dr. Schlaug shows, that over time multi-dimensional consciousness is a real factor in the higher development of the brain due to this Unspoken Sound. On the surface we can see that the Mantras, which are the most pleasing “Sounds of the Names of God ”,(15) will automatically guide the human brain to repair itself and the body, as well as the heart which will shift awareness to higher brain functioning, higher cognitive reality, finer culturing of the heart and natural Spiritual Awakening.

Within each cell, in each receptor, is the divine energy or subatomic energy which most of the time the brain does not tap into. As one in Meditation enters the Fourth or Transcendent state, this Divine Sound of the Mantra unlocks the Divine energy contained in the cells at the subtlest level for full brain functioning as well as healing, including expansion of Consciousness into Spiritual realities. Now we can understand how Meditation goes past these relative fields into the spontaneous States of Being while expanding in Higher States of Consciousness.

Dr. Rousseau receiving Honors for her presentations from Dr. Gulab Kothari, owner/editor of Rajasthan Patrika newspaper group.

Continuing in this AAAS article, the following statement is made by Dr. Aniruddh Patel, of the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, “Some scientists, among them Charles Darwin, have speculated that musical ability in humans might have developed before language.” We are naturally attuned to melodious and harmonious sounds as music and “inner-music”, which brings one in Tune with Nature as one also ‘hears' the Nadis, the Spiritual subtle nerve currents that connect to the heart. Over time, one hears different ‘tones and sounds' in and out of Meditation, from the lowest level to a high pitch “eee” sound until eventually one “is in Tune” with the Inner Music of the Spheres. These Sounds convey awakenings into Higher Intelligence and Spiritual Realities. One becomes the Knowledge they receive as inner Truths as Intuition gives complete cognitions of Vibrations of Truth, which transforms life on several levels.

Many individuals, who enter devotional states of Grace, naturally transcend and enter multi-dimensional states of consciousness. The reason the practice of Meditation is still needed is that it establishes this State of Grace, as the Spiritual Power in the Mantra continues to purify and unfold higher realities, and this will automatically deepen one's experience of God, thus stabilizing this Divine State eventually unfolding constant communication with the Divine. We understand this deeper meaning with the term, “One with God”; Realized God Consciousness.

Divine Cognition is from a Supreme State and each time one Meditates, one purifies more and dips into the Divine, into the State of Peace, which upon entering back into relative consciousness, infuses, expands and heals as well as gives the “Gift of Healing” from this level of Spirit as it is maintained. This Power builds on several levels and can only be used for Spiritual development and service and is not used for “tricks” and phenomena; for it is of Divine Nature and the laws of cause and effect are clearly understood. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said in the early 1960s, “I connect you to the Power House, to Source, to God”; we can clearly understand the responsibility, importance and significance of this statement.

This is the Sacred Knowledge that for so long had been lost and held in purity by the Ancient Traditions and passed from Master to Disciple thus keeping the integrity down through time. For hundreds of years, the only way one could get this Teaching was to sit outside an Ashram and wait to be chosen to serve the Teacher; it still could take years before the Mantra, the “Holy Word”, was passed. From the Holy Tradition of Masters, the Shrutis (Divine Revelations) Smritis, (Divine Codes of do's and don'ts for Life) and Puranas (The Record of Eternal Truths), Upanishads (Bringing the Reality of Eternal Truth to Life) are contained in the Holy Tradition, which was enlivened in 1941 by Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, and the Teachings of the Saints for both Householder and Recluse alike were passed on to humankind.

Jiva Mukti Moksha

  • Jiva (Soul)
  • Mukti (Process)
  • Moksha (Spirit-Liberation or Salvation)

The Unification Of:
? The Inner Trinity of Soul (Heart)
? Higher Mind (Divine Mind) and
? Spirit (Supreme) are “United in ONE”.

Meditation infuses the Divine in the mind and purifies the heart; this takes one from Cosmic Consciousness (Divine Mind) with the Fire of Love in the Heart (Bhuddic, Christ, Krishna as Divine Love) to The Supreme. The Fire of Devotion to God becomes the outcome of this inner purification; the mortal mind surrenders and one in Love goes straight to God; this is God Realization. The mind now turns 180 degrees to what God is In, as experience gives one Union with God and Union with the Light and Hearts of all creation, as the very Light within all Creation contains the Heart of God One in Transcendence eventually will go past this State into the “Inner Kingdom” and open to the experiences of Higher Consciousness and unbounded growth where one now Knows the natural and Eternal progression of all life forms.

Sat-Chit-Ananda; Sat (Truth) Chit (Consciousness) Dharma or Right Values Lived; Ananda (Bliss, Prema or Divine Love) are United in the Soul and the Awakened Self as Unity Consciousness.

We are a Spark of Consciousness as Spirit; destined to experience Awareness (As Light) and this is our Natural State. The mind due to this Infusion of Being, over time transforms negative energy, memories and stagnate thoughts, which have caused illness, mental stress and confusion in life. It is to be remembered that what is of the Light must know this Light as the “Self in the body”, this is the Reality of “Know Thy Self”, as one will then ‘Know' the Self (God Consciousness) in All (Unity Consciousness) in Awareness, as what is left is like clear glass to the Spirit within.

As one expands in Consciousness, one will ‘create and serve' from Wisdom, as Knowledge, Peace, Compassion, Kindness, Tolerance, Beauty and Love of Truth are experienced, constantly expanding and lived. Here is the “Unity Experienced” from within as the Self (ATMA) in the Supreme Self (PARAMATMA) becomes experienced as All; here is the Peace reclaimed for All, as All are ONE; from inner Unity, selflessness, compassion, service and living Ahimsa becomes the natural outcome and the way of life.

The Unbounded Creative Storehouse of the Supreme Spirit as the First Stirrings of the Heart, the Supreme called forth, “I am One, Now I Become Many”, and sent Sparks of Consciousness into the many densities of creation to gather experience. This Divine Thought carried the Spiritual Energy as a “Seed or Soul Spark” of Infinite Potential into Creation. As the ‘Seed-Soul' holds the inner intelligence, energy and Spirit essence of the Creator, so too does the Mantra hold this inner Divine Value as the “Seed Word” and the Creator are ONE.

Inner coherence is established due to Light filling the head, which activates the heart, Spirit draws one to the Fire for God, in humility and love of the Divine, the answer comes...

“Knock and it shall be opened to you; seek, and you shall find”, “for the way has been given” as Maharishi said, “to enter the Kingdom of Heaven within and know God”.

In Realization, one is humbled to the Infinity of the Supreme Being. Sacred are the Holy Names, which speak of the heart and love of God within all Faiths. From inner Union, one transcends to the core in all faiths as the cultured heart sees into the Truth and Oneness; in compassion and service one loves the Almighty and loves in all Creation, for one remembers and Knows that is also their very Self.

Becoming One with Creation

Ever unfolding in Light, the Paramatma descends, one purified is released as the “cucumber from the vine'; the first thought was “I am separate”, then, one enters the Field of Consciousness in Supreme Bliss and as Eternal Spirit steps into Infinity and Realms of Light Unbounded. From experience, one “Knows” growth is Eternal and sees all in Creation as their family. The following words ring true for all in Creation; “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, “The entire World is my Family”, as “I AM” One with all the Worlds and all the Beings in Creation. No separation, no “us and them”, as inner Divine Love and Unity prompts the desire for all to be happy, for concern for the welfare of others and Nature, and for all to have the opportunity for growth and Peace; as it is now “Known” that all belong to this World and all life is Sacred; as all were created from the Heart of the Almighty Supreme Being.

(1) A Mandala is a mathematical diagram of different aspects of Divine Consciousness of Reality and is also symbolic reference to an Eternal Truth.
(2) That which is Pure, one of the three gunas; Sattwa: which is Pure, Rajas: to rule as in to make movement, Tamas: which is inert or negative which requires a greater effort must be made for positive energy, also, the destructive power in energy when used in a negative way. These three forces (to create, sustain and destroy) rule the entire universe of relative life.
(3) Capitalization of this word denotes the Divine aspect or Divine importance to a means for Perfection.
(4) Brahma, the Creator, the Source of Sound; there is no difference between the Creator and Shakti or the Divine Energy that is held in Sound.
(5) The Mantra must be ‘empowered' as passed down by the ancient Rishis and Holy Tradition. This Knowledge came from a Divine level; it does not have any aspect that comes from the mortal mind, it must be kept Pure and passed properly to activate the latent Power in the Mantra, otherwise, the ‘Mantra goes asleep', and one is just repeating an energy sound that will remain in the relative field, unaware of its Divine Potency; as what is Sacred must be passed in a Sacred Way.
(6) The word Sound here is capitalized to show the Divine Nature encoded within it.
(7) The Creator of Brahman.
(8) The Sacred Divine Sounds coming direct from the Source of the Almighty, before any “Spoken Word”, the Divine Language of Sound and Light. Supreme Spirit is the Source of Mantra and created the Spirit that Created Divine and Natural Laws, reflecting the Non-Relative to Relative Fields of Truth.
(9) There are Divine Fields of creation which are non-Relative, non-Relative Universes.
(10) The Almighty can be understood as Mother-Father God beyond all Names and Forms, The Unbounded Supreme Spirit.
(11) The Supreme Being beyond Name or Form which remains un-manifest.
(12) Creative energy of three values (forces) also known as the three gunas.
(13) Sattwa which means Pure or Positive Nature, Rajas which means action or that which has force, and Tamas which means inertia or that which is static, also can be understood as negative in that is tied to the form.
(14) This information was taken from The Seattle Times, Sunday, February 21, 2010, page A8, “Science Meeting”, article: “Intensive musical therapy may help stroke patients”.
(15) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (SRM) stated at a lecture in India in 1964 that the brain is, “naturally charmed” and so it knows and recognizes the Divine Sound on subtle levels, as this is the Sound of the Inner Spirit.

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Meditation, Enlightenment and Moksha by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Text and charts Copyright © 2011-2015 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, All rights reserved.
All photographs by Ray J. Rousseau, photographs Copyright © 2011 Ray J. Rousseau.

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