Grace, Growth, and God: Conversations With Charlie Lutes

Strength of Spirit, Self-Mastery, and Discernment are Derived from Wisdom.
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Charlie Lutes often said that, because the Earth is a School, the point or lesson here is to persevere in one's development, as this build's integration, strength of Spirit, Self-Mastery, and Discernment derived from Wisdom.

Grace, Growth, and God: Conversations With Charlie Lutes
Compiled from 1986 Charlie Lutes lecture notes and private conversations in Seattle, WA.
Transcription and commentary by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.


Charlie was speaking on Soul Growth: “This Earth is so important, it was chosen to be a School for Soul Development; millions of Souls here, and from other Systems, await the chance to be born here; lessons are condensed in each life so one is given the opportunity to advance... if they choose to do so.” Charlie said that this planet is also unusual in that, “...all levels of Consciousness are here at once, at any given time.” This is important to remember, as the more one advances, the less they ‘look' for the faults, instead becoming more pro-active to help, discern, and support the Good, and the more they rejoice when good happens.

Charlie often laid emphasis to the fact that, as earth IS a school, it has challenges and tests and not everything that happens is karma, as many times souls meet up again, “ do a better job.” It is Conscious expansion and deepening love that allows the soul in need to choose this time to grow and do Right Action, to not run away from problems, or put off responsibilities. This does not mean all things will work out or go smoothly, choices are to be made, and bad things do happen to innocent and good people. The point is to persevere in one's development as this builds Integration, strength of Spirit, Self-Mastery, and Discernment from Wisdom and Direction.

Charlie also said that, “Discernment guides to an ever-expanding understanding of what is best for one's growth”, and that, “No one has the right to dictate to another's Soul.” Further, he said that, “ one transcends the ‘group thought-form' to one of 'wholistic' love, Consciousness embraces others and the good anyone does, as The Self, is in All, and is All inclusive.” Charlie added that “, in the Experience of ‘The Self', turns 180 degrees, to face all that the Self is ‘In': the Spirit, the Light of God in Creation, all the many forms, from the Unseen to the tiniest element in all of 'this' life, this Universe, and beyond, to other Universes.” He explained that, “Being ‘Natural' means Awakening in Being; knowing the Soul, knowing from direct experience the Self, and also realizing that Growth is Eternal. Growth unfolding in Divine Spirit, as this is the Absolute aspect of Being, the Soul-Spirit, this means that, ' Awakens to Eternal Life and ‘Growth in God'.”


Charlie spoke on “...the imbalance between Spirituality and materiality at this time”, and why “Balance must return”, and how that, “...many do not realize how unnatural they have become over time, and live life not knowing their own Soul.” As technology progressed, many have left this essential Knowledge of the Soul and our individual and collective evolution behind. Also, many have often rejected another's knowledge without questioning or without reasoning; they should come from love, as no meeting of Souls is by chance. Truth is found in one's Soul and this was why Prayer, Self-Referral, Meditation and Transcending using the Mantra was, and is, vital to clear off the dross of the past, the confusion, stress, and forgetfulness in order for one to See more clearly each day and understand what Free Will really means.

Without knowledge of one's true Self, of Spirit, and not having experienced the True Self, many have, “...searched for the answer to darkness in darkness itself; lost until Grace came.” Help is always given when one asks, the very answer comes from Grace, and the Light of God, Supreme Being, which ever reveals greater Truths as one progresses in integrating their Inner realizations with their outer life. In being willing to face life's challenges Great Grace is given and the heart expands, enlivens, and purifies... so one sees more clearly. As one Expands, the heart is no longer constrained by the lower ego, and so one more freely gives, loves, sees the good comparisons as criticism ends. Then Soul acceptance and another's lessons and gifts are seen in the light of the compassionate desire for their success. Charlie once told us that, “Meditation is a process of soul and mind purification to God Realization, we are Born Again of Spirit”.(1) Charlie also spoke on how this Balance returns, and how, as one Expands, the Heart is no longer pinched. All for one and one for all is the ideal to planetary and cosmic growth in Divine Grace.


Charlie once said, “Meditation is a process of Soul and mind purification to God Realization, as one is Born Again of Spirit.” He also added that, “Meditation is the Golden Key in Infusing Being, the Holy Spirit Light of God, through Transcendence of the Word touching the very Source of Thought - The Soul. He continued, “You are here to Awaken to your own Self and God. God while Being in all manifestation, as Spirit and Creation including all Realms, remains Un-manifest, Pure Supreme Being, Almighty Father-Mother God.”(2)

A private moment between Charlie F. Lutes and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Photo courtesy of Vincent J. Daczynski.(3)

Charlie also shared with us that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had told him that Guru Dev had said to him, “ Soul came into this life without the desire and conviction to do better.” Having just left Heaven, an overview occurred of one's life ‘before' they are born. Beneath the surface of the mind, the subconscious, this Truth is found in one's Soul. Charlie said that Maharishi gave an SRM(4) lecture in early 1960's defining the differences between the Absolute and God. Maharishi said, “... one cannot Pray to the Absolute as it has no ears, no eyes, no heart, and it would be like praying to a log…it Is Almighty God Who Hears and Created all.”

“First Know God, and then one will Know to Do Right Action” - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1962; SRM(5) To this Charlie added that, “...there are many ‘gods' who do not know God. One must always use discernment. It is the greatest gift given to a Human Being… to Know God.” Charlie once told me that, “When one expands in finer and finer levels and expressions of Consciousness, they eventually transcend the ‘hub of the wheel of Earth life' and Its many lessons.” Then, the Gift of life is realized, appreciated and in both Wisdom and Grace, then one goes Forth in Eternal Life beyond this physical realm. Charlie added, “As vast as this universe is, it still has limitations, by Devotion to God, Prayer, and Transcendence, one attains entry into the Higher Celestial Realms and Eternal Life.” Charlie advised, “You are here to Awaken to your own Self and God. God while Being in all manifestation, as Spirit and Creation including all Realms, remains Un-manifest, Pure Supreme Being, Almighty Father Mother God.”(6)

(1) Charlie F. Lutes, excerpt from a 1973 SRM lecture presented in Seattle Washington, USA. Transcribed from personal notes by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau.
(2) ibid. 1973.
(3) This is one of Charlie's favorite photos of he and Maharishi, circa 1960's. Charlie was the first person to enroll into the Transcendental Meditation program offered by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the Continental United States in 1959. Charlie became a founding member of SRM (Spiritual Regeneration Movement). He accompanied Maharishi on many tours, including 4 worldwide tours and he helped open hundreds of meditation centers around the world. In 1969 he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Charlie Lutes was President of Maharishi's SRM from 1959-1976, and also President of Maharishi's International Students Meditation Society.
(4) SRM: Spiritual Regeneration Movement. See footnote number 3.
(5) ibid. Maharishi, 1962.
(6) Excerpted from 1972 Charlie F. Lutes SRM lecture; transcribed by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Ray J. Rousseau.
Copyright © 2024 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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