The Age of Holy Spirit by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

God Is Love, The Supreme Spirit, The Supreme Light Of Lights.
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God Is Love, the Supreme Spirit, the Supreme Light Of Lights. In all Cycles of Time, the unfoldment of the Soul is backed by direct experience with God's Love and this affects one's growth, as it gives Light, healing, and expansion; so it opens doors to Intuition... and a Supreme Divine Love.

The Age of Holy Spirit
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
March, 2024

Transformation: Increasing Light, Increasing Love

In Transitional times, such as those we are now experiencing, changes are to be expected, and we are without doubt living in a time of change, a time of Soul Choice, a time of transition, of an ‘unfoldment'. These changes are to be welcomed, as they are tied to humanities awakening to new ways of living, both individually and collectively. Soul unfoldment is a result of a Living Union with Spirit and can be recognized as an ‘applied' Spiritual Science, relevant and lived in all Fields of life. An integrated Unity of the Soul, Heart, conscious Mind, Higher Mind, Body, and Spirit, all ever expanding. Soul growth/Spirit growth, is Eternal and Spirit is the basis of Life behind and within all levels of densities in the multi-dimensions of Creation.

“Beloved, let us love one another; for Love Is Of God; and everyone that Loveth Is Born of God, and Knoweth God.” 1 John 4:7 (KJV)

In a time of transition Avatars, Masters, Teachers are guides and our Scriptures and Sacred Teachings provide the necessary guidelines. These teachers and teachings are timeless Wisdom and their Knowledge needs to be integrated in all fields with Science, for this present expansion, and in this Now, and for an Enlightened Future, as Spiritual Science. Returning as it once was to a union of multi-faceted 'One Truth'. This is the Enlightened Destiny of planet Earth. In all Cycles of Time, the unfoldment of the Soul is backed by direct experience which affects one's growth, as it gives Light, healing, and expansion; it opens doors to Intuition. We are now listening to the ‘Still Small Voice' of one's own Conscience, realized by opening the Heart to a greater Love going beyond scientific expectations and explanations. This allows and encourages the opening into new dimensions of knowledge, to an Expansion in all Fields. This is an awakening to Divine Love.

The Way and the Knowledge Have Been Given to This Planet

The union of the Spiritual with the Scientific must occur to validate, with purpose, the insight into Sacred Languages and their Essence as Vibrations. The source of the Sacred Languages of Spirit, Sound and Light, transcends the mind, body, and the physical field, giving an access to direct insight into Spirit, Higher Light, Inner Revelations, Natural Mystical experiences, and understanding how this affects one's Consciousness along with insight of Soul Consciousness with respect to the importance of Inner development to outer life, and how this affects healing and health. The Light, the Spirit of God, lives in all Creation, it is within and behind all external life and when consciously recognized and experienced, brings greater Illumination and increasing “Light of Understanding” to one's own Soul and Mind, which expands our love, compassion, appreciation, and comprehension of the Purpose of our world, the Cosmos, and all of creation in a never-ending Spiritual Expansion.

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” John 13:34. (KJV)

Divine Loves vibrations increase through Infusion of Spirit, Light in Meditation, Reflective Prayer, Devotional Chants, Sacred Languages, Music and in Songs which supports and amplifies Inner Fullness and expresses Love and greater Devotion. This Love manifests as refinements of Being, seen in our Actions, Love increasing from overflowing Grace to Compassion, Wisdom, Patience, and selfless service. It is expressed and seen in a refining of art, music and Knowledge, through greater insight and Wisdom into the genuine Beauty that reflects this Divine Light, as the Inner expansion of Consciousness in Spirit, and in Oneness. Through Soul growth, Inner expansion is reflected from this Divine Love itself; a desire to help this World; which comes through Cosmic Realized Reality, as selfishness becomes a thing of the past and selflessness blossoms from the Soul, spreading its Divine fragrance from the petals of the Heart as they open from the Inner Spirit to outer Spiritual living and for all Life.

Through greater understanding of Soul consciousness, daily Prayer and Meditation, revelations of Truth are experienced and seen more in outer life each day, new insights are given into “do no harm”; fulfilling our understanding of the Sacredness of All Life. This realization unfolds daily, affecting the greater Collective, as Cognitions, Thoughts, and Actions come from raising Consciousness in all fields and all gain from individual and collective Higher Consciousness.

The Cosmos As Our Family

NGC 6357, also known as the Lobster Nebula and the War and Peace Nebula, is a diffuse nebula. It is located in the constellation Scorpius, approximately 5,500 light-years away from earth. Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech.

“And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16 (KJV)

Knowledge, Devotion, and Service are a living part of an Enlightened Humanity; realized and expressed in Spiritual and Scientific progress and as a natural outcome of Realized Living Truth of Divine, Universal, Cosmic and Natural Laws. This is the Infinite Power of Spirit, Divine Living Love “Descending Light Into This Age Of The Holy Spirit” coming into and though ones Being; This knowledge and its realization releases one from old systems of the past and restrictions that have caused separation and surface divisions. We are One Family.

Truth has its basis and foundation in the Divine Eternal; experienced, this is known as Consciousness, it opens the doorway to multi-dimensions of the Soul as we enter and gain Cosmic Unity. ‘Beyond relative life', from Soul experience one learns to know the Oneness In Divine Love of Paramatma(1) the Holy Spirit, Almighty Father and Son, Communion of Saints, the Reality of God, The Supreme Being Spirit and the Interconnectedness of all Creation; all Sacred Names giving insight into the importance of the evolution of all species, each Soul, awakening in the Higher Mind beyond relativity in the Permanent Gifts of Spirit; the profound abilities that are only meant to serve humanity, nature, animals and all life.

God Is Love, The Supreme Spirit, The Supreme Light Of Lights and Supreme Purest Truth and Truth Is Truth, and this Realization continuously unfolds to and though a Loving Open Heart and Soul.

Satya Dharma Prema
  • Satya - Supreme Truth,
  • Dharma – Consciousness, Expansion, Being Awake, the Truth of one's Soul, Purpose, and Divine Laws that are applied as Right Action, Lived in all aspects of life in Natural Law.
  • Prema - Though Divine Love.

Glory to God in the Highest; In Love and Peace to all and all Creation.

(1) Paramatma (Sanskrit) is the Absolute Atman, or supreme Self, in Vedanta and in Hindu theology, as well as other Indian religions like Sikhism. Atman is the Higher Self of a human being; Paramatman is the Higher Self of God. They are coessential. Their mergence with God is the final Enlightenment or a full Self-realization, in an accordance with Divinity.

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