Subtle Sounds to Higher Realities by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau, Ray J. Rousseau

Understanding the power of sounds and our own thoughts.
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All we read, witness, and hear has a vibration or energy which exerts its own unique force; and all these have a particular influence on the subtle senses, and this influence reverberates in our body, mind, heart, and Soul.

Subtle Sounds to Higher Realities
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
Ray J. Rousseau

Random Thoughts

While it is true we are not the sum of all our random thoughts, undoubtedly most would agree we are surely influenced and directed to some lesser or greater degree by what we think. And so, we should choose to make some effort and care as to what we consume visually and audibly, because the ‘information we ingest' does have cumulative effects on our thoughts, on the very nature, quality, and direction of our thoughts and, by extrapolation, our hearts, minds, and therefore, our souls. To be mindful and practice discretion of what we take in needs be a conscious practice to achieve a purposeful culturing and curating of our thoughts.

Everything we choose to think and speak, as well as what we listen to, and in essence, ALL we decide to take in by way of what we read and watch, as well as what we say and discuss, all have a vibration which exerts a force and has an influence on the subtle senses, and this reverberates in our body, mind, heart, and Soul. This is vital to realize when we acknowledge that most often thought should precede action, so that the resulting manifest actions are not random like our thoughts. Simply put, what we consume through the senses is a force, a vibration, both manifest and un-manifest, that can bring our physical, emotional, physiological and Spiritual selves up... or down.

Manifest Actions

In furthering this teaching Dr. Diane M. Rousseau writes, “ a Spiritual Science, it is important to understand that words, particularly when expressed as Sound, contain real physical energy, as well as light and density. In this context, words are manifest thought waves that can be coarse, creating disharmony, or they can be of a Higher Resonance and filled with a harmonious Divine Light, with a Spiritual Density.”(1) In this relationship they can influence for either good or ill, they can heal, and they can wound. Contrary to the old adage, words, or sounds, ‘can' and do hurt us, and by inference, they have a power to influence all of Creation.

In 1967, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke on the Transcendent, saying that, “...Artist and Scientist already come from that state of Being, the Soul”; and further that, one naturally cognizes the abstract while having the ability to express it, especially in continuously refining Consciousness through meditation, as Finer Levels of Creation are experienced.

Of man's many means and abilities to manifest sounds, the very finest manifestations are found on the subtle and are contained in Mantras, Sacred Languages, and the Divine musical scripts. Particularly when words and thoughts are expressed physically, these manifested vibrations rise from the subtle, to the physical, even unto the higher realms, and so reveal Higher Truths that are available in Creation to mankind's inner being. In essence, all of Nature speaks, and sings in Vibrations that reflect the forms and knowledge that lies inherent and within a coherent Creation.

Charlie Lutes and Diane M. Rousseau.
Photo; Ray J. Rousseau.

At a 1987 lecture in Seattle, WA, Charlie Lutes said, “In the future refined Art and Music will be used in healing, as higher vibrations of Spiritual Influences feed the Soul in Harmony and Divine Inspiration.” Charlie went on to say that we, as a planet, would go through a transformation process and a cleansing as Spirituality was, and is, restored. Also, we would see and experience Balance as new forms of healing through the revival of Spirit, from Devotion to God and Meditation from inner harmony and Realizations though expansion of Consciousness of the Soul. Natures Beauty would be incorporated in buildings along with gardens, with a return to natural organic foods as Doctors would become enlightened healers, helping the body to restore health through subtle science.(2)

Transcending the Physical

From the purification of Spirit Increasing, Soul Awareness, and an opened Subtle heart is found the discerning guide, a pathway to find, and know, the Source of thought that creates the words. Words, as Mantras and Scared Prayers, when said ‘in silence', ring like an ‘unstruck bell' so that no energy is lost to the outside, and so they then have an increased and empowered ability to purify on all the levels, from inner to outer; as one Transcends the physical to the Spiritual and to the Divine. Light in Sacred words illuminates fields of Consciousness and one is more self-governing and self-aware from the expansion of Spirit with the greater awareness of Love for God's Creation.

From within an expanded understanding of Love there arises a natural and positive flow, now able to be directed toward a positive outward manifestation, expression, or realization. Intuition guides the soul to best actions and words that are best for clarification, this in order to uplift All beings, dispel darkness, foster Truth, and add to the greater Harmony, Beauty, and Kindness in Creation. This also opens pathways of working together in creating Peace, Hope and inspiring ourselves and all of mankind in striving for the Good and welfare of all and for All.

In his ‘Insights On Secret Science' Manly P. Hall writes:
    “The universal impact of art forms transcends the limitations imposed by language, custom, or belief. The Greeks held that through the eyes and ears it was possible to nourish the soul. Pythagoras taught that certain forms of illness could be treated by presenting to the attention of the patient figures of the symmetrical geometric solids. He is said to have received this doctrine from the priests of Egypt.
    As the body of man is nourished by food, the internal psychic self is sustained by the contemplation of beauty. Among the secret sciences of antiquity the laws regulating harmonic proportions in form, color, sound, and motion, were carefully examined, and considered.”(3)

Greater Truths and Higher Realities

“We live in a world of opposites, called the “relative”; good and bad do exist. If one can consider that one is tested, it becomes easier to let go and have faith that the Higher Power does know what is best at all times for one's evolution of the Spirit as well as relative life. Sometimes in our strength or love we are the test for others, sometimes we are tested again and this happens so as we purify, we perceive greater Truths and Higher Realities and the Power can come in with greater clarity of purpose.”- Diane M. Rousseau, LHD PhD.(4)

In addition to the joys and blessings we may enjoy on this earth our lives will also surely have complications, and adversities. However, if we apply ourselves in cultivating our thoughts, Hearts, and Souls by actively learning to feel and understand the power of sounds and words, the more we will also culture our abilities to hear the Songs of Creation, and the greater our understanding, empathy and capacity will be to help when, and where, we can. Just as Nature, in all Her Beauty, as Creative Love of the Divine, is diverse in Encoded Sounds and Expression, so too are all the Souls in Life; each with an unspoken Song that Love opens and shares.

Diane M. Rousseau LHD PhD
Ray J. Rousseau

(1) Compiled and excerpted from Dr. Diane M. Rousseau's 2010 Dissertation: “THE SPIRITUAL SCIENCE OF THE UNIFIED FIELD THROUGH VEDIC MEDITATION AND UNDERSTANDING; Chapter Six, “Releasing Energy Through The Spiritual Sound”. Copyright © 2010 Diane M. Rousseau.
(2) Compiled and excerpted from 1987 personal lecture notes taken by Diane M. Rousseau; Copyright © 2005 Diane M. Rousseau.
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Copyright © 2024 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau.

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