Creating Effective Change by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Our destiny compels us towards perfection.
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Unity is born from an awareness of the Sacredness of all Life; this Sacredness emanates from Supreme Source.

Creating Effective Change
Human Destiny and Perfection
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
and Ray J. Rousseau

Spiritual Love and Conscience Expansion

Love, a Spiritual Love, lives in the human heart, as a Divine Presence residing in the Soul; it is a Spark, a manifestation from the Living Eternal Supreme Spirit. Spiritual Love arises from the very Source of Thought and when this Love is tapped into, and cultivated with a deliberate practice, such as Meditation and/or devotional prayers, it then begins to awaken, culture, and purify the heart. Consequently, we begin to live more each day from an inner understanding of this Intuitional awakened Spiritual Realization. We are made more aware of that ‘still small inner voice' that we now desire to listen to, and now desire to guide both our inner Soul and our outer actions. Right Action arises from Right Thought. Practiced as daily self-referral, a greater awareness becomes part of one's life and this greater awareness guides both our inner thoughts, and in wisdom, our outward actions.

As one keeps expanding, their experiences deepen and Wisdom is gained. Through this development of conscience expansion, we begin recognizing and knowing Beauty as a Spiritual Light, to be both lived and shared with others. This source of Divine Love is actively healing, it mends the Souls separations from the perceived distances that were made by the temporal mental mind and our attachments to the physical world. Each of us, in their own time, fulfills their deep desire to reach out and touch the inner Soul, to Know Source, and fulfill our destiny by this Knowledge. The heart naturally opens from this Love, as the Spirit in Love becomes part of truly living life in Divine Harmony.

The Subtle Heart

The mind and soul yearn for, and naturally seek, the solace found in the quietude that resides in the inner Temple of the Subtle Heart. When encouraged, through active spiritual practice, there is an expansion in the Subtle Heart; most naturally then, Love and Beauty, from Inner Knowing, are sought, awakening from an inner Realization, Cognized, Intuited, Magnified, and then Creatively expressed. Consciousness can, if cultivated to its full potential, traverse time and soar across Infinity unconstrained.

Supreme Love, from Source, is that which gives inner peace; “… the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding…” Philippians 4:7 (KJV). This is not a mental peace and cannot be intellectualized, it must be experienced, and once it is, this Love automatically flows and dwells in Grace in our life. It most naturally desires to help others, it encourages understanding of all beings coming directly from soul Awareness, Feeling and growth. Each of us are destined to awaken to the realization that they are Divine Sparks meant to unfold, Souls of Light, and from the unfoldment of this Divine Light of Spirit, comes a Living Fire; the heart is compelled to give as it is opened through the direct experience in the Eternal, the Kingdom of God. Once Being (Atman) is experienced, this understanding creates 'oneness' from the direct experience, union, in the Descending Light known as States of Grace of the Holy Spirit, Paramatma, Shekinah Esh; this Divine Infusion and Transformation takes place.

A Time of Transition

In these current times of rapid transition we see great strides towards goodness, and we also see the pain of suffering resulting from the choices that are being made. As the greater Consciousness continues to expand humanity will become more reflective, more humane, with greater feeling, compassion, and insight. In creating new ways of compassionate thinking answers are found by the realization in that it is more than our duty, it is our destiny to move Planetary Consciousness forward; creating inclusiveness and respect towards all life. This must be realized to be able to cross the old boundaries in all areas of life, to create a more positive Now, and Future, one that benefits all life.

Thus, a greater Unity is born from both the 'seeing' and awareness of the Sacredness of all Life, seeing that we, as a physically diverse but Spiritually united humanity, live on a shared planet and so we must learn to live together, to live in peace and in respecting differences. This must be known from a Transcendent reality of Soul experienced, with greater Love that flows from within and then outwards towards all life in Cosmic Understanding.

Charlie Lutes in a Lecture here in Seattle in 1989, said “things would get dark, but ‘the Lights' would be awakened and have more influence as greater Light entered the atmosphere from the Almighty and Cosmos”. What is happening to this earth has never happened before at such magnitude. It is a new Birth and will not happen overnight. Charlie said, “… people will Awaken to the Message of Christ, and that nature too would respond to the changes.” He would add, “…pay attention to what has real value; as we see these changes and nature responding, do not get caught up into fear, lose hope, do not get caught up in controversy, and Keep The Light Burning.”

On Destiny and Perfection

Many ages of wisdom and darkness this Earth has known, cycles of light and dark, birth and re-birth as Divine Wisdom continues to unfold the Mysteries, and Truth moves forward in growth. Love lives in compassion and from fullness of heart, and from this expanding awareness, it contains ‘all' (in totality), and in levels of realization. One sees and realizes themselves as ‘The Self' and then realizes all are evolving, all life is in a state of flux and growth, and in stages of perfecting.

Our destiny compels us towards perfection, as Charlie Lutes once said, “…. we are doomed to perfection.” This means that there are great changes to come, both in each personal Soul and in the collective and global expansion. These changes may not always be easy for many, so let us Pray for all and all who are in need, in a state of suffering, confusion, loss, and send Love, daily, into the atmosphere, so that, like a soft sparkling dew, it will settle upon both the open hearts, and the hardened hearts, and onto all life. Love Itself wants to do this, so that all will Feel and Know they are Loved, Accepted, and are needed for the changes to be realized fully. For the contributions of all are essential in this world's healing, needed for the Love that lives in the Light of the Soul to touch all, the animal kingdom, nature, and all life, because all are to be involved as the Spirit Link reaching to Heaven, to Source, and the Divine, to be lived here, now.

By lifting the hearts of others, we continuously expand our own hearts. In this, One then becomes a Conscious and active Participant, an Instrument of the Divine.

Copyright © 2023 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau and Ray J. Rousseau
Edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Ray J. Rousseau.

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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