108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 25 to 30

There are relative truths and absolute truth.
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Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 25 to 30

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 25 to 30

25. Consciousness
26. The Absolute
27. Truth, Relative and Absolute
28. The Sacred Side of Sex
29. Marriage in Life
30. Human Emotions

Lecture 25

When we finally understand ourselves,
we will also understand the whole universe.
Then, when we have gained full enlightenment,
we will have full knowledge of all universes. Then,
instead of being in the light, we will be the light.

Consciousness is said to be that state where you are aware of that of which another is aware. The universe consists of myriad levels of consciousness. The consciousness of the human is tied to the body and the level of consciousness the individual experiences is according to how much purity there exists in the body. This runs the gamut from a low level of consciousness to cosmic consciousness. Intuition is a higher form of cognition where there exists a true appreciation of value. The human mandate is to strive to reach higher and higher levels of consciousness. Sometime, someplace we, as human beings, must eventually come to the awareness of ourselves as living sentient beings who are sparks from the divine flame.

Our purpose as human beings is for us to learn all we are meant to learn at ascending levels of consciousness. This is the reason that this world is referred to as the lesson world. We are here to learn and absorb the lessons of life until, as humans, we outlive life, and we become cosmic graduates. To outlive life, means to gain mastery over ourselves; to transmute ourselves from the lowest human consciousness to the highest consciousness, from extreme selfishness to selflessness, from ignorance to enlightenment, and from hate, anger, and destructiveness to the divine expression of love.

Each lifetime we spend on earth, we are graded on how well or how poorly we have done. If we have failed to learn the lessons given to us, we must return and again take up these same lessons, plus some new ones. This goes on and on until we have mastered the lessons of life. A master is one who has done just this, and now devotes his time to helping others do the same thing. If we produce misery for those around us, we produce the same misery for ourselves. As the motivation in any school is to teach so that all can learn, so is the motivation in the school of life. Anything done in this life is only the physical operation of a larger universal plan, which also operates on a larger and larger scale. We are little by little evolving into higher levels of consciousness, and slowly we are becoming aware of our divine nature and of our divine destiny. We are becoming spiritual in the unfolding and revelation of the hidden mysteries of life. We are slowly becoming aware of the fact that we are aware; furthermore, that we are awareness itself.

The word human means to become humane and the word divine means that state when we have outgrown all error. It truly means that we are no longer running at cross purposes with life. It means that we have now come into conformity with the divine plan of life, which is to transmute humanity to divinity; to transmute the heart of lead into the heart of pure gold.

Woven through the tapestry of life is understanding; to understand where we are in relation to where others are; to have such an understanding and then act accordingly. The code of life long written in the history of mankind is, “Love ye one another.” This is practiced by humanity to the degree of the consciousness of humanity, individually and collectively. When the sun rises, it dispels the darkness of the night. Similarly, uncertainty and ignorance vanish as the light of increased consciousness envelops the human. So, as we evolve, we go from ignorance to enlightenment. When we finally understand ourselves, we will also understand the whole universe. Then, when we have gained full enlightenment, we will have full knowledge of all universes. Then, instead of being in the light, we will be the light.

Our long journey through time and space is now over, and we have returned to our source having gained divine mind. The spark has now become one with the flame. Incorporated into our awareness now are all levels of consciousness, for truly we have now for eternity transcended time, space, and causation. We now know that there is no past, present, or future. We have gained the true and eternal status. We now live in the now.

Lecture 26
The Absolute

It is through Transcendental Meditation that
one is laying the foundation of eternal freedom,
and through the experience of the mutation of the
mind, becomes a member of that stream of society
that is rapidly evolving to the goal of human life.

The thrust of all of humanity is to gain liberation, although most of humanity is not aware of this. They are like children in school caught up in play who have not yet learned that the purpose of going to school is to be educated. Most people in the world are totally unaware of the real purpose of life, or even if there is a purpose. It is only when they reach a higher state of consciousness that they become aware of the real purpose of life. It is then that they become earnest seekers and strive to reach liberation. At this point their life takes on real meaning and they start their spiritual journey.

It was Plotinus who long ago said that the spiritual journey is ”... a flight of the alone to the alone”. There is one thing in life that has no second and that is the Absolute; which is reality, truth, or God. That which cannot be compared with anything else, that which has no second, must be the alone or the Absolute. It is the Absolute that stands alone and it is the relative that can be compared and contrasted to everything. The Absolute is not opposite to the relative. Therefore, it cannot be compared with the relative. It is the relative that is a mental projection of the Absolute.

The term “aloneness” worries many because aloneness seems to imply an end result of loneliness. But, nothing is farther from the truth. Loneliness is an external condition, whereas aloneness is an inner state of Being. Most people are afraid of loneliness because they come face to face with the pressure of their own mind, or thoughts, and this they cannot cope with. However, one can be alone in the company of many people because aloneness is an inner state where one is completely free from the company of the thinker and the thought.

It is actually the absence of the observed that makes one feel lonely. The world of the observed is the only thing that one has known and when that becomes disturbed the feeling of loneliness appears.

However, it is in times of loneliness that one discovers the joy of aloneness. Now escape, or refusal to repair the broken image, no longer exists since one has now discovered the inward path to freedom.

The Absolute is pure consciousness, unexpressed pure potentiality; restful alertness. To understand the Absolute one must transcend the field of the relative. Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation one transcends the field of the relative and in so doing the mind becomes infused with the nature of the Absolute, or pure consciousness. This is when the mutation of the mind takes place; an expansion of consciousness takes place. There is no condition of the thinker and the thought.

This experience most certainly is never the result of conscious attitudes of the mind; rather it is when all attitudes have vanished. It is through Transcendental Meditation that one is laying the foundation of eternal freedom, and through the experience of the mutation of the mind, becomes a member of that stream of society that is rapidly evolving to the goal of human life. One is now in the process of leaving the field of constant change and entering the Absolute field of no change, the field that is eternally permanent where the past and the future have merged into the now, where eternity is not an endless sequence of time frames, but where time no longer exists and eternity is the now. Also, where all live in eternal youth and everything is self-luminous. This is the Absolute.

Lecture 27
Truth, Relative and Absolute

In Transcendental Meditation we are yoking up
with God to be what we were created to be.

To find truth, one must experience truth through Transcendental Meditation. Truth cannot be expressed through language. Truth is only understood and experienced by intuition; the self-luminous light of consciousness.

To discover the truth brings peace, progress, prosperity, spiritual power, and eternity.

Untruth brings misery, mental and physical suffering and continued bondage.

The movement of the mind in a righteous way leads to truth. The movement of the mind in a false way leads to untruth. Transcendental Meditation is the instrument to check the mind from lower movement and turn it to higher movement.

Meditation might be said to be the process of undoing what we have spent ages doing. In Transcendental Meditation we are yoking up with God to be what we were created to be.

If we wished to define truth we would have to say it is that which is. However, we would also have to realize that there are two categories of truth; relative and absolute.

Relative truth is that truth that exists within the limitations of time, space, cause, and effect.

Absolute truth is that truth that exists permanently, everywhere, and is not affected or contradicted by time, space, cause, and effect.

In relative truth, there is always something depending on something else.

In absolute truth, it is dependent on nothing other than itself. It is forever non-changing.

One facet of relativity is that every point of relativity has the absolute truth at its center. The reason humans suffer is because they have forgotten the truth of the Laws and how to live them. So, suffering is not caused by a God of wrath, but rather it is self-created. Suffering is not our true nature, but it does exist as long as we continue to create it for ourselves.

No one suffers because of time. We suffer because we have created a particular condition at that particular time. Even so, at any particular time, all people would not suffer at the same time. Only those who are involved in the suffering at that particular time would suffer, whereas others would at that same particular time remain happy.

We may ask if a particular place can be the universal cause of suffering. And we would have to say, no. A place can trigger hidden troubles to manifest, but by itself, it can neither cause nor create suffering; each person would be differently affected by the same place. Another reason we suffer is because we attempt to make the relative truth into the absolute truth, by trying to maintain the status quo in an epoch of change.

Anytime we consider the relative finite as totality rather than a dependent part, then we experience suffering because a part cannot be the whole. We should not try to make the relative into the absolute, but what we should do is to identify with the absolute. And this we can do through the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

From one incarnation to another the mind, senses and soul remain the same. The body does not. So, a human is a combination of absolute and relative. In his ignorance he believes himself to be only one aspect, and that aspect is the relative. However, in meditation, the truth is slowly revealed; that we are really eternal, absolute.

Life moves with the subtle body and death claims the physical body. When we have undergone a complete purification and rectification of all our past mistakes and beliefs, we come to our cosmic mind where the relative truth is merged with the absolute truth.

However, to gain a status of absolute truth through Transcendental Meditation, we must be sincere and have the faith to follow through. Thereby we gain discrimination and the knowledge of the Self and the non-self; knowing that which is supportive of life and that which is not; knowing that we have to gain freedom from desire, absence of cravings and increased detachment from the world of objects. The unconscious levels of the mind become free from gross complexes and subtle desires. We are no longer inclined to actions based on the egocentric demands of the mind; faulty actions are replaced with correct actions; selfishness disappears.

A mind that is attaining a higher level of purification begins to reflect more and more the glory of the Self. It gains an unswerving faith in the Self and the perspective of cosmic consciousness. In this state the mind is free from worries, sorrows, problems, and distractions. Tranquility of mind is attained. We gain mastery over the senses. We also gain spiritual strength, endurance, and wisdom.

Now we see what is true and what is not true, because we have moved away from relative truth to absolute truth.

Lecture 28
The Sacred Side of Sex

In the final analysis, the highest sexual pleasure
attainable is only a shadow of the bliss experienced
through sexual energy converted into creative power.

Everything in nature has a male and a female expression, such as in trees, fruits, flowers, animals, and also humans. In the human it is the feminine or negative side that is passive, but magnetic. It attracts to itself; it absorbs and stores potential energy. The male or positive side is electric or charged. When there is a union between the electric male and the magnetic female, the couple provides a conduit for cosmic force, which flows through them into the earth plane with tremendous power. This power radiated by them, polarizes the surrounding atmosphere. The female at this time is surrounded by a corona of greenish-blue mystic light. There is actually a powerful cosmic force surrounding us at all times that seeks expression through polarization or sexual union. Therefore, because sex invokes a cosmic force it takes on a sacred meaning, as well as providing a vehicle for the incoming soul.

Sex cannot be treated as an exercise in eroticism with an orgasmic overtone. Sex, solely due to the abuse of it, has brought to humans disease, suffering and death. Basically, there is nothing wrong with sex. It is the human misinterpretation and misuse of sex that is wrong. That which is of God and carries a sacred connotation cannot be profaned by humanity. Yet, for millions of people, sex is the only joy in life that they know. However, because the human is a self-contained universe, sex really brings two universes together to produce - by the holy process of reproduction - a third and so on ad infinitum. God, in the process of reproducing himself, merges one part of himself into another in order to bring forth a third; the trinity functioning in a triad world. The seeds of immortality exist in and are a part of the human. Again, the main thrust of sex is to bring higher and higher souls into this world, and not to profane sex through lust and bring in lower and lower souls and sow the seeds of destruction in the world, such as we now see; humans wantonly killing one another.

In the man it is the feminine force that is passive and in the woman it is the masculine force that is passive, and before either one can be liberated these forces must be awakened. This is done through the near perfect union of soul to soul, mind to mind and body to body, a true affinity. Thereby, a balance in the female magnetic and the male electric forces is affected. As a result of the merging of the magnetic and electric forces the two combined create an electromagnetic field of force that is all-encompassing. The all-absorbing female force field unites in perfect harmony with the dynamic and kinetic power of the male in a near perfect union.

The energy generated through this male-female union is far greater than anything they can generate separately, because acting together, they are able to draw to themselves a great portion of the cosmic energy that exists around them. This in turn sets every atom into a higher vibration. Also at this time, because of the polarization created around them, an impenetrable barrier to every form of evil that might approach or attack them is established.

Because there is a bio-electrical exchange of energy between two partners there is an intensification of sensitivity in the body, mind, and soul. The body becomes sensual, the mind becomes more telepathic and the soul intuitional. This is so because the sexual union unlocks normally unused power. The universe itself is one indivisible matrix of cosmic force and this force is always seeking release or expression through a union of its opposite energies. So it seeks release in a couple who become a channel of discharge for this unique force.

Sex between two partners can take them to heaven or it can become hell, it can bestow greater health or it can cause disease and disability. Two right people together in love are one thing, but a wrong couple together is most certainly another thing. That which has the power to create also has the power to destroy. Partners must grow in sex the same as they grow in everything else in life. Where one partner fails in this relationship the marriage is on shaky ground. Also, where there is no harmony between two people, sex can cause a mental and physical breakdown in the female. As a couple progresses along in their marriage, sex should move from the more physical to a more sacred and mystical experience of fulfillment. Marriages that are based on a physical-sexual relationship only, are usually doomed from the very beginning.

A good healthy sexual relationship throughout the years of marriage keeps each partner stimulated and charged, along with keeping them youthful. However, everything should be kept in balance. If the male is over-sexed he should not continually force his wife into a sexual relationship, because he can overcharge her and cause her to become a nervous wreck and to have violent outbreaks of anger. On the other hand, if the wife is too demanding sexually she can wear the man out and drain the energy from him. Couples should, if possible, sleep together since this is beneficial to both, unless one of them is ill.

As one grows spiritually one slowly moves towards celibacy. This occurs through the process of transcending whereby energy and power is infused from the field of the absolute Being into the physical world, thereby overshadowing the physical side of life. However, this is a long, slow process and not an overnight occurrence.

In humans it is the emotional contact between partners that is the prime factor. There must be an emotional action and reaction between them before any bond is established. One person alone cannot forge such a bond. The other must respond to that emotion before any bond is established. If one person responds to the expression of emotion from another, then a bond is formed. And the continuity of the relationship endures as long as any emotion continues to be exchanged between a couple; and that may be love at first sight or love that grows as the relationship grows. Also, karma may dictate the relationship as something from the past that has to be worked out. In this case love may be missing, yet the relationship must be endured, albeit the emotional bond may be a negative one. You might say in a larger sense that it is karma that brings all people together, only some is negative karma instead of positive karma. So in the overall sense, marriages are made in heaven. That is, marriages are agreed upon before we arrive on this earth for this life.

For one partner to decide to become a celibate for one reason or another and then deny the other a sex release is pure cruelty and is not the path to spirituality. As Westerners we are people of action whereas Easterners are more passive people. Therefore, what may be natural for them can be cruel to us. It is true that on the road to spirituality one becomes celibate, but for most people that is a long way off. For most people, celibacy is simply a case of mood making. Generally speaking, when one becomes celibate there is no consideration of sex. Also, their karma will indicate if it is right. Marriage should never become a burden, but should always be one of mutual consideration, kindness, and love. One great mistake so many make is seeking love through sex. This doesn't work because sex is a natural extension of love that already exists.

In the final analysis, the highest sexual pleasure attainable is only a shadow of the bliss experienced through sexual energy converted into creative power. This is the real resurrection from death of the flesh to eternal life. Sexual energy is the link between the material world and the spiritual. It helps the human spirit to be born into a material body. Later on it helps the human in his efforts to grow spiritually by using sexual energy as the means to stimulate and raise his consciousness to divine cosmic awareness.

Lecture 29
Marriage in Life

Many enter into marriage because they feel that this
will make them happy, not realizing that this is
a lesson world and we are in the process of learning
how to live. Beginning marriage from this wrong
premise can make marriage a miserable experience.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions one makes during their lifetime. Often, due to strong karmic ties, the decision is made for us. We just naturally seem to wind up in a marriage and not much effort on our part was required. On the other hand, one may struggle for a long time in order to affect their marriage with their loved one.

Marriage sets forth a series of events that often we have no control over. In marriages of love, they are made in heaven, but on the other hand, some seem to be made in hell. This is usually caused by free will not being used wisely. As the old saying goes “Marry in haste and repent at leisure” and this is particularly true in this day of everything done in haste. The more educated people are, the less likely they are to divorce, because they have the knowledge and training to work out their problems rather than running from them.

Marriages conceived on the physical level should grow to the spiritual level, and this is in accordance with nature. Understanding and education leads to intelligent action and decisions in marriage, and in many cases lack of it leads to abrupt and or violent actions. It is probably a good idea to have a law that after the marriage license is granted a waiting period of sixty or ninety days should be enforced. That way many undesirable marriages would never happen.

There should always be understanding and dignity in a marriage relationship. Further, many marriages are based on a material consideration rather than upon the spiritual meaning of marriage. History has shown that where a marriage or a society at large is based on materialism, that society or marriage is doomed to failure because it lacks the necessary esthetic and ethical qualities.

Both the male and the female are, at best, operating at far less than their ultimate potential, but at least they should try to elevate themselves as much as possible toward a spiritual way of life. In the early part of marriage the physical aspect is emphasized, but as the marriage matures into later years, the mental and spiritual takes over and companionship predominates. Over time the masculine side of the man softens and mellows and the female side becomes more positive. As a result very noticeable similarities develop between the man and the woman. This brings pronounced growth for both partners.

When the human spirit reincarnates repeatedly it alternates between a male and female form. This is natural because the spirit contains both male and female polarities within its own being. By alternating its reincarnations between the male and female form the soul gains a balanced growth.

Presently, there is too much emphasis on individual self-expression and individual independence, rather than a melting of the two partners through mutual dependence and one giving to the other. Very often opposites marry each other and this is due to the subconscious realization of incompleteness; each individual needing what he does not possess. Often it is weakness seeking strength, or a desire to complement oneself. Where there is no contrast in a marriage the marriage can become very boring after a time.

One reason that a marriage becomes unhappy is due to selfishness in human nature. A partner becomes resentful of being imposed upon by the other half of themselves. Matrimony should not be a blind pursuit; rather both should enter the state thoroughly knowing one another. Sometimes deep temperamental peculiarities can, in time, result in incompatibility. Many enter into marriage because they feel that this will make them happy, not realizing that this is a lesson world and we are in the process of learning how to live. Beginning marriage from this wrong premise can make marriage a miserable experience.

The real meaning of marriage is for two to learn to live in harmony and achieve wisdom together, and to live comfortably where the husband realizes he is not here to simply die chasing the dollar. He needs to learn discipline, the controlling of the worst and the building of the best. Life has problems and a couple united in marriage in a common bond can help each other solve the problems as they arise. As a result both grow, because problems and adversities offer the opportunity for growth and achievement in life.

Happiness grows out of service and progress in life. Happiness also grows through learning to develop gentleness and kindness and spiritual insight as one goes along in life. Also, where there is willingness between a couple to work out their problems and balance their differences, marriages will work and not wind up a failure. And from this, a marital life of merit and pleasure and spirituality can be the result. Marriage can be heaven or hell according to how it is conceived and how much love there is between the partners.

Lecture 30
Human Emotions

Many people collapse from the mental and
emotional stress they place upon themselves.
Transcendental Meditation counters this
and brings forth our positive nature.

The need to grow emotionally is a constant need. As a child, we have childish emotions of a very unstable nature. As we grow older, we are expected to mature emotionally. However, some never do. They age, but they never mature emotionally.

We grow emotionally as we slowly change our ways. We need to refocus our values in life. We must learn to live today as today really is, and not try to fit yesterday into today. We cannot become a more mature person without letting go of some of the less perfect desires and attitudes. One change of attitude can change one hundred bad habits that we hold.

Our desires are directly tied to our level of consciousness, and so are our emotions. Our attempt to grow and mature outwardly is a trying and difficult experience and usually results in defeat. When we decide to grow we must be willing to let go of that which we have outgrown. Some say this means to abandon the things we most cherish. However, when we go within and grow from the inside out, our growth becomes automatic; our focus of awareness or consciousness expands and we gain greater insight and our values change. To the degree that we increase our insight, we give up the things that belong to the lack of insight.

Because we are slaves to our emotions, becoming a master of our emotions is no easy task for us. However, this is a major objective in life and as we continue to meditate, we gradually discover that it becomes easier and less and less effort is needed to maintain control over our emotions. Our emotions may still nag at us, but they no longer control us, and that is a tremendous and welcome change. A positive attitude replaces the negative attitudes, and we feel much better and life starts to progress more easily.

As our interior life matures and our emotions become more mature, we gain a greater serenity within ourselves. Also, less effort is needed to maintain our integrities and inner calm. We are no longer buffeted by every breeze that blows. We no longer identify with every situation that confronts us. Whatever may be the daily vicissitudes of life, we maintain an inner peace. We find that we are no longer prostrated by the seemingly impossible situations of life. Life seems to flow, and we no longer need to force anything. We are now slowly and surely maturing. The slave is now becoming the master.

The war or conflict that goes on within us sets our attitude and behavior pattern towards all others. Because all of nature is positive, all humans have a natural inborn resentment toward negativity and negative people. Transcendental Meditation brings forth our positive nature while decreasing our negative psychic content.

The reason for our present condition is that we never coped with previous situations. We never faced the problems and now we are haunted by them. We have mostly been evaders. We have been dropouts from the discipline of life. As a result of this attitude, we have not developed strong nervous systems; rather we have allowed them to become weak.

If our nervous systems have become too weak, we cannot face the stressful problems of life. Transcendental Meditation, however, strengthens us as we continue to meditate. To a strong person, an emerging or trying situation is a challenge to be met, but to the weak, it is impossible. Many people collapse from the mental and emotional stress they place upon themselves. Life is a challenge, and if we cannot handle the present situations, we will be in very poor shape to meet and handle the future ones.

The thoughtful person is strong, patient, and tolerant. The thoughtless person is weak and quick to condemn all except himself. When we start to meditate, we start to strengthen the nervous system, no matter what we are expressing when we start.

There is, and always has been, a basic spiritual mentality in us. It has long been latent, but thanks to Transcendental Meditation, it blossoms into full splendor, and others appreciate the change they see in us; we are appreciated for what we now express and the world appreciates the warmth and glow from the eternal light which now shines in us.

We are, at long last, no longer enslaved and driven by our emotions. We have become the master of our emotions. We are now able to stand vertical in the sunlight of spirituality and no longer dwell in the horizontal shadows of despair.

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