Telepathy by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Telepathy: Higher States of Consciousness and Divine Directives.
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Intuition, our Higher Awareness, is the subtlest and purest form of telepathy.

by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Higher States of Consciousness

The Higher Consciousness can, through the Higher Awareness of a person, automatically perceive messages that are telepathic in nature. For example, a person who is in a “State of Grace” may be granted this ability and other associated gifts that go with this Divine status. Telepathy comes into play when we feel empathy for, or a deep connection with, another person. We can say that when a mother, father, husband, wife, child, friend or loved one “feels” the thoughts or emotions of someone close to them their attention is going into higher realms and they perceive these impressions due to experiencing finer levels of understanding.

Telepathy is a wave or energy frequency that results from the transmission of a Love wave or request we send out. We can receive and then know what we are, what we love, who we love and how they are feeling or what is being sent to us or them as a message and then we know what is needed. This is a gift and it goes out to all that are connected due to love and caring. The central factor is Love; it is of God and cannot be misused without consequences. Intuition is the subtlest and purest form of telepathy.

Divine Directives and God's Grace

Image: Saint Joan of Arc; born circa 1412, died May 30, 1431.

We also can receive a Divine Directive from the Higher Spiritual Realms and this is a “Higher” form of telepathy. St. Joan (Joan of Arc) “heard the voice of God and higher Angels” inside her head. She received these instructions, or Divine Directives, due to her inner Purity and she then used her gift to try to help humanity for God.

To have random thoughts barge into one's mind from another is not God's Will. It must be remembered that the sender sends a part of themselves out by their thoughts and if they are not of a pure nature, they will pollute the atmosphere and broadcast a lower frequency. This has been taking place for hundreds and thousands of years. This is a grosser and lower form of the gift and it is often used to control, manipulate and mislead. It is done without the understanding of God's gifts and how they are used in accordance with the Divine Will. Sorcery uses this technique as a power. Machinery or technology used to tap God's divine power and use His gifts are based in ignorance, stay in ignorance and are without ones true and natural connection to God.

When a person is “One with God” our awareness can better understand the intents of another individual because God is truly within all things and all kingdoms. Animals can sense subtle perceptions and are naturally telepathic for they do not have an ego to “block” their senses nor an agenda to misuse; humans lost this natural gift due to misuse. Telepathy at its highest functioning is pure comprehension without words, it is cognized thoughts and intents beyond any language and it goes to the source of Truth. Even if man learns to implant some type of technological device it is without the understanding of the Laws of the Universe and not of God's Grace and therefore it will be limited. It will be fragmented truths, seeing only a small percentage instead of the greater whole for understanding and wisdom.

God and the Gifts of the Spirit

Charlie Lutes and Diane Rousseau, photo by Ray Rousseau.

I was once told by my teacher Charlie Lutes that, “The more man depends on machinery for his Spiritual gifts the more negative controls or influences that come upon the Earth. For the Lords or Angels of the mind did not realize that the Highest Beings next to God were the Seraphim, whose whole Nature is Love. One third of these beings fell due to the thinking that mind was all there was, on this plane it manifests as powers, greed and control for God will not be a factor, and neither is ones conscience.” Charlie told me that in his quest for technology man is not as spiritually evolved as his technological mind. The lack of understanding of Divine gifts and their misuse will only lead one away from what and who they are. Charlie said, “The more dependent they are on outside sources, the more lost they will become and they will be limited. There will be little or no understanding of the Laws of Cause and Effect, or self-referral or Inner Awareness and Grace.”

God is Bliss, Awareness, Love, Energy and Creativity with Eternal status, Omnipresent Omnipotent, a joy to just BE and give more Love. The joy of giving is unending. Love does not have an edge, nor is it dependent upon a gross technology. It is Eternal and so are the gifts we earn by going within to the Kingdom and directly experiencing God's Grace. “Seek the Kingdom of God within and all things will be given unto you.”

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