Offering Everything to the Divine by Philippe Chauvancy

We surrender to the Love of the Divine.
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The Blessing of the Power to Love is to be expressed in our everyday lives.

Offering Everything to the Divine
by Philippe Chauvancy
June 10, 2023

Offering to the Divine

Awakening poses a fundamental question:

What is the depth of my motivation to give everything to the Divine?

You must be very clear about this. There are no half measures in your awakening to the Divine.

You cannot accept external circumstances merely when it suits you, through fear of confronting old wounds, or in letting go of a longstanding pattern of suffering.

You must surrender, literally offer your whole being, to the love of the Divine, without limits.

We must honor our Story, respect it, and love it through all our moments of suffering and joy, and offer it to the Divine. Yes, offer everything that we hold dear to our hearts.

Our offered wounds will heal, and thus allow for the total Awakening of life within.

Divinity's infinite richness will no longer express itself in your need to be loved, but in the spontaneity of the Self, loving without expectations or conditions.

This Blessing of the Power to Love is to be expressed in our everyday lives.

When this is a purely spontaneous phenomenon, a natural uninterrupted flow of life, it foils the controlling computations of the mind ...and we are offering everything to the Divine.

Philippe Chauvancy

May the light and love of God prevail. Please let us know how we can help.

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