We Are All One by Dr. Annette Wiseman

We can see the fabric of our Creator everywhere we look.
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Remember to always walk in the path of Peace, Harmony, and Love.
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We Are All One
by Dr. Annette Wiseman
Solariel St Mary-Michael, BA, MPH, DC

A Life Expansion Bridge

Divine Love comes from the unseen realms, the realms from whence we have come and where we, in Truth, reside. This is the place we remembered when we took embodiment, the place we hungered for when we were very, very young. Even as we were kissed and hugged by our parents and grandparents, even as we were lovingly fondled and stroked, we vividly remembered our true home and heritage – safe in the Heart of the All That Is, safe in the fabric and membrane of God.

We see the fabric of our Creator everywhere we look, in everything we see – the colors, the seasons, the air we breathe, the food we eat. As above – so below… creation and change are all about us as we struggle to hold tightly to the thin membrane of air, soil, land, and ocean which comprise the mantle of planet earth and which provides the support for 3D life.

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, like the phases of the moon and the turning of the planets around our sun, everything has a space and a time for waxing and waning. Today we see the rise of adharma(1) and irresponsibility in human affairs, a frightful explosion of hatred and against-ness, greed, and ‘me first' at any cost, leading to the disregard and slaughter of humans and of nature herself. In the name of the mere surface values of religion, great evils have been directed against the ‘others' over the centuries, and it continues as an active source of evil to this day. The oppressed and disenfranchised are calling for justice, for Truth, Right Action, Love, Peace and non-violence in thought, word, and deed.

The Teachers

Great Saints, Teachers, and Avatars have come at the behest of men and women of Good Will whose cries have gone out throughout the Cosmos to assist in the birthing of the Golden Age. The planets and the solar system have been and continue to be bombarded with energies of transformation which quicken and awaken the latent good in humanity. Many have incarnated as emissaries of Love and Light, having been given great latitude in this time of great darkness and great Light; the unique opportunity to bring forward the Higher Teachings and the opportunity to assist humanity to grow beyond their limited perception of possibilities through the giving of our hearts and the use of our hands.

Its time now to think outside the box of limitation, to bring forward a coordinated 'Plan of Action' which will assist people to take responsibility for their choices and their lives, to give people back their dreams and remove hopelessness as a way of life.

Now is the time for rejoicing. Now is the time to throw off the old programming which we have been under for thousands of years. Let us remember that we are a Brother/Sisterhood of humanity under the Fatherhood of God. God has kept His promise and He is here – let us rejoice in the knowing that nothing in this outer illusion can harm us, for in Truth we are all One. In this Spirit of great good will, having installed the Lord in our hearts, let us begin the task for which we have taken embodiment – the Transformation of humanity from bestial… to human… to Divine.

Growth and Transformation

This is the Transformation from hatred to Love, from killing to Peace. Our greatest joy is in holding the Template of Perfection, the perfection that comes after burnishing the raw material in the fire of separation of the element from the contaminant. The elemental minerals which are beaten into beautiful pieces of art, transformed into pottery and pots, drinking cups and utensils – the base human filled with conflict mingled with lower tendencies – now we are on that upward spiral, so the full Plan can be revealed.

Wherever you are in your growth, in your striving to become better than you have been in the past, join us now. There is a great need of men, women and children who want to rebuild this planet and themselves. And as we rebuild ourselves, we replant our wilderness, we make use of all the new information we have available to clean up our drinking water, to grow our food crops with natural methods and to embrace our animals who have served us for centuries. Communities of Light will grow and shine, starting with our ourselves and neighborhoods.

Remember to always walk in Peace, Harmony, and Love.

(1) Adharma (Sanskrit): betrayal, discord, disharmony, unnaturalness, or unrighteousness. It is that which is not in accord with the dharma; dharma being that cosmic law underlying right behavior and social order and all that sustains life by fulfilling one's social, religious, and moral duties and obligations.

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May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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