Healing the World, Interfaith Understanding by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Healing our ourselves... healing others... healing our world.
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Healing our self... healing others... healing the world...

Editor's notes: The following article was compiled and edited from a series of question and answer e-mails exchanged between Mr. Sanford Hinden and Dr. Diane Rousseau in March of 2007. Dr. Rousseau is responding to Mr. Hinden's theme of “healing the world...”. -RJR

Healing the World, Interfaith Understanding
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

A dialog between Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Mr. Sanford Hinden.

Mr. Sanford Hinden begins:

I came across something...that the “world” can't be healed... because “the world” is only people... we heal the world by healing people... and, if we can't really change anyone but ourselves, then we heal the world by healing and changing ourselves... so in our healing others, and the world, we need to make sure we start with healing ourselves each day...

“The world needs healing because people need healing. We cannot heal 'the world' because 'the world' is nothing but an abstract concept used to represent all the billions of people and other things that make up the world... We cannot even heal diseases, as experience shows. Our 'wars' on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and such non-disease illnesses as drug and alcohol addiction, and obesity have not been successful except in cases where individual people have recovered... What we can most definitely do is to heal, or facilitate the healing, of individual people... More simply put, we can change the world by changing people, or better, by giving people the tools to change themselves.” ...
“As shamanic healers our role is to heal, what we can, when we can, where we can, and how we can. If we bless the present, trust ourselves, and expect the best while we are taking whatever positive action is possible, then we are doing the most that can be done.”
- Serge King, Aloha International

“People are not our enemies. Our reactions to people are our enemies. The next time you are angry, turn your rage toward your own ego that is blinding you to the opportunity and Light waiting to be revealed in the situation. How? By overcoming your reactive nature. You can't change anyone but yourself, remember?” – Yehuda Berg, The Kabbalah Center

“We have seen the enemy... and it is us.” – Pogo

So, we activists need to engage the world, and transform political, economic, social and environmental systems from an inner place of centered, mindful, compassion for ourselves and others. Does this deserve a Duh???... :)
Sandy Hinden

Dr. Diane M. Rousseau answers Mr. Hinden:

Photo: Dr. Diane Rousseau with members of her “Global” family from England and Japan at a conference in Jaipur, India; December 2006.

Dear Sandy,
What you shared is true. The fact that these messages are still being sent out shows they are not lived, hope is needed, and we can see this by looking out at the world. One does not become an activist; one “activates” their own healing and faces themselves to be able to help others.

Unfortunately, most people do not want to “heal others”; for the fact is that some are invested in placing blame to avoid not facing themselves. Yet, we know that the most powerful technique for all of this is a higher love that sees others as family.

“Healing” comes in a number of ways, first by dispelling the darkness within one's own heart. This is accomplished by proven methods such as Meditation (not contemplation) and Prayer. These are forms of self-referral and the true feelings which bubble up in one's heart reveal stored subconscious stress; the energy then is released from the body and mind to change the present by looking at the past for love's sake and that of brotherly and sisterly love. Also, in Art, Music, Singing and Chanting, expressing love in these forms for the joy of it, for devotion, for appreciation.

Once an action is realized or faced which caused pain or is causing pain to others, the person makes the necessary moves to rectify this situation. The words “I'm sorry” are powerful and both parties benefit from this. The victim, for their heart melts in gladness for their brother or sister in the true global family sense, and the one who did the action(s), because their heart is no longer poisoned with the memory and self-hate.

If one can think of healing themselves in terms of releasing blocked energy. The chemicals released in the bloodstream and this begins to sooth the dis-ease and disharmony within one's self, restoring balance in mind, body and soul.

The most important aspect of this is this: The Omnipresent knows all, sees all, therefore whatever we think is hidden... really is not. Regardless, if we call this the Almighty, the Great Spirit or for some, Nature, it is all the same. We were given the power as humans to know “thyself” and then be the change that affects all.

Once the heart is released by the individual's own healing of themselves, the desire to help is automatic. Reaching out to those who ask for help, offering in the many ways we can, always the heart is open; for to give in love is the most powerful feeling and shows us the greater reason for creating harmony and doing great service work. Once love is felt within, one cannot help but give so others feel this love, so others do not feel lonely or isolated – to heal the suffering out of love for loves own sake.

This information was known to the ancients and is found in ancient texts. Some examples:
  • The symbolic heart is weighed in ancient Egyptian text which reveals the purity of motive and the truth of all situations.
  • In the Hebrew faith, the Divine Law clearly shows accountability and the “why” of situations.
  • For the American Indian, the Great Spirit in Nature and all aspects of life and the honor one is given to live on this earth, the honor in truth and living in appreciation.
  • For the Aborigines, the Truth is the Spirit which gives insight, to love and live in harmony with all that “is”.
  • From the Vedas, the Hindu sees the Laws of cause and effect that show their actions will return to them and how much easier to face it now in right intent for the Lord loves and is Truth, Ahimsa-nonviolence the key to happiness now and in Heaven.
  • For the Christian, who was given two Commandments: To love the Lord thy God above all things and to love thy neighbor as themselves.
  • For the Buddhist, who understands that “all life”, even including a blade of grass, has a Spirit.

All the above, plus the many faiths I did not mention, have a higher meaning behind them. “Do unto others that which you would have done unto you.” Most of the above cannot be even understood until the small aspect of the personality gets out of the way by understanding; only then self-healing takes place. When we “see” the greater purpose of life then we know that we are of one humanity. Then we would see an end to racism, to bigotry, to hate in all of its forms, which leads to war, genocide, apathy and selfishness. Apathy and selfishness which blind us to the pain and suffering we cause others in any way; this includes animals and all of nature.

Photo: Left to right: Swami Maheshwaranandaji, Swami Shanti and Dr. Diane Rousseau. Jaipur, India; December of 2006.

Also, None of the above, when Spiritually understood, can be used against another, the Spirit within IS in all of us, regardless of how one wants to express their love for God, it is the same.

“Unless the Word of God is written upon the heart; one is unable to understand the true meaning of the written Word.”

Faith becomes known in the heart regardless of religion...because it is lived!

Once this is put into practice, healing takes place one person at a time. Respect for another's chosen faith, respect which out of the deepest understanding and love affect's one's Soul in self-healing, seeing nature and all life with kindness, the individual now giving, sharing and sending a greater love out to all more than personal love; then we see a global sweep of forgiveness, for self and others, all working together to repair and heal this world.

We become real brothers and sisters in heart and life, children in Light...

Peace then is our gift which we have finally earned.

Love and Unity,
Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
President, Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS)

Cover photo of Sanford Hinden's book, “7 Keys to Love”.

7 Keys to Love

“7 Keys to Love” is about how we use our higher consciousness, greater creativity and deeper love to heal ourselves, each other and the world. We all need to increase our consciousness, creativity and love so we can transform our personal lives and life on our planet.

“I know you will enjoy 7 Keys to Love and the remarkable work of Diane Rousseau.” - Sanford Hinden.

The contributions of Dr. Diane M. Rousseau appear in two chapters of “7 Keys to Love”:
Chapter 5, “Platonic Altruistic Love” focuses on the non-violent social change work of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Beloved Community.
Chapter 7, “Spiritual-Universal Love”, Dr. Rousseau writes about Divine Love.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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