An Experience of Transcendence by Diane M. Rousseau

The physical world is the relative manifested form of our thoughts.
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The Phantom Galaxy, formally known as M74, is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Pisces and is approximately 32 million light-years away from Earth.
Nasa Photo compiled from both the Hubble Telescope and the James Webb Telescope.

An Experience of Transcendence
by Diane M. Rousseau
January, 2000

My experience started out with “moving” through the atmosphere flying out in space. I moved through and into a thought band around Earth that sounded like a radio playing with thousands of voices and sounds. I saw and experienced these sounds as forms of jagged images that were muddy in color. The colors were dark and heavy feeling.

I also saw as I moved through this space that speech and music “made” without emotion, or that was flat in feeling, or thoughts that were random and without direction were also muddy; the forms were dense with no true geometry. The words and music that had emotions based on coarse or angry feelings looked like sharp and piercing forms that moved and seemed to have a target. The light here was muddy and semi-dark. It did not have a central light source.

Then I moved through the next sphere of energy into one of bright light. The light here was magenta, gold and blue, as in the evening of the colors of a setting Sun ...they were very soft. The thoughts and sounds were more harmonious, the forms (with sound notes) generated geometric, softer and prettier forms with more vivid rainbow colors. The forms felt joyful; music here was harmonious but it very diverse in its creations. What I noticed is that the notes were the same as the earlier plane, it was more the emotions and thoughts behind their creation that made the harmony. The atmosphere here was bright with energy fields around the colored forms, these were diverse and beautiful and while moving rapidly, and seemed to have a direction. It was a pleasant feeling that moved and swirled through everything.

The next sphere was brighter and the thoughts and sounds finer. The thought forms were fluid, like flowers and soft forms of color, and these had very soft edges. The light and colors were very pastel and seemed to move into things along with the harmonious sounds. The atmosphere was joyous and the music was symphonic with fine harmony, not like a synthesizer, but with true instrument sounds and voices that were generated by the thoughts and bliss these thoughts made. This was felt. Thoughts themselves that were happy moved through this space and generated more bliss. There was also a central light source that was a bright gold with soft pink and violet color with pastel blue that radiated everywhere.

The next sphere was very fluid. The thoughts and feelings were finer than the previous sphere and the forms were very soft with beautiful colors. These had no real “edges” as they moved in this atmosphere. The central source of light was bright like a summer day, golden with gold and white brilliance. Wave forms of colors that had these directions were passing through, moving through this sphere (down) into the sphere before. The sound was very fine and sounded as words (thoughts) and song that was devotional and loving in nature. Not really describable in that there is no sound that is on Earth that I can compare it to other than a choir. However, the high-pitched sounds one hears on the subtle is recognized here (sound current) this is also true of the colors.

“Cosmic Ocean” Multidimensional Realities; Oil Painting on Canvas by Diane M. Rousseau. Copyright © 2004 Diane M. Rousseau.
Click photo to enlarge.

In the next sphere, forms of creation existed and were pure energy forms. They were complete thoughts or ideas and their forms were waves that permeated the entire atmosphere. It was like a mental sphere of “forms” that kept on making forms. It did not have a central light source, but was brilliant white. I did not notice any sound like music, but only sound like high pitched waves. I then moved into a great void (black) that was nothing, empty (neutral or untapped energy); I was Light in this void and I felt my Consciousness was being drawn further still.

I then moved into a sphere or plane that was like a storehouse of “knowing awareness” that the Void drew upon. This sphere or plane looked like an energy field similar to a soft white cloud with electricity that was brilliant blue white in color that moved all over, similar to a lightning storm within the cloud. It felt like power and had an intense feeling. It sounded like the energy of lightning in waves.

Moving further, I moved into a space that I can only describe as “Intent.” A place that this previous energy field came from. It was pure light, no central light, but brilliant everywhere and it created the energy field that was the electrical field itself. The feeling was of a purpose to express through an intent. Intent was totally pure. Again, I did not notice any sound but sensed and felt an energy pitch and waves that were associated with the intents. Intent created different energy sound currents. These were not musical tones but were like frequency waves.

I moved further and into what I can only describe as intense Love that the “Intent” came out of. Like a sphere of pre-intent. The nature of this Love was so intense that it HAD to create. It was Pure Consciousness and Awareness. It was Love and it was Being. Here I felt tremendous peace and joy indescribable, the energy was so soft and alive with happiness that I was a part of. I knew I came out of this Light of Love.

I then returned in full awareness. I feel this experience showed Pure Consciousness and the Spiritual Energy that we draw upon. Our nature is unlimited, infinite and the purity of our intent brings out the beauty in our thoughts and creation. We can create out of the lower spheres or the most refined depending upon our heart's intent which is based on an individual's developed Consciousness.

This physical world, is the relative manifested gross forms of our thoughts. Beginning with Pure Being or Supreme Awareness, which is Absolute Love and Non-Relative, to pre-intent (the impulse before formed thought) from pre-intent to the intent itself (The impulse of subtle sound waves sent to the field of Energy), from intent to energy (The field of pure positive energy-Light)- VOID -from this energy to thoughts and sounds (thought form before manifestation in relativity) from thought to grosser sound (waves of sound dictating the outward grosser form) and finally form with grosser sound to the form the intent made itself.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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