Meditation: Spiritual Transformation and Defense by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Meditation and prayer diffuse negative energy to restore balance.
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The regular practice of Meditation helps one to enter the quietude of the mind or Inner Silence.

Meditation: Spiritual Transformation and Defense
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

It is a known fact, through Scientific Research, that most people think in repetitive patterns that are usually stressful and many develop negative fixations. These stressful patterns affect the mind, body and emotional well-being of the individual. This can cause a “spiral” effect of the mind and emotions which can lead to thoughts and feelings of confusion or helplessness.

Obviously, under stress, the mind cannot think clearly and good decisions are harder to make. One cannot make the best decision from a confused or stressful condition. Meditation, Prayer, and centering develop healthy patterns so that the intellect and emotions are working together. This precipitates an overall effect that directly influences the health of the body, happiness and inner stability of the emotions. Combined with Prayer, Meditation creates focus, inner strength, and purposeful attention on any given problem, situation, or event. The regular practice of Meditation helps one to enter the quietude of the mind or Inner Silence.

Some results of regular Meditation are:

  • Promotes clear thinking.

  • Relaxes the body which reduces blood pressure and stress hormones. This helps break up mental patterns of repetitive or destructive fixations.

  • Promotes joy, inner peace and strengthens the power of reason, cognitive and creative thought.

  • The mind, body and emotions experience deep rest and this restfulness is taken out into activity with greater balance, promoting greater achievements in daily life.

  • One experiences greater Spiritual Connectedness and connectedness with all life.

  • Union with heart and mind; one thinks with the heart and loves with the mind, creating inner union with one's own Being.

  • Transformation of thoughts of a destructive nature, creating a positive influence.

Meditation gives off a positive influence and becomes a Spiritual Defense to a person or area due to the positive influences of the experience. The positive frequency adds to the collective whole and gives a greater sense of peacefulness. It is the “Key” to inner and outer transformation in life and encompasses all areas of life.

Meditation supports health, beauty and happiness and helps to build connections with all age groups, religions, races or creeds. It is the Unifier to experience the Oneness of all life. It is loneliness, unhappiness and lack of understanding that helps to create discord and separation. Meditation and Prayer “diffuse” negative energy and help to restore balance.

All of nature benefits from the daily practice of Meditation.

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