108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 31 to 36

Devotion is the key for success in life.
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Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 31 to 36

31. The Emotional Body
32. Values in Life
33. Beauty in Life
34. You Get Out of Life What You Put Into It
35. The Road to Perfection
36. Devotion

Lecture 31
The Emotional Body

Although we may recognize the God without,
it is necessary for us to also know the God within
and combine the two in unity, into the oneness
they have always been. This is the end
realization of the purpose of life.

The emotional body (desire body) is the hardest body to control of the three bodies, the physical, the emotional and the mental. The reason for this is that the vibration of desire has dominated the human for many ages. It is the last body to be brought under control and by far the most difficult. Before the spirit can function and take precedence in the human, the desire body has to be conquered and selfish interests must be transmuted into spiritual desires. The emotional body has a very close connection with the physical body in which the average human primarily functions. At the instigation of the emotional, the physical automatically responds to the higher emotional body. The emotional body is also closely connected to the intuitional level and that also has its effect. It is in the epoch we are now going through that the emotional body must be mastered and this is very hard because the very world we live in is a desire world.

So in essence, we must transcend this world and we cannot do this unless we are able to transcend the whole field of relativity and infuse the pure essence of the Absolute into our relative nature, and this we do through our practice of Transcendental Meditation. Our practice of TM causes the emotional nature to be quiet and receptive, not over active and not out of control as the dominating factor in life.

Also, the emotional nature should be positive and not negative. This in great measure calls for conscious awareness of and conscious control of our emotional nature. When we are out of control in our emotional nature this affects the lower physical vehicle and causes activity of a destructive nature. This also shuts us off from our higher nature. We must balance the positive-negative polarity of this nature. When the emotional body is in a negative attitude and not in control this causes a transfer of force or power to undesirable centers; for example, such as straying from sexual purity to lust, even by one who is aspiring toward the spiritual lifestyle. There should be an alignment or balance of the three bodies so that power transmitted from on high is not deflected and the wrong centers stimulated producing negative results of varying natures and degrees.

We have to be aware of our nature and discipline ourselves so that we do not force archetypes upon ourselves that we cannot control. We are really concerned with the purification of all of the vehicles and this is of vital concern in the years that lie ahead.

Most of all our problems come as a result of fear. Fear causes a weakness and a weakness causes disintegration. The one thing that is of paramount importance at all times is the use of common sense. Do not fall victim to false fears; reason things out. Learn to reason to a conclusion and not from a conclusion.

Do not try to reach the goal of life tomorrow. Go at an easy pace and exercise caution. Get the necessary rest. Keep the mind positive, but not foolish, as this keeps the body positive also. Learn to relax as this helps to obviate tension. Do not overspend the body. Also, do not become lazy. Do not let the mind play tricks on you and for no reason disturb the inner calm. If there is a problem, approach it in a positive manner and most always it will be solved. The Lord helps those who help themselves. Learn to accept the responsibility that is yours and leave the rest alone. We are householders and not escapists. When we need guidance, ask God for guidance and it will be given.

Too many meditators attempt to jump from the gross physical level to cosmic consciousness in one grand leap. They concentrate more on the abstract side of life rather than on the factual or real side of life. As a result, they become dreamy, visionary, impractical, emotional, and totally lacking in discrimination. This is still a lesson world and life still has value here on earth. When we started to meditate it was not a signal for us to drop out from all responsibility of life, stop learning and cease being practical; rather, we now have a means to draw upon an enormous potential which will help us to be successful in life. One needs to learn where things fit in the scheme of things in one's trek through this world.

True insight is when one learns the real from the unreal. There is a fire that destroys and there is a fire that builds and one should learn to discriminate between the two. Our objective is to gain liberation and this is not done by seeking to escape or deny the reality of this world. We must use the things of this world as stepping stones to the rim of the well and that is reality. Though we are concerned with Deity we should also be concerned with how Deity manifests in this world. The means of finding the higher Self is by overcoming the lower self and not by ignoring the lower self. To live in life until we outlive life is the method to be used.

Meditation fixes our attention on God (Self) while we are meditating and gives us greater insight and ability to fix our attention on the successful pursuit of daily life, and one is as important as the other. We overcome life by conscious knowledge and control and not by groping blindly through life, leaning on the crutch of blind faith. The greatest quality of faith is in what you know and is not in what you don't know. In this life we must learn the Laws and then apply the Laws to ourselves, as there are no exceptions beyond the Law. The secrets of the inner path of life will never be revealed to anyone who carries with him pride, curiosity, selfishness, and a desire for power. This is why the scriptures say, “A little child shall lead them.”

Innocence on the path is necessary. It is meditation that burns out all of the undesirable qualities and frees us from our earthly shackles. This cannot be done overnight. Although we may recognize the God without, it is necessary for us to also know the God within and combine the two in unity, into the oneness they have always been. This divine fusion is the purpose of life.

Lecture 32
Values in Life

The great travesty of humanity is that we are
created in the image and likeness of God, yet we
destroy each other, and this is a contradiction
to the very essence of our creation.

Everyone places value on something and most everyone places great value on life, but for very different reasons. So, the most important thing is what our values are and the priority we give to those values. Some only place value on one or two things in life, while others place value on many things and often too many things, some being of very little value. It is important to place value on things that have real meaning. So many things we think have so much value only have a transient value, and we overlook the things of real and lasting value. There are false values and real values and the thing is to know which is which, since this has a tremendous effect on our lives. As an example, the only thing some people place any value on is sports and when one is caught up in this, to the exclusion of most everything else, this becomes a false pursuit. We should always place great value on what is valuable.

So what is valuable? That which helps us to grow is of great value. That which accentuates spiritual growth is of utmost value. So, false values are those things that do not lead us upward, or help us to establish our own integrity and to grow. Life has always had greater plans for humanity than humanity has had for itself.

Throughout the history of humanity the high, low, and medium have manifested. The high means those of higher consciousness who have come into the awareness of the sacred destiny of humans and as a result have insight into truth. Hence, they serve as an inspiration and as guides to medium society, and the mass or medium society serves as guides to the more primitive society. As a result the purpose of evolution is served.

There are, from time to time, highly evolved souls endowed with powers and wisdom who take birth upon this earth in order to serve as living inspirations and as guides to the seekers of this world. This has always been so and always will be. The more primitive of human society as a whole are like children and must be guided with love and firmness and controlled discipline and not conquered and forced to live in fear. The great travesty of humanity is that we are created in the image and likeness of God, yet we destroy each other, and this is a contradiction to the very essence of our creation. We must learn to live in peace and in love and to help each other and not continue to kill each other individually or on a mass scale. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important that we embrace real and not false values in life.

Greed is a false value and as Rudyard Kipling said, “For heathen heart that puts her trust in reeking tube and iron shard, all valiant dust that builds on dust.” There can be no future for us in greed. Greed assures the senseless end of the grand and noble plan of life. For small-minded, short-sighted people there are small values and for far-sighted people there are intrinsic values.

People must be educated into true values; as they grow so should their values. Often, we are tested in the fire of life to see if our values are truly integrated into our psyches, and if they are, they will survive any test given to us. Our life here on earth is one part of a great plan for our eventual eternal life. When we prepare for our earth life we are consumed with the importance of our destiny. But then, when we arrive as babies and grow as small children, we are often indoctrinated into many false concepts that have a tendency to lead us astray and thwart the real intent of our tenure on this earth. As long as we seek the solution to life in the illusion of life we will continue to struggle against the real meaning and solution of life.

The wise, the integrated, have outgrown the false illusions of life. It is the mass preponderance of humanity, who is caught up in the illusions of life and lives accordingly.

One of the greatest things in life is friendship, but because one cannot establish his own integrity within himself, he believes that no one else has any integrity, so friendship is not offered nor is it taken. A peculiar quirk of the human mind is that if one feels no friendship with others, he believes all others feel the same way. So what we project out in life we receive the same back. So, somewhere we must start to believe in the higher principles of life. We must turn away from a fear-driven madness and turn to God and to our inner resources in order to re-educate ourselves into the reality of life and its eternal values.

Most of us start out in life with a firm belief in integrity, but somewhere along the way we submit to compromises due to what we feel is too great a pressure exerted upon us. We depart from honesty and embark upon a new and lower set of moral values. We corrupt our personal integrity. We become guilt-ridden and our conscience bothers us. To find relief from the pressures of our conscience we begin to justify our lack of integrity.

One thing wrong in society today is the need so many youths have for peer acceptance. As a result they drift into alcohol, drugs, sex abuse, and so forth. Then, all the values that were initially instilled in them disappear. There are many values we should have as an integrated part of ourselves as we go through life.

Skills are values that we should acquire to make life easier for us. In acquiring a skill in a profession, as an example, it should be for the purpose of service and not for the purpose of a good income. Hence, the right and wrong values are evident in everything we do. Creativity is a great and needed skill in this world, but it only comes when we create a clear channel to the higher mind and this requires integration of the Self.

Also, we should accept personal discipline as a much-needed value in life, because we must ultimately become self-disciplined and we cannot hope to discipline others unless we have acquired mastery over our own self.

Another great and necessary value in life is a cultured heart. We need to soften the heart that has become progressively hardened through the ages. The heart has become hardened because we have long believed we were an island unto ourselves and that we had to stand alone against the world. Yet, our selfishness alone has caused a great hardening of the heart and now we find that this is a false premise. As a result, we have become meditators and our meditation is softening our hearts and we are slowly turning from selfishness to selflessness, from anger and rage to love.

However, the greatest value we can acquire is integration; to merge ourselves into the Self and to find ourselves immersed in bliss and the continuity of the oneness of unity with God. The drop has at long last returned to the ocean from whence it came and lo the drop has become the ocean; all values of life have merged into one value and that is Brahman.

Lecture 33
Beauty in Life

When we transcend in our meditation we
become charged with the force of beauty and this
bestows upon us great bliss, joy and divine energy.

Beauty is that quality in anything that charms, uplifts, enhances, and gives pleasure to the senses. Beauty attracts and its opposite which is ugliness repels. Beauty is mostly the result of the infusion of love, whether it is in a manifestation of nature or in the human being. We must grow into love, so we must also grow into beauty.

All things in life are attracted to each other through the expression of beauty. All things in life, including the human, have an inborn drive toward beauty. It is the human who is created to manifest and to express beauty, as well as to enjoy the beauty of nature and of the lower kingdoms. As the human becomes aware of higher and higher kingdoms, he realizes that the beauty increases in each kingdom, up to the Throne of God where the beauty is indescribable.

Anyone who has seen an angel, or any higher being, has always described it as being the most beautiful being. Anyone who has had such an experience, of either seeing a higher being or a higher kingdom, has always become inspired for life. Beauty is an expression of a high vibration and the opposite is an expression of a low vibration. All life is designed to be an expression of greater and greater beauty. It is the human being, having free will, who has the ability to be a conscious expression of beauty, or he can also be a distorter of beauty.

As one moves into the eternal light, one moves toward beauty and love. But, if he moves toward darkness he moves away from beauty. In the human it is the soul and the Solar Angel that is the true expression of love and beauty. It is beauty that waits for release or unfolding during spiritual development. It is the soul that needs beauty as a quality for full expression and development. It is also beauty that is the path for us to follow to cosmic development.

Beauty is the archetype of the divine blueprint of creation. As the human grows, he moves into soul guidance and soul consciousness and makes a connection with his Solar Angel. As a result, he picks up the sense of beauty and then begins to expand this to infinity. We come into the awareness of the archetypal projection of creation and automatically we begin to manifest an expression of beauty. When we transcend in our meditation we become charged with the force of beauty and this bestows upon us great bliss, joy, and divine energy. It is the true beauty in the soul that inspires us to move ever-upward toward the light and greater and greater beauty. Where there is an expression of love there is always an expression of beauty. It is our inner desire to find beauty and happiness that motivates us to struggle through the pain, sorrow, and darkness of life. Ultimately, we will reach the great beauty and bliss that lies beyond our immediate grasp here on earth. Beauty, in the world, is said to be love in a materialized state.

Nature strives to express and sustain beauty, but the human through his destructive activity has disturbed the rhythm and harmony of beauty in the world and has reached a point where he stands to destroy himself. Hence, it is the human who must restore what he through ignorance has polluted and destroyed. He must remove the scars of ignorance and replace them with the beauty of nature and God. Through peace and positive actions the human must re-manifest the beauty in life that he has nearly forgotten.

However, before he can restore the beauty in the world, he must restore the beauty within himself. He must forsake the outer gross and search out the inner peace and beauty of his own true Self. Then this world will again become as a Garden of Eden, but not until then. He must learn to live according to the standards of inner truth and simplicity and then he will find he is surrounded by beauty. This world reflects what the human truly is. To reflect beauty in the world the human must be an expression of beauty and that is an expression of the God within.

Beauty, at its best in this world, is merely a shadow of the real and true beauty to be experienced in the subtler worlds. The human is capable of destroying the beauty in the world. However, the human cannot destroy the beauty of higher worlds because he will not inherit those worlds until he turns to God and forsakes his destructive ways. The real human is beauty and it is the real beauty that is eternal. The evil and ugliness in the human must ultimately die.

Beauty can also be said to be a center of purifying energy. Anytime we are creative or uplifting we are creating around ourselves a field of purifying energy which sustains us and energizes us; positive, creative people are usually energetic people. They are surrounded by the inner light which pours out from them and uplifts them and also those around them, and this benefits the world as well. The path to eternity is the path of ever-increasing beauty; then, when one becomes one with beauty itself, one reaches eternity or the absolute where all is youthful and of permanent beauty. When we meditate, we are using a mantra of beauty and it restores the beauty we have lost and transforms us into a continuity of consciousness and an ocean of beauty.

God is love and God is also total beauty. It is the human who must raise his vibrations from the mud of the earth to the purity of the absolute and that is eternal beauty.

Lecture 34
You Get Out of Life What You Put Into It

It is Transcendental Meditation that charms the
mind, increases the intellect, cultures the heart and
balances the body, mind and soul that allows the
student to sail through the school of life and graduate
with honors far ahead of his fellow classmen.

There is an old saying that one comes into this world with nothing and he leaves taking nothing with him. This is not by any means an accurate saying. One coming into this world as a traveler brings many things with him and when he leaves, he should take more things with him. He brings his habit patterns, his individuality, his personality, ego, intellect, and his mind developed to whatever degree he has perfected himself. When one leaves, he should leave with these aspects more highly developed. He also brings his dharma and his karma, and upon leaving he should take with him all of the valuable lessons learned from his karma and his dharma. Certainly the most valuable thing he can take with him is greater spiritual development. All these things one takes along. The only thing one leaves behind in this world is the physical body, which stays with the earth. However, one takes along a blue print, or seed atom, which determines what the next body will be like. When one reaches the gate to eternity, he discovers that the only thing he can pay the gate keeper with is spirituality.

You may amass great wealth while on this earth, but when you leave not one penny goes with you because it is of this earth and has no meaning beyond here. The body dies and returns to the earth, or the elements, and it is the soul and spirit that lives on. One certainly takes along the lessons learned here, the experience he has gained and the growth he has attained and the memories he has acquired, but that is all. We come onto this earth as a helpless baby in order to take up the next leg of our long journey. Also, it is we who decide how long the journey will be and who and what we will encounter along the way. Then when the journey is finished and the body has grown old and tired, we again leave this world of the waking dream behind. We go to a higher world to contemplate and evaluate the results and effects of our journey here, how well or how poorly we fared. Then we rest for an age or so in a world of peace and bliss before we return and start our next journey here on earth.

It is the human who has willingly embarked on the long, long journey through life in order to learn and to absorb all that the universe has to offer. However, his home is the earth.

The plan for us was to start as a child of nature to grow and to raise our mind to its full potential, to raise it up through life after life of gaining knowledge and experience up to the fully matured divine mind. So, each lifetime here on earth is, so to speak, one more school year of education, mentally, physically, and spiritually for the student of life. And this goes on until the student graduates, not only from human life, but from relativity itself.

We were not created for this earth; rather the earth, the galaxies, the constellations and even the universe itself were created for us. It is like a vast university that has many colleges contained in it, within a country with many universities. So the universe is like this. We as students with a divine status must learn all that all of the universities could teach us. We are here on this earth as students of life, temporal and divine. God has always had far greater plans for us than we have ever had for ourselves. So each lifetime we take on new lessons as well as pick up the ones we didn't master in our last life.
Along with this we also have our karma to work out, or balance out, as the case may be. When we were children of nature on earth, the Gods came down and shepherded us until we were able to fend for ourselves. Then the Gods returned from whence they came and we left the Garden of Eden and we started our long journey through life. From that time to now we have learned much and we have learned very little. We have learned how to destroy ourselves. We have not learned to live together on this earth in peace. So again, nature will step in and say: the New Age of peace and progress is now upon us and anyone who is unable to conform to the New Age will not be here to disturb the New Age because what the New Age must accomplish is a vast leap forward in human evolution.

We like to think that much of the evil attended upon this earth comes from the unseen forces, but this is not true since much of it comes from those we see, those who would mold this earth to their own selfish and destructive ends. Those with such motivations are the ones who will not participate in the New Age of Heaven on Earth that is now phasing in and becoming a reality. No one builds a beautiful school and then allows a few destructive students to destroy the school. So, nature will not allow this to happen to this earth. Any student that chooses not to adjust will find the school of life very hard and sometimes cruel. The school does not make it this way. It is the student that does that. The student can learn as much as he wishes to learn. Some students may be slower learners than others, but they do learn in time and with greater effort. No school gives a student lessons he cannot hope to learn.

This is why a suicide is not given much understanding on the other side. In the first place, the student planned his own life, for the most part, and secondly, there were no lessons given him greater than his ability to master the lesson. So, one who kills himself gets very little sympathy on the other side.
Religion points out the rules and regulations of the school of life; the do's and don'ts to follow in order to adjust to the school's curriculum and become a well-adjusted student. However, it is Transcendental Meditation that charms the mind, increases the intellect, cultures the heart, and balances the body, mind and soul that allows the student to sail through the school and graduate with honors way ahead of his fellow classmen. When we learn to appreciate what the school of life offers us and we take advantage of it, then we are way ahead in our evolution.

As long as one fights life, one will be injured and bruised and filled with resentment toward life. But, when one learns to love life, to serve life and to learn from life then one will become a model student and life in return will give all it has to offer to help the student to graduate and go on to eternal life. So, we can make of life just what we wish to make of it. In ignorance, we make very little of it and some even attempt to destroy those who understand and try to teach us life's purpose. Yet, if we choose to, we can make life a great and beautiful experience. We as human beings have free will and so it is our choice.

So, in ignorance one destroys and in wisdom one constructs. The real mortal sin is that as we grow in life we know better, but we continue to destroy. It is axiomatic that as we grow in knowledge and experience, we should grow closer to God and to love. However, some blindly continue their destructive ways, groping after power and control. Those who are truly on the spiritual path have gone beyond any desire to control or destroy. But the fact remains, that there are many who are still on the path of destruction and the world suffers as a result.

However, no one can be forced onto the spiritual path as this is solely a matter of self-determination and self-growth with eyes and heart fixed on the goal of realizing God. The end realization will be that the God's shall again walk on the earth, not with the children of yesteryear, but now with God-men who are fully awakened and on their way home to an eternal life.

Lecture 35
The Road to Perfection

When one becomes conscious of his own ignorance, then one starts to move toward
wisdom and higher knowledge.

When one becomes conscious of his own ignorance, then one starts to move toward wisdom and higher knowledge. One realizes that in his long search in the external he has learned very little of eternal value. He now recognizes that the real and true answers lie within his own Self. So now he becomes the seeker. The search for truth has begun, not somewhere in the world of illusions, but in his own inner Being.

There he begins to fathom the depth of that silent field that lies within. He finds not only the silence, but he also opens the door to the eternal aspect of himself. He has transcended the field of limitations and has entered the field of all possibilities. He discovers that he must gain a state of purity of body, mind, and soul. The ideas, the concepts and the considerations of the past must be left behind, and truly he beholds a New Heaven and a New Earth in reality as the inner and outer of his own Self.

Thus he must be purged in the inner fire of revelation and be made new. That which for so long has been a self-imposed burden around his neck must now be cast aside. A new and more powerful light from within shines forth to guide him along the spiritual path he now treads towards life's eternal destination. Ultimately, he will set aside death as he would discard an old garment and he will be clad in golden raiment that knows no time or age. His heart and his mind will join in holy matrimony, a true marriage of human to spirit. He will accept his immortality with full honors as one who takes on full kingship after so many ages of being prepared for just such a time and event.

He now lives in an eternal age that knows no darkness nor casts any shadows, forever bathed in the eternal light. He fully sees and fully understands the scope of his Eternal Kingdom. He sees that which is absolute; that which is and always was and always will be. He will never again know the frustrations of human limitations and he will realize that the apprenticeship so long endured was most certainly worth the effort. Tears and pains of yesterday are now forgotten in the glory of the eternal bliss of the divine life.

Always he was pure of spirit. Now he is pure of mind, heart, and soul. The one that went forth into the world so many eons ago has now returned wearing his new crown, won after so many battles, so many trials and so many tribulations. Now the celestial beings take up the chorus in might and sing, All Hail the Conqueror.

Hail to the one who went down into the valley of the shadows of fear and uncertainty and who became almost horizontal in despair before he could stand vertical in the light of God. Now he understands the absolute, because he now understands his own true nature. He has left the universe of relativity and now knows the nature of the unbounded absolute.

The term “ever darkness” has often been used to refer to the absolute because it has been beyond the range of human mind and senses, and for most of humanity is still beyond the range of their experience. But, for those who have overcome, this is no longer true because the prize so valiantly sought has at long last been won. We no longer ask, “Who am I?” That question has now been answered for all time. I now know that I am my Self. I was always my Self and I will always be my Self.
When I went down to the field of illusion, I forgot who I was and I lived as a mere mortal, beset by all the trials and tribulations that I imposed upon myself. I became affixed to the wheel of birth and death. I lived numberless lives and I played scores of roles on the stage of human life. And by playing these parts over and over again, I learned what is good and what is bad in each and every life. Now I will go no more out, for I have gained the goal. I have been heated and cooled and tempered in the furnace of life and I now stand fully perfected having gone from no mind to divine mind. The spark has returned from whence it began, not as the spark but now as the flame.

Lecture 36

Devotion to our spiritual development is the paramount consideration of life's journey.

Devotion is the keyword for success in life. Everyone to one degree or another is devoted to something according to where they are in consciousness and the nature of their mind. Also, their nature and intensity of desire has a great deal to do with devotion. Devotion means to fix on something, to focus one's effort on something specific and pursue this course with great intensity. In our case, as Transcendental Meditators, what is necessary in order to achieve maximum results is to give devotion to the practice.

The main thing we need to consider, or have an awareness of, is whether or not what we are devoted to is productive or not productive, life-supporting, or not life-supporting; whether by our devotion we are living good karma or are piling up more bad karma that in some future time will come back to us to be worked off and lived out at a great cost to us. In low consciousness there is little consideration for one's actions.

We should always give due consideration to anything we have a feeling for and feel a certain devotion toward. If, after exploring the situation carefully, we find it to be good and that it serves our purpose and the purpose of life, then and only then should we become devoted to that particular pursuit. This is what is known as planned existence.

We may only be devoted to one thing, while with others, their devotion may be to numerous things. What takes most of humanity's time and devotion is the drive for success. But by what yardstick do we measure success in life? The yardstick varies greatly based on our consciousness. If you were to ask people what is success, most would answer that it was the acquisition of wealth or fame. However such a focus becomes a devotion to greater bondage. There is nothing wrong with having money. It is only how we view and use money that counts. As a tool for our own higher development and for the upliftment of those in need, money is good. When it is used to control or hinder the lives of others for the sake of power, it is evil. So, again, it is good to know by discrimination what we should become devoted to and to what degree.

Down through the ages we have been taught that a very high purpose in life is to be devoted to God. It is very true that we should be devoted to God, but we should be devoted in the right way. The way of devotion to God is by love and by infusion of the Being. By surrendering to God in this way we will be giving maximum devotion for all good because we not only place ourselves on the path of perfection and liberation, but we are also helping humanity to rise up much higher than it otherwise would. Thereby, we embark on a selfless crusade for humanity and by so doing we serve the purpose of God and the purpose of life which is evolution and perfection. This is right devotion.

We need to put our priorities in order and not put priorities on the lesser values of life. As devoted people, we need to fix our priorities on the highest value of life, and that is to achieve maximum spiritual gain.

Devotion can either free us or bind us according to how we view life and where our desires are concentrated. We do not show devotion by loudly proclaiming how devoted we are, but by silently expressing our devotion by our actions and letting our lights speak for us.

By now, most of us have learned that the path of liberation is the highest path because it frees us from the wheel of birth and death. So, in placing our devotion there, we have embarked upon our journey to become one with our Self. Devotion also means that no matter how hard the way seems and how little we seem to be gaining, we just keep on going. Then, when we least expect it, we will come out of the darkness, out of the pain and out of the shadows of life and into the glorious bliss and light of the Eternal. By our concentrated devotion we overcome and then we stand as pillars of light. We then express our true divine Self. By our devotion to God, we merge into God consciousness; we come into the oneness, the all-knowing, all-experiencing, divine and eternal Self.

So, devotion to our spiritual development is the paramount consideration of life's journey. As we climb higher and higher on the ladder of life, we gradually vanish in a blaze of light and into our Eternal Kingdom, the land of the glorious ‘now.' We pass beyond all sorrow, all shadows and tribulations of human life, and through our true devotion we become the eternally devoted, never again to feel the sting of death or the pain of birth.

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