108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 43 to 48

The Infusion of the Divine.
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Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 43 to 48

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 43 to 48

43. The Human as a Light
44. God is Love
45. Objectives in Life
46. Cause and Effect
47. Karmic Balance
48. A Few Thoughts on Parenting

Lecture 43
The Human as a Light

Man is unique because he lives in two worlds
at the same time; the material one around him
and the mental spiritual world within him, and
he has not been able to reconcile the two.

Man is unique because he lives in two worlds at the same time; the material one around him and the mental spiritual world within him, and he has not been able to reconcile the two. Yet, to succeed in his pilgrimage he must do just this very thing.

The material world is simply a centered conglomeration of whirling bits of electrical force, both negative and positive in nature, that follow an orderly pattern held together by electro-magnetic forces. These whirling, dynamic centers of force, without density or solidity are pulsating with life energy and are found throughout the cosmos. From them all of the chemical elements are constructed. So, matter is nothing but electricity in a given condition. It is a pulsating vibration of greater and lesser intensity, and when we vibrate in a given range compatible with the vibration of the elements of matter around us, they appear to be solid.

Man in his true nature is related to everything in the cosmos and beyond. Any separateness that exists has to exist in his mind. The universe of which we are a part is macroscopic to us, yet it is microscopic to any being who is greater and exists beyond it and understands it. Man hardly realizes that he lives in a gross material world geared to gross material vibrations and that he is in contact with the coarsest of the vibrations of electricity; coarse levels of color, heat, sound, and so forth. Yet, there is part of him that connects him to the highest part of the cosmos and beyond. Such is the potential of the human; ensouled deep within with that eternal spirit, that soul that was never born and will never die, that part that must grow into the reality of an absolute status.

The human is surrounded by a magnetic field, or a field of effects, and this is also true for everything created from the lowest to the highest realms of light. This magnetic field is also known as the aura. It radiates from the human the same as solar rays radiate from the sun. It is the human, though he is tied to the stars, the constellations, the solar system, and the earth of this universe, who has the gift of eternal life. He also has the corresponding forces of the universe in him and this makes it possible for him to become aligned or tied to the greater forces that lie outside of him in the cosmos. So, to the human, space is total nutrition or that which sustains life. He has an absolute status incorporated in him; he is ensouled. He is endowed with the eternal spark and his destiny is to grow into his full eternal status.

Most humans are unaware of the greatness of the vibrations that surround and affect them, that play in and through them from the constellations and the planets. They are conditioned to living in a gross world of materiality and material vibrations. They are only aware of the coarse vibrations of sound, color, heat, cold, electricity, and so forth, and are totally unaware of anything of a subtle, higher nature.

The human has seven bodies, the physical body is the coarsest or densest which contributes to the gathering together of the radiations from himself, and this is manifested as the aura. The emotional forms that clothe thought are pictured in the aura as color and form. Every thought passing through the individual is seen in the aura, written in the language of color. It may or may not be beautiful and this varies with the mental status of the individual and his level of consciousness. From these radiations of color and form a psychic or clairvoyant person can tell the health, character, physical make-up, cosmic age, spiritual or psychological development, and also the mental capacity, temperament, talents, and gifts of any individual. The aura is really a blueprint, or map of the person.

Everything about everyone is written and detailed in the cosmic code language of color, which again, is cosmic force and is also a vibration. Most people cannot see the aura, but many sense the aura (and all forms of life radiate an aura). For example, a strong forceful person would emit a powerful aura, but this does not imply it is a pleasant aura. It is the quality of one's aura that attracts or repels one to or from another person. The auras either mesh or they clash.

Thought controls the aura. So, the quality of the thought controls the color of the aura. Thoughts are the emotional expressions of our desires that carry motives hidden deeply within and these radiate from the aura as color. Color is light that is subdivided on the ethereal plane. Light being the basis of all life, enters into every cell, tissue, bone, and blood of the body. In good health one's aura radiates an electrical force field which has a high vibration or voltage; this powerful shield protects us. Nothing of a lower or inferior vibration can penetrate the aura. By wrong thinking and action we can weaken this voltage and become victims of external negative pressures.

The infusion of the Being through Transcendental Meditation increases one's vibration and protection. Wrong desires create wrong thinking and wrong actions, and this greatly weakens the aura. Right action results from right thoughts and thoughts are influenced by desires. So, the desire to become more spiritual and to experience God creates strong radiant auras around us. The aura speaks louder and clearer regarding ourselves than anything we could ever say. What and how we think is of vital importance, because this is what colors the aura. Positive thinking, as long as it is practical and not foolish, lifts our vibrations and enhances our aura, and negative thinking lowers our vibrations and dims our aura. This is why positive thinking is always encouraged.

Subconscious pressures, to a great extent, control our thinking and color our outlook on life. It is through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, by infusion of Being, that we release and erase these pressures and raise our vibrations while at the same time we unfold a new outlook on life. Thereby, we become spiritual. By our continued practice of Transcendental Meditation we are plumbing the depths of silence and reaching the essence of our Self. This in time becomes mirrored on the surface of life.

When we are experiencing our true higher Self, we stand out in vibrant iridescent colors that radiate quite a distance from our bodies and this in turn uplifts and in many cases heals those around us. This is what is meant by being a light in the world. We radiate pure light that soothes and attracts others and this is spirituality. And, to be this is goodness and pure wisdom. Such people walk quietly in this world, yet leave a great imprint of goodness and power behind them, and a great white light shines ever around them for all to see and benefit from.

Lecture 44
God is Love

The infusion of the Being into ourselves as we
continue to meditate is the infusion of the Divine Power
that overshadows all of our lower physical nature and
will ultimately free us from our human prison.

God is love means that the highest expression of creation, the motivation of creation itself, is out of pure love; this is God. It also means the highest conceivable vibration in the universe that also sustains the universe; this is God. God, and there is really only one God, is the Almighty Father, Master of Creation, who creates only out of love. God is the one who is the eternal flame, who sends out myriads of sparks from his own flame to ensoul those who are created in his image and are called human beings; humans who express the Being.

Humans start at the bottom of the ladder and through knowledge and experience work their way up the ladder to the rim of the well of life and on to eternal freedom. This is a long and hard climb involving the taking on of many bodies to complete the journey of human mortal life. If we continually progress on the path of evolution, each body should be a little higher expression than the last one and this is evolution.

The start of the human journey was in a mindless body; the purpose was to construct a workable vehicle. This required many trials and errors until a vehicle was constructed that could offer the most pliable and adaptable body suitable for higher and higher human expression and finally divine expression, laying aside the vehicle forever.

The human purpose of life is to fulfill God in life. Although we started from the animal vitality and its activities, a divine existence was always the objective. The purpose of God entering into form was to enjoy self-manifestation in vehicles of relative and phenomenal consciousness. This is why it is said that we as humans are one with the Father.

As soon as the body was ready, a ray of mind was fed into the vehicle, so the human could become self-sustaining. This modus of life centered on survival. Because the human was of a divine status, he was also a master of nature. As he developed his mental capacity, he began to misuse his powers. The early human did not possess the reasoning mind; he only functioned from instinct, passion, and desire. As a result, he ran into severe and insurmountable problems.

Then, the reasoning mind was developed, so he could reason out the consequences of his actions, as well as becoming more reasonable in all of his thoughts and actions. We have not as yet become fully reasoning or reasonable and we continue to kill each other for selfish reasons. The humans, who are as yet unknowing, regard themselves as separate beings; apart from the universe, not an integral part of the whole. It is the human that runs the gamut of life from unconscious to super-conscious. However, we are moving into a new age where human behavior has to make a dramatic change, where killing and wanton destruction will become unthinkable. This will be the age when numerous high souls will come to earth and establish human behavior on a platform of high purpose. The will of God will then be served. The earth will then take its place in the spiritual realm of divine purpose.

The earth is also a living entity and the earth is also raising its vibrations to correspond to the higher actions on the scale of evolution. Negativity relates to low vibrations, as does evil and destruction. With the positive incoming change in structure of the earth and humans, evil, destruction and negativity will fade from the earth. The evil ones, knowing that their days are numbered, are making one last effort to drag as many humans down with them as possible.

That demon of destruction that possesses all of us to one degree or another must now be cast down. To free ourselves from this force that besets us is mostly beyond our individual ability. Therefore, we must call down the Divine Power in order to gain freedom. Of ourselves, we can do nothing, but to God all things are possible. Therefore, we must put ourselves under his divine protection.

As meditators, we have done just this. Our mantra is the highest conceivable power prayer in the universe. As the Scriptures show, the angel wrestling with the devil, so we must wrestle with our lower selves and cast down our own devil, whatever form it may take.

If we believe in our higher and supreme Self, we can do what must be done. It is not easy. But, by faith and devotion to our meditation, it can be done. Our will power is the expression of our divine nature. By using or calling on our will power, nothing is impossible. The path of destruction does not require will power. But, to extricate ourselves from the mire of matter does call for will power and that is the inner strength of our God nature manifesting when we need that power.

The infusion of the Being into ourselves as we continue to meditate is the infusion of the Divine Power that overshadows all of our lower physical nature and will ultimately free us from our human prison. Even as we know that God is love, or that supreme vibration, we also know that we must step up our own vibration to where it orchestrates with our divine nature. Then we will outgrow our earthly shell and go on to absolute bliss and eternal freedom, leaving our discarded shell on the shore of earth's restless sea. The expression of multiplicity becomes one with the One, and that which is of the earth remains with the earth, and that which is of our God nature goes to God.

Lecture 45
Objectives in Life

We are always searching for happiness in life.
Unfortunately, due to faulty thinking, we seem to push
happiness further and further away from ourselves.

Each life we live is meant to be another step up the ladder of evolution. We pick up our life where we left off. However, everyone we had close karma with is not back at the same time we come back because of their own individual karmas. So, there are new personalities to deal with, but generally, the problems remain the same. It is like a child changing schools from time to time. We are fitted into a slot in life that will best fit our karmic pattern due to time, place, and circumstance. The new personalities we are in contact with will present us with new karma because we have no previous frame of reference with these persons. So, each situation is hard due to lack of familiarity with the situation and persons in the situation. However, this is meant to be and this is how we grow; ever so slowly, but we do grow.

Somewhere along the way, during previous lives, we should have developed strength of character that helps us handle the new ongoing problems, or pictures, we are presented with. In order to assure our growth, we are never presented with a lesson in life greater than our ability to handle the lesson. So, our failure to learn is due to the wrong use and projection of our free will. Free will always gives us the freedom to choose to do or not to do. So, the choice is ours at all times and under all circumstances. Along with this, our basic nature is bliss. So, we are always searching for happiness in life. Unfortunately, due to faulty thinking, we seem to push happiness further and further away from ourselves, while at the same time the absence of happiness becomes more painful day by day. This is why, from time to time, we should take personal inventory of ourselves and see where we are headed. Then, if we determine we are not progressing in our daily effort, we should change our course of action because most likely we are not living our dharma.

Right action always feels right and wrong action does not feel right. Also, right action goes along relatively smoothly and wrong action goes in jerks and stops. Often, we wonder how hard to pursue a course and if it is the right course for us. If we have a talent for what we are pursuing, and we are happy in the doing, and the results are satisfactory, then we can conclude that we must be following our dharma. As a lesson comes to us during the pursuit of our right dharma, and lessons do come, right dharma or not, we must master the lesson. Often when a hard lesson comes, we believe we are not on the right track in life and along with abandoning the lesson we also abandon our dharma. Even though we are on the right track our karma often fools us, and due to the pressure of the lesson, we abandon the whole ship and seek escape. Then, what we discover is that there is no escape, because the lesson continues to pursue us no matter where we go. Generally, people who live peaceful, happy lives are people who have a habit of living their dharma and who do not create unnecessary problems for themselves. They live on the side of good karma and not on the side of bad karma. They reason out their lessons and solve them as they go. So, their lessons are not as hard as the lesson's others have. Life can be made easy if we recognize at all times that we are responsible and that we are held to account for what we say, think and do.

Another great problem in life is the habit patterns that we have created for ourselves over a series of lifetimes. Habit patterns are so easy to create and so hard to change. We are born with a fully developed habit pattern, created by our sloppy thinking and our poor attitude towards life and all others in life; an attitude that says, I will get mine and the devil can have the hindmost. Yet, the devil always comes out ahead in such an attitude and we get the hindmost. While he is eating the chicken, we will be eating the feathers. So, our life is what our attitude dictates it to be. One change of attitude can automatically change one hundred bad habits.

The lower the consciousness the greater the margin of error and the more dogmatic one is, that is, less receptive to higher knowledge. Such a person has no insight, usually just hindsight. However, with growth this slowly changes for the better. Also, it is true that one has all eternity to evolve.

One should always have an objective in life, that is, a positive, constructive objective that helps one to evolve, because human evolution is what life is all about. Those who evolve the fastest do so through constructive service to humanity. The idea is to help others up the ladder and not to step on their heads as they try to ascend the ladder. So, this is a lesson world and we are meant to learn by lessons, that is, to live in life until we outlive life. People who have good karma and live the good life earned that karma; they are enjoying the fruits in this life as a result of their good labor in past lives. The average life runs alternately, smoothly, and then some roughness, which is a balancing out of karma.

The term used for many ages, which is true, is that at the end of our life we go to our rest; this life can only be endured just so long. As we age we go through stages from activity towards rest: in youth, great activity; in adulthood, activity with projected meaning (a planned existence); and in later life, less and less activity, but greater and greater reflection on the past - a time to review our life and to see our mistakes, a time to see where we hurt others and to ask for forgiveness, a time to bind ourselves closer to God, and because of the long memory that has now become very clear, to help youth gain a clearer understanding of the meaning of life.

An initiate who, in this life, has stepped onto the path of liberation, also has many problems to deal with: a lower self that does not wish to surrender to the higher Self, so it sets up many reasons not to proceed on the path; a poorly prepared body that has a hard time accepting the degree of purity now being introduced into it; and also, the great quantity of contamination in the subconscious now being brought to the surface, perhaps causing great distress. However, as initiates, we have the advantage of being able to experience God. And with devotion to our practice and with our gaze fixed on the all-encompassing light of the Almighty Father we will reach the goal of life. For, while the ladder of life is anchored in this temporal world, the top of the ladder reaches into the eternal world. When we reach the top, we discover we are also the eternal light, and our long, long journey through the blackness of the unknown has ended. We are fully conscious for all eternity.

Lecture 46
Cause and Effect

To understand the law of cause and
effect or karma one must accept and
understand pre-existence to this life.

The law of karma is simply the law of cause and effect in action or in motion. To really understand the law of karma one must understand reincarnation, or the fact that the soul is on a long journey and that this calls for many bodies that are limited to a general maximum of one-hundred years and then they must be changed. Then, during the change there is an evaluation and balancing, as near as it is possible, of the karma involved during a lifetime; the desires of the individuals being balanced out against the new karmic load coming up. Also, there is the extraction of all of the virtues of a lifetime that is absorbed by the higher Self, the one really learning the lessons of life.

In each lifetime on earth there is the opportunity to live out the fulfillment of one's desires. Also, on the contrary side, one lives in a world or plane where nothing works out, so that many of these desires are burned out. Then one goes to a special heaven where one's memory is locked off, and peace and rest in a blissful setting or surrounding ensues until one is ready to come back to the world to continue the long journey, from gross to subtle stages. This is the law of the cosmos, or evolution in action.

To understand the law of cause and effect or karma one must accept and understand pre-existence to this life in the world. Incidentally, déjà vu is simply our contact with a place or person that momentarily brings into focus a subconscious memory of a past life incident or surrounding. Contained within the structure of the law of karma is the principle that if one lives a productive life of meritorious work, one will enjoy the fruits of it and if one leads a non-productive or destructive life one must suffer. Such determination is based on intent; what was the intent? In any case if we cause one to suffer, we must suffer to the same degree and if we bring someone happiness, we in turn will enjoy happiness to the same degree they did. This is justice and justice is balance and this is karma. This is cause and effect in action.

The real value of religion is that it gives out the do's and don'ts of life for all to follow, guidelines for doing good and for what to avoid. The Lords of Karma create nothing, they simply restore back into balance what the human put out of balance. If we learn to live a life in balance then bad karma loses its influence and power, and one is in tune with the infinite.

Bad karma, under certain circumstances, can be lessened; such as by initiation onto the path of liberation, prayers, spiritual practices, and so forth. This, however, occurs only through the law of grace. It is also true that most suffering exists only on the physical and mental planes. For anyone striving to remain on the spiritual plane through meditation and devotion to God, the suffering is greatly lessened because by virtue of rising to a higher plane, one transcends the pain that was heretofore experienced on a lower plane. As we increase our power and infuse the light of God, the spiritual light burns out our old karma, for God is all powerful and all forgiving.

Lecture 47
Karmic Balance

When we finally balance reason and emotion by
developing the full reasoning mind and culturing the
heart, then and then only will we be at peace with
the karmic laws, and nature will give us full support.

Karma creates nothing, nor does it design anything. It is the human who plans, creates, and causes, and it is the karmic law that adjusts the effects. Such adjustment is not an act, but it is universal harmony tending ever to resume its original position, which is equilibrium; it is the law of harmony in action. Karma recognizes that, while each of us is unique, the wholly isolated individual does not exist. Each life is intertwined with all of mankind's lives, and extends through ever-expanding circles of family, local, national, and cosmic levels.

We, under the sway of prakriti (nature or creation) create our own karma. And, it is the law of karma that moves to restore the original status-quo, of harmony, peace, and equilibrium. And to regain this status quo, the balancing must be worked out through the same individual and to the same degree he upset the balance in the first place. So, it is by our own actions that we are the dispensers of our own gloom and glory.

When we become responsible for our own actions, which were a matter of our own choosing, we then accept karma, which always attempts to keep the balance. However, the human always seems to strive to put it out of balance. To the degree that humanity disturbs the karmic balance, this is the extent to which karmic action is intensified in the world. Hence, all problems in the world are man-made. However, many persons affected by this are seemingly innocent and not involved, yet in one way or another they are involved.

It is only when we gain enough wisdom and understanding that we will learn to live in conformity with nature and at peace with each other. We will then cease to cause unnecessary karma that throws us out of balance and makes us reap the misery we have so heedlessly sown.

When we finally balance reason and emotion by developing the full reasoning mind and culturing the heart, then and then only will we be at peace with the karmic laws, and nature will give us full support. Then, we will have moved into the New Age and heaven will indeed be on earth. Humanity will have matured and the God in man will be fully expressed and the eternal light will shine on this earth.

Lecture 48
A Few Thoughts on Parenting

A baby in the mother's womb is the
same as clay in the hands of the potter.

People often speak of a little stranger being born into a family. However it is not a stranger, but a connection of love from the past that is the attracting force that has brought that soul to them. It is a loved one from the past who, as a newborn, weak, helpless, and undeveloped, has come back and placed themselves in their care. It is a great trust that has been placed in them. In essence you did not make him. He does not belong to you. He belongs only to himself and to God. You through love will for a time protect and care for him and guide him until he is developed to a point where he is able to fend for himself. You in turn will in due time receive the same treatment.

There is in certain cases a condition where the opposite, or hate, will bind one to a parent and in this case, we need that experience in order for us to grow. Sometimes when we marry, we marry someone we know from a past life, and really love them again. We sometimes marry a stranger and then we should really get to know and understand them, if at all possible. It is love that rules everything in the universe and what we truly love, we never lose. Love is the one thing in the universe that does not know defeat.

At the time of conception the mother-to-be, the father-to-be and the incoming soul are always present. The soul hovers near the mother for the first twenty-one days and then the soul enters the body of the mother.

If a child is not wanted by the father, the child's brain consciousness is apt to be slowed below normal and mental perception becomes retarded.

If the child is not wanted by the mother, there is a liability to the child of a weakened heart and uncertain or imperfect heart functioning.

A baby in the mother's womb is the same as clay in the hands of the potter; how perfect or how imperfect the outcome is up to the mother. Her thoughts mold the child.
To bring in a higher, happy soul the mother to be should be engaged in thoughts of high idealism and keep her mind tuned to thoughts of beauty and harmony.

During pregnancy, great importance should be placed on pure living and high thinking on the part of the parents in order to give the child the best advantage possible.

The mother and developing fetus should have peace and quiet. This is the time when harmony between man and wife is of paramount importance to the well-being of the developing fetus.

Keeping a job until just before giving birth is a grave mistake and the baby suffers very much.
The method used to teach and train a child for the first seven years usually determines the way a child will go from then on. The atmosphere and environment of a little child require three things; love, security, and peace. Also, a child should always be treated with kindness, consideration, and respect. During the first seven years a child primarily learns about his physical environment. One should not expect much mental or emotional response from a small child. To excite too much mental or emotional response is harmful to a young child.

Children, being highly receptive to impressions, should be protected as much as possible from fears of every type. This is a fixed responsibility of parents, teachers and all who are in touch with children. If thoughts of fear are instilled in the child's subconscious mind it will follow him the rest of his life. And if there is enough fear in the child, it will tend to paralyze him and hinder his activities in life.

Those who wantonly frighten children and subject them to emotional disturbances are very apt to come back in their next life with a broken body, shattered nerves, or a weak mind as compensation for such treatment of children.

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