Mantras: Connecting With the Divine by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Sacred Sounds delicately touch the entirety of God's Creation.
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“When we understand the Source of Sound, we can think of sound as waves of thought that ripple out from the Silent non-moving Source. Each time the ripple moves out from the Source, it “creates a greater ripple,” and Light moves into a greater field of the grosser sound.”(1)

Mantras: Connecting With the Divine
Sacred and Transformative Sounds
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

The Mantra

Mantras are not meaningless sounds or phrases; they are much more; they are a means of connecting us with the Divine. Mantras, when empowered, are literally living Divine Names. Empowered Mantras have been called or said to be many things, but perhaps the best explanation is that they are, ‘the most pleasing Names of God.' This is why they have the ability to infuse and initiate inner purification and, because they are activated by the Divine Power, they enable a person to directly Transcend the physical and reach into the Soul. Mantras can then clear the subconscious as they go directly into the Soul while Infusing ‘Being' (i.e.: Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Paramatma) and, at the same time, they are emanating and broadcasting Higher, or Holy Vibrations. These subtle vibrations heal the heart, bring Light into the mind, and go out into the greater Atmosphere, thus sweetly purifying from the subtle, to the gross.

As pure as white Snowflakes and soft as a light rain, the Mantras, or Sacred Sounds, delicately and purely touch all of God's Creation. So too does the Voice that sings God's Praise through Prayers, Chants, and Sacred Names; these Sacred chants, Prayers and Mantras purify the atmosphere directly in Resonance from the Higher Divine Realms. Ancient Traditions and Sacred Texts hold the Truth of this knowledge, and due to the Mantras Sacred Value, Teachers of this Knowledge would strive to be sure that those candidates to be taught were Spiritually Prepared so the student would understand to keep the Knowledge and technique pure.

Mantras are then Sacred and encoded in the ancient subtle languages of Sound and Light. Their true purpose and manifest activity is to influence the subtle to relative field, ‘Infusing Being' while healing, purifying, and enlivening the Soul. When given an empowered Mantra, one Transcends in Silence while meditating so that while using this ‘Sacred Empowered Sound' we awaken the Soul through the Infusion of the Light of the Spirit, seen as descending from the Divine to the relative.

“The Mantra is then seen as a wave, a frequency of purity that contains the Absolute energy as well as the energy of movement and purity to be able to transform the quality of matter back to its original state. This is why the Mantra is also a means to return one to Balance, balance of mind, balance of the body to balance and create unity back to Spirit, to Source as the Spirit IS the Source.”(2)

Spiritual Regeneration

What caused much of this knowledge to be lost or diluted was the passing of the ages, the vicissitudes of human civilization, and the collective short memory of men. Often what knowledge remained was misunderstood, or sometimes even purposely obscured and hidden. In 1955 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created a Spiritual revival in India, and then latter he brought this ancient Sacred knowledge to the USA in 1959. It was a ‘Spiritual Revival and Regeneration' of this Sacred Knowledge and its deeper meanings. Maharishi said, “...the Vedas are a very basic study of the fundamentals of life. That is the reason why, through Vedic hymns, it is possible for those expert in chanting those hymns to produce certain effects here, there, or there. The universe is vast, so many worlds and all that. We do something here according to Vedic rites; particular, speech chanting, to produce an effect in some other world, draw the attention of those higher beings or gods living there. The entire knowledge of mantras or hymns of the Vedas is devoted to man's connection, to man's communication with the higher beings in different strata of creation...”(3)

Charlie F. Lutes, President of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) from 1959-1976 (Charles F. Lutes collection, photographer unknown).

Charlie Lutes explained at a Lecture given in Seattle in 1986, that Mantras and Chants, when said by an individual, gained Grace, the support of Nature, support of the greater Spiritual Cosmos and of the “Higher Angelics”. Charlie said that God hears when a person, practicing silent Meditation, sent forth pure Feeling, “...the Key Note of the Soul” and when meditating in this fashion, one set-up a Divine Resonance, a Vibration of Radiance, opening their Heart and Soul to Higher Truths and Transformation. Charlie went on to say, “This Earth is so important as it was chosen to be a School for Soul Development; millions of Souls, even [Souls] from other Systems, await the chance to be born here; these lessons are very condensed in each life so one is given the opportunity to advance, if they choose to do so.” Charlie added that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told him what Guru Dev(4) had shared with Him, that, “... no Soul came into this life without the desire and conviction to do better.“

Charlie continued, “Having just left Heaven, an overview occurred of one's life before they are born. Beneath the surface of the mind, the subconscious, this Truth is found in one's Soul and this was why Prayer, Self-Referral, along with Meditation, the transcending experience using the Mantra, was vital to clear off the dross of the past, our confusion, and forgetfulness; in order for one to Awaken, see more clearly each day, and experience what ‘Free Will' really means. Our ‘Free Will' on this planet is really a short leash leading us to choose Right Action. This planet is also unusual in that as all levels of Consciousness are here at once at any given time. This is important to remember, as the more one advances, the less they ‘look' for faults, and instead, they become more pro-active to help, discern and support the Mode of Goodness, and the more they rejoice when good happens”.(5)

It is the greatest gift given to a Human Being… to Know God. Some beings wait thousands of years to get an incarnation on this earth. One should never waste time or their life, and one's Scriptures are needed daily along with Meditation. As Charlie often reminded me, “ expands in finer and finer levels and expressions of Consciousness and they eventually transcend the ‘hub of the wheel of Earth' and its many lessons.” Charlie also told me that, “...we are doomed to perfection.” By this he meant to emphasize that we are destined to transcend the wheel of death and rebirth entirely, as the true gift of life is that once the lessons have been learned, we, now clothed in Light, Wisdom, and Grace, become a reborn Soul to go Forth in Eternal Life beyond this dense earth to finer planets of Beauty in Celestial Realms; growth is Infinite.

Transformation and the Kingdom Within

    “Now when He [Jesus] was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!' or ‘See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21 (NKJV)

“Unless each person understands their own real spiritual value as divinity, which must come as a result of direct knowledge and experience; they will not know or comprehend right action, right speech, right thinking, or see, feel, or care about the value of others. They will continue to be prejudiced, polarize their thinking, and limit the unlimited aspects of God in themselves and in each other; they will continue to place upon another limitation and fear; as this is a reflection of their Internal Soul Consciousness and mental attitude, it will create more disharmonies in the world.”(6)

  • How do we find the Kingdom Within and how does one ‘culture the Heart'?
  • Where do we look to find Restoration and Grace?
  • “How does one come to truly know this natural state, this natural state of ‘Being' that holds the “key” to the unlimited potential of their Spirit?”(7)

“Through the daily process of meditation, which constantly purifies the mind and subtle energies of the body, the now expanded Inner Light and open cultured heart, the mind and heart become united, and perceive with greater awareness infinite intelligence, and by experience and through spiritual understanding, appreciate with greater clarity, the divine value of and within all of life. Each person, the animal kingdom, the many species of diverse Creation and Nature in its entirety, all is eventually understood as part of our global family, our family of living Light through experience.”(8)

What a Divine Gift of Restoration and Grace has been given to all, and especially during these tumultuous times, knowing that our Love, Meditations, Prayers, Hymns, Pujas, and Spiritual Chants, when offered in sincerity, not only can, but will make a difference. Daily, we can purposely work to overcome the darkness, and through Light and Love in the Divine, transform ourselves, our communities, and this world.

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