Creation: A Symphony of Life by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau

Each Soul or Light is precious to the Creator.
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All human Souls that are created and manifest in this Life are unique. Each Soul is a light in the universe and all Souls are endowed with their own songs to be added in concert to the symphony of life.

Creation: A Symphony of Life
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
Ray J. Rousseau
January 2024

A Divine Symphony

Nature, born of the Creator and expressed on the physical, is a Divine manifest Creative expression of Love. Nature is as endlessly diverse and limitless in this expression as endowed by its Limitless source, and so, like snowflakes in a storm, all the manifest human Souls in this Life are unique; each Soul endowed with its own song to add in concert to the symphony of life. A song which the Creator already knows, and Nature waits to hear.

All Souls come into this world entering a fleshy body which encapsulates the Inner Light of the Soul within, and each person comes into this world in a different degree of development and consciousness. Although seemingly a jumble, in Gods Time, this makes no difference and it is in the Divine plan that each Soul is created to unfold and to add to the collective and each has a unique Purpose. God IS and Is the Creator, the Infinite Supreme Being, The Light in the darkness that sent forth Divine Sparks long ago as individual Souls to learn and realize their Soul, Spirit, Father God, and the ONE-ness of Being. Placed on the road of Soul Perfection and Self-Mastery, in this Journey All become ONE in realization and in time; a family of Being and Becoming. When this truth is realized, one sees the importance of each Soul, and willingly extends their hand from Love, Understanding and Compassion to help others. Serving the Purpose is to know ones own self and appreciate the value of support, kindness and understanding to all in Creation, as the Spark is ignited from Spiritual Fire, as Love in a Flame.

When viewed and understood as Consciousness Levels in the many Unified Fields of Light, no limit can be placed on the development of a Soul because their unique gifts along with each Souls specific purpose, were chosen by God before their creation. No Soul entering creation is intended by the Creator to be left behind. The Enlightened realize this Truth, it was established in the beginning when Higher Beings first guided humanity ages ago.

The Orion Nebula lies roughly 1300 light-years from Earth in the 'sword' of the constellation of Orion the Hunter. Cosmologically this star-forming region is very young at just a million years old and contains thousands of newly created stars. Photo credit: NASA, James Webb, 2023.

Infinite Creation

Love, Wisdom, and Truth becomes known from the Knower, and this through the process of Knowing from experiences come densities and finer realms unfolding in Higher Realities of Consciousness that hold no opposite, as refinement of the Soul and realization unfolds the Light of Truth. One sees the Infinite Beauty in the finite and sees this in life, and the value of all life, as the one life Living. Compassion is Born from the Heart. There is a timelessness of Spirit, the sweet Essence in Life; this as Divine Light is bound to Life and expresses in the Soul's unfoldment; so one becomes a Totality of Being Integrated from the Light of God and Hearts Wisdom, as it is Lived knowing also growth in the Knowledge of Eternal Life. Creation is then known to be infinite, worlds without end.

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo, there! for, behold, the Kingdom of God is within you”. Luke 17:21 (KJV)

The Light of Divine Understanding, Wisdom, a Union with Infinite Divine, is an understanding that is gained through Inner revelations, experiences, and self-referral, as our life reflects the Higher Values Realized and is seen in our outer life. From Peace within, to Peace without, the Glory of God is understood through experience as more Soul form Spirit (Consciousness) in Spiritual Wisdom is gained.

  • Our self-referral of our actions and thoughts.
  • Our Higher Thoughts, reflecting compassion.
  • Our Words, reflecting greater Understanding.
  • Our sincere Prayers, said silently in our Hearts Reflection.
  • Now, taking full responsibility for our actions.
  • Our capacity to Love, reflecting greater Creativity, in Beauty and in Service to and for others.

All now to be based more in greater Light of Truth as our Destiny then opens to the Unbounded, as more Truth is revealed and realized in the Soul each day, as Truths, which were once Mysteries, begin to unfold and open before us, to be understood and so to be lived.

Seeking the Kingdom

”But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

Communion with the Creator, through prayer, devotion, and meditation brings down Divine Grace and Light that permeates the Soul, It is a Supra-luminal Light, called the Holy Spirit, Paramatma (Sanskrit) Shekinah (Hebrew) which comes from the Supreme Being. The worldly mind surrenders over time to a greater wisdom and becomes Illuminated from the soul-heart, more in balance, as the greater Light descends and is established. Truth is no longer veiled to ‘Thine Eye' as duality is understood - this is a world of lessons. One's lessons are to be faced, mastered and, over time, the idea of any real separation ends. The world becomes a place of a great Family, as one becomes more involved in life there is realized greater feeling, greater perception, greater understanding. Growth brings an understanding of a world with all levels of consciousness, fairness and tolerance. Lessons are learned and practiced because our involvement in good matters a great deal to us, to nature and to the Almighty.

It is hearts who seek the Kingdom of God who hold steady the Vision of a Divinely guided world, a world where all is based in the Highest Love, each Light adding their own Light of Divine Coherence; for it is the Divine that changes the relative field and opens hearts as more Souls Unite. From Peace within, creating Peace, that then desires this for all life, Knowing all are the sum of all parts, each field of life is raised together, in concert, from within.

As Above, So Below: When Heaven and Earth Merge

When Soul, Spirit and Life are joined In love, God is seen in creative expression, in written words of Divine Wisdom, in Teachings, expressions of Art, Music and in the discoveries in Science given to help this world, revealing more Beauty of hearts that surrender to Love, to God. When the Soul seen in the eyes of another, an animal, a friend, a loved one and nature Herself, then love is a connection made in the Essence of Being and in Spirit beyond all the Names and Forms. Welcomed in this Love and Peace, one gains that Totality of the Being that lives Within... and this is then Lived, as Heaven and Earth Merge within one's Soul.

Each heart is precious to the Creator, as the inner and outer Life can become the Heaven that it was meant to be; The Light of God Shared In Radiant Love. Out of Love for all Creation and no longer separate, one joins In the Brother-Sisterhood of Life in the greater Cosmos. The world becomes a true family, made one with All God's Universal and Limitless Creation.

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