108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 49 to 54

A soul searches for spiritual perfection.
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Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 49 to 54

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 49 to 54

49. Knowledge
50. Loyalty in Life
51. Thought Forms
52. Energy, a Life Force
53. What is Liberation?
54. The Soul

Lecture 49

When you have unlocked the secrets
within your Self, then you will not
only know yourself, but you will also
understand others and the universe.

For ages we have been enslaved by ignorance. Now we are enslaved by knowledge. What we need is a new kind of knowledge. The knowledge that we have so long been locked into has kept us buried in ignorance of the real truth. What we have been learning for so long has been the knowledge of the external, and nothing of the internal. We have learned that knowledge is a tool to be used in order to live a productive externalized life. To be informed is one thing, but to know how and why we are informed is totally another thing.

In the coming Age of Enlightenment, to keep pace with evolution, we will need to know the pure and simple wisdom about our Self. Knowledge is an external aspect of our nature; wisdom is the internal aspect. Wisdom has no opposite because, it is inner wisdom that opens the door to all the latent knowledge concerning the workings of nature, the forces, and powers latent within us and the yet unsolved mysteries of the human; that is, the revelation of the Self, the “I” principle.

We have for so long isolated our Self in the delusion of the ego self as the “I” principle. This temporal false identification has affected our thinking, our society, our religions, our sciences, and our education. The fallacy has been the basing of this ideology solely on the relative and not on the absolute. The relative truth is a transient truth that fits the day, but is never the real and permanent absolute truth that fits eternal time. What we have believed in has not been the real and inner truth. We have for so long been taught that the atom was the smallest indivisible particle of matter. This is no longer being taught, as are many other things no longer being taught as the whole truth.

We now see all rigid patterns being broken up since they no longer are able to support and sustain humanity in this coming new age of truth unfolded, the Age of Enlightenment. What we have depended on for life support will no longer sustain us in this changing world. Our way of life is changing and a new archetype is being impressed upon us. Those who resist change will no longer keep step with the accelerated pace of evolution, and they will pass from the human scene. The truth of life is now replacing the outmoded fiction of life. Those things thought to be true, and taught as the truth, must now be revised. They served the material age, but they no longer support the spiritual age.

We are now being pressed forward by epoch and pressures, by troubles, wars, riots, and upsets, into the New Age and a realization of the real facts of life. A new history must be written on the pages of real truth, and the fiction of life must now be relegated to the past. We are also being pulled along by numerous forces of nature that are now being manifested in the world. Selfishness of people and nations, greed of people and nations, must now be discarded, and all humanity at the dawn of this New Age must march in harmony, peace, and equality into the new era of life. It is a giant step, and yet an easy step if we will only make the effort through Transcendental Meditation. Those not willing will simply be left to dwell in the dreams of the outmoded past.

In order to change humanity we must first change ourselves. When we do this, the truth will become self-evident, and automatically we will begin to live the truth. The new science that is now being unfolded is the science of the Self, and the science of the New Age will be spiritual science. The failure of humanity to date has been to judge and analyze all others from their own platform of human limitations or ignorance.

When you go within yourself and fathom yourself, you will have unlocked the secrets within your Self. You will then not only know yourself and unlocked the secrets of the universe, but you will also understand others as well. With this knowledge you will never again judge anyone or anything. The slave of emotions will now be the master of emotions. That which is greatest will now help that which is the least, and that which is least will now serve the greater. The thoughtless will now be thoughtful. The greedy will now be generous. The cruel will now be the merciful. These transitions will now occur because the self has become the Self.

The Age of Enlightenment that is now upon us starts with enlightenment; the moving into the true reality of activity of Self-life, while reflecting and maintaining the absolute. The inner revelation is that truly I am my brother's keeper, because I am my brother; I now know the unity behind multiplicity.

As the new spiritual age dawns and out of the ashes of the ego arises the new spiritual being, knowledge becomes wisdom, love replaces hate in the world, and mercy replaces severity. The keynote of the new world has now been struck; there is a new heaven and a new earth and a new enlightened human able to guide his own destiny in harmony with all of creation. The clarion call that echoes down the halls of time so clearly states, “Ye must be born again. Transcend. Transcend. Transcend.” This is truly Heaven on Earth.

Lecture 50
Loyalty in Life

The greatest loyalty in life is,
”to thine own Self be true.”

To what do we really owe our loyalty? To what extent should we be loyal? What are we guilty of when we are disloyal? How often are we guilty of misplaced loyalty? Do we understand what selfish loyalty is and what is unselfish loyalty? Are we loyal because we receive something, or are we loyal because we desire to give? These are questions humans have struggled with for ages. This being a relative world, the answers are also relative.

Loyalty, consciousness, and discrimination go hand in hand. However, first we have to start with the real meaning of loyalty. It means faithful to a cause, faithful to someone to whom fidelity is held to be due, faithful to an idea, and so forth. The first loyalty of all humans certainly is to God who created them. The second loyalty is to the mother and father who gave birth to you and raised you. The third loyalty is to the country where one lives, which is usually the country in which one was born. Loyalty is something that must be instilled in a child by the parents, not something that the child comes by naturally. However, this depends to a great extent upon the child's habit pattern that it brought with it into this life. It is, however, still the duty of the parents to mold the child into a better pattern while the child is still malleable.

Disloyalty is something that is not tolerated in any level of society anywhere on earth. There are certain things that we should just naturally be loyal to and there are certain loyalties that we acquire as we go along in life. We should, however, be very careful not to place our loyalties in the wrong thing or the wrong person as this can often culminate in disaster. There are many sailors who are loyal to their ship. But, if the ship is sinking it may be time to get off and place loyalties elsewhere. A stubborn loyalty to a lost cause can often cause one to pay a price for lack of reason and good judgment. On the other hand, where the loyalty is justified one should stand resolute in his loyalty. There are some people who find it impossible to remain loyal to anything for any length of time and they often become faithless to the very principles of life itself.

The best place to place one's loyalties is in that which is real and which has lasting qualities. Loyalty when not put to the test is very easy, but when loyalty is really needed there are few to be found who remain faithful. When we cease to be faithful, we become known as faithless. This type of person only shows loyalty when it is to his personal advantage to be loyal. So, his life is lived on the surface and has no depth. For a person to be truly loyal there has to be quality and depth in that person, and there are few people in this world that have that quality. When this quality is demonstrated by the people of this earth it will be to God and they will be God people.

Loyalty is something that cannot be bought. Loyalty must be earned. Too many parents try to buy the child's love and fail to give of themselves, and this too often ends in a bitter disillusionment for the parents. There is a need in all humans to be loved and the sad thing is that many who need love the most do not know how to give out love or even to receive it from another person. The reason for this is generally fear of being hurt. If they lovingly give of themselves, they have a deep feeling that people are just not good and they will always hurt them, if given the opportunity. The cause of this often stems back to a prior time or life when, through their weakness, they misplaced their love through lack of discrimination and they were hurt. So now they set up measures to protect themselves and usually they become very introverted and they feel totally unloved. Geographically, these people are often found on the edges of mountains. What they need is to rebuild their strength, slowly regain faith in humanity and come out of their shell.

It is very seldom in this world that you can hand your soul to someone and know that their loyalty will protect you at all costs. The nearest thing to perfect loyalty is motherly love and that is the most enduring love on earth.

It is very easy to be loyal when things are going smoothly, but what counts is to remain loyal when things are not going smoothly. In Transcendental Meditation, one is on the path of liberation and it is easy to remain loyal to the practice when one is enjoying bliss, but let that bliss cease and one's loyalty is tested very quickly. Too often the loyalty vanishes and the practice is dropped. The real test is to remain loyal even when there seems to be no progress whatsoever.

Many, when seeking personal gain from someone, profess great loyalty and then when they get what they are after they are gone. On the other hand, too many people fix their loyalty in misplaced emotions. Also, many espouse loyalty to a cause only because it affords them an opportunity for personal gain or to gain prominence in an organization and exercise control over others, but in such a case there was never any real loyalty to the cause or its organization.

As we grow in life, we begin to see all the games people play and how they use each other to further their own ends. Then, we realize it is because they have not grown enough to be honest in their ways and it is then that we appreciate how much we have grown. Jealousy and envy are two great weaknesses that all humans must outgrow. They cause great emotional instability and make our life very hard until we finally master our emotions.

In our practice of Transcendental Meditation, we stabilize the emotions as we infuse the Being into the nature of the mind. However, this is not an overnight transformation and we have to exercise discipline over our emotions until we have infused enough of the Being. Misplaced loyalty probably causes more problems in life than any other thing. The greatest cause of misplaced loyalties is lack of discrimination, or the refusal to really look at something and see it the way it really is. We often do not wish to see the reality of a situation because we do not wish to admit that we have made a mistake, since this would show a weakness which we may not want to correct. Many would far rather live with their mistakes than to take the time and effort to try and correct them.

The greatest loyalty in life is, “to thine own Self be true”. Then, we finally fix our loyalty on God, the one who will never forsake us. And with this established firmly in the heart and in the mind, we will never go wrong. We will find the way to glory, a path of bliss and everlasting joy.

Lecture 51
Thought Forms

As one grows in meditation one is less
and less susceptible to negative thinking.

Every thought possesses form, color, and tone. The ethers around us are filled with these varicolored forms at all times. Some people are clairvoyant enough to be aware of these colors. They are able to feel, see and hear them. The thought forms can be positive and some can be negative. One should at all times try to cultivate a firmly positive attitude of mind so as to be immune to the influence of the many harmful thought forms that permeate the atmosphere everywhere. People of a negative attitude of mind are subject to thoughts in the atmosphere of fear, anger, hate, destruction, and so forth; whereas strong, positive thinkers are very little affected by such thoughts. Also, strong, positive thinkers exercise a strong influence over those they are around. One thing that keeps one in a positive frame of mind is their ability to exercise discipline over imagination, and also the ability not to identify with everything that occurs. Positive thinking people remain serene and poised and in control of their emotions.

It is during meditation that one experiences the higher realms of pure bliss and pure thoughts and also experiences a process of purifying out of the negative thoughts. As one grows in meditation one is less and less susceptible to negative thinking. Also, as one grows in spirituality, one becomes more and more responsible for the kind of thoughts one entertains. One's thoughts radiating out, stay in the atmosphere or planetary ethers for a very long time. Thoughts sometimes remain and maintain their psychic pressure in the planetary ethers long after the originator has departed this world. The thinking that originated before, during and after World War I caused World War II.

The reason why capital punishment is not good is that thought forms of hatred, revenge and murder created by an individual who is executed are released into the ether to then affect humanity at large. This can then go on for several generations before its force is spent.

Thought forms of love, beauty, truth, and high ideals, when sent forth with power and purpose, serve to cleanse, purify, heal, and renew all who come in contact with them. This also works in reverse. Thought forms created by an individual grow and grow as one thinks along a certain train of thought, and eventually this overpowers and controls the creator. If one entertains a negative train of thought, then bad results from this. However, if the thought is positive, then there are good results. So, by our own thinking we create our own glory or gloom, or even doom. We should always think carefully about what we are thinking.

Mind is a comparatively new acquisition of humanity; reason is the principal faculty currently being evolved. It is said that youth is ever proud, with a tendency toward arrogance and conceit; these are the characteristics that distinguish a young inexperienced soul from an old soul ripe in wisdom.
A person who is centered mentally and starts on the meditative path is likely to cultivate intellectual power at the expense of spiritual growth. They become coldly analytical and are unable to discover the soul wisdom so necessary for their growth. After some time they become disillusioned and fall away from the path.

However, those who are seeking God go up the ladder of life bathed in the light of God and are thereby guided to the goal, yet they are the ones who are ridiculed by the opposite types. When the last tube has been twisted and dried the experiencer of God goes to God and the intellectual still sits at the bottom of the ladder lost in his own intellect. The mentalist must at some time learn to still his mind and listen to the dictates of his heart.

It is also true that the mystic must learn to control his emotions and heed the voice of clear reason. If this procedure is followed, then the spiritual currents that are infusing and ascending in the body, will affect a balance of power between head and heart.

The Almighty Father or God Supreme is the first and eternal flame. Virgin spirit or humanity is a spark of that flame. And the purpose of life after life, or reincarnation, is to fan that spark through knowledge and experience until it becomes like its parent flame. After being enmeshed for so many ages in the illusion of matter, the spirit memory of its celestial divine origin has grown very dim. It is through trials and tribulation, suffering and sorrow, that it rends the veil of illusion and then discovers its true divinity. From this awakening one starts the long journey on the path of enlightenment, back from whence it so long ago departed. The prodigal son (the human race) returns home to the Father where there is great rejoicing.

Lecture 52
Energy, a Life Force

It is in Transcendental Meditation, that
by infusing the Being or God into the mind
and body (which is energy, light, and love,
and this completely charms the mind),
that the mind no longer is a demon of
destruction, rather it becomes the
servant of God.

The real Self or the spiritual Self is a powerhouse of energy. The physical self is conditioned energy that is limited and often inhibited or restricted. Generally, the lower nature of the human is an expression of force and the higher nature is an expression of energy. It is force that is mainly used in materialization and separation and it is energy that is used in gaining spiritualization.

Energy is what you grow into as you unfold yourself and clear your connecting channels. Energy is the power that moves toward the center and acts as a magnet as we move in on ourselves in our march toward the spiritual Self. Force is the opposite; it is the physical power of matter which moves away from the center and as a result causes human separation and restriction.

The centripetal and centrifugal forces operating our spiritual nature are heavily charged with electricity and the more spiritual we become the more we become charged. As an example, one person may give a lecture and only words come forth, yet another may give the same lecture, but his words are charged and give forth energy which inspires and uplifts those who hear him. So, one is using force and the other, higher speaker, is using energy. Also, some people give you energy and others draw energy from you. It depends on the degree of infusion of the Being or lack of it. Higher energy levels signify higher vibrations. Some people express tremendous physical power or force, yet they mostly repel others, while the ones with spiritual energy attract.

It is important for us to conserve our energy and not heedlessly dissipate it in excess physical activity, mental worry, or emotional drain. Unless we are spiritually charged, and few people are, we have a given amount of energy to operate on, which physical activity uses up very rapidly. We are only spiritually charged when we become a clear channel for energy. We create a clear channel for a continuous stream of energy to pour into us to the degree that we have purified the nervous system and brought our higher vehicles into alignment. There also needs to be an infusion of all vehicles with the soul and then a further infusion with the spiritual. The body should be kept in good condition at all times since energy can leak rapidly from a damaged organ, gland, or other body centers. Sex, if it is misused, is also one of the most popular ways of depleting enormous amounts of energy.

We need to raise our energy level from the three lower centers of the body to the higher centers to gain the benefit of the energy and increase it at the same time. The three lower centers in the body absorb three-fourths of their energy from the sun and one-fourth from food. They are physical centers and they are concerned with the physical life of the body. If excess amounts of energy are used up, the body becomes exhausted. So, again, it is necessary to control negative emotions and heavy sexual activity. The reason children are taught not to abuse themselves is because in so doing they lose their powers of concentration and memory, which is so necessary for a student.

The human has to go through the process of an energy transmutation through a method of purification, and this is through Transcendental Meditation. Through meditation one's energy rises into the higher centers. Energy when raised to the heart center changes the individual's selfish love to group love; to selfless compassion for all of humanity, along with a greater understanding of those who are less evolved. One at this point should turn to activity of service to humanity without profit or personal gain, rather than the selfish misuse of energy. Energy when raised to the throat center causes one to become more creative in the arts, and so forth. Energy when raised to the sixth center opens one up to the spiritual worlds and an input of higher knowledge and wisdom is received. Then, when raised to the seventh center, or crown center, a cosmic status is gained and an unlimited amount of energy pours into us. This energy is tremendous and the physical power is much less. Hence, one in a high spiritual energy state becomes less and less physical.

We exist as an individual unit in a field of energy and this field is called a field of love. When we act against this field, it causes us misery and suffering and rapidly exhausts our energy supply as well as closing off certain centers of our body, causing them unnecessary damage. On the other hand, when we are in harmony with nature, or our energy field, we establish a clear channel to receive more love-energy, and an increase in health and happiness results.

To keep the channel clear we must remember that what we put out we receive back. A negative output in life calls for a negative input back to us to the degree of the output; cause and effect. And, this is controlled by our attitude and emotional stability. This is where will power comes into play; with discipline and discrimination working together we no longer create thought forms of a negative nature that tend to control us.

The soul is the sun within us. Often the heart is referred to as the sun, because the soul resides in the heart. Right thinking, speech and action increase the light within us and break up the clouds of negativity that cut us off from the soul-sun. When the sun shines through us it radiates out as love which is magnetic and attracts others to us rather than repelling them.

It is important that we detach ourselves from the unnecessary energy sapping bonds we have acquired, unnecessary emotional restrictions, which are unnecessary attachments to materiality and unnecessary projections of the ego. When we control these, we become in tune with nature and the infinite. A great load is lifted from us and the light of love-energy pouring forth from us helps all others who are around us.

The mind becomes the prison of the Self. It is the mind that must be cultured by love so that it will release the Self, and in love the lower self-surrenders to the higher Self. It is the lower mind that creates negative clouds that in time take on form and further binds us. It is in Transcendental Meditation, that by infusing the Being or God into the mind and body (which is energy, light, and love, and this completely charms the mind), that the mind no longer is a demon of destruction, rather it becomes the servant of God.

We are always receiving impressions in the mind, some from the world above and some from the world below. The impressions we act upon make all the difference. The impressions from the lower world act through the physical senses, whereas the impressions from the higher worlds act upon the subtle inner nature of the human. Most of humanity is not highly enough attuned to receive the higher impressions, so they go unheeded and they act upon the lower impressions. They become victims of their senses and are lost in a material maze of life.

Nobody can storm the gates of heaven. When you have earned the keyword the gates automatically open. At some time we have to raise our level of consciousness and become receptive to our true Self, to pure energy and to our real God nature. Although we will continue to create thought forms, they will be of love and beauty, not ugly and destructive. We will not only become receivers of pure energy, but we will also be transmitters of love-energy into the world which will dispel the clouds of confusion, despair and false illusions and thereby help uplift humanity.

God created us in his image, that we might finally stand vertical and tall in the pure light of love and energy as a silent witness to our cosmic unfoldment.

Lecture 53
What is Liberation?

The deliverance of the human from his
self-created bondage, the glory of that which
is beyond all grasp of thought, the happiness
that is the very foundation of our existence, is
nearer to us than anything of a physical nature.

Liberation is a state of freedom where the individual ego is eliminated and the true egoless state or the state of Self is cognized. Liberation is the feeling that exists in all of us, only it is hidden from our view. It is that something that stands behind us and is our real true life. It is called by many names such as the Atman, the Soul, Self, Brahman, God, and so forth, however, it is always one and the same thing.

The question is, if this is our own true and real Self, then why are we not experiencing this at all times? The reason is that our lower self has created limitations which conceal the nature of our true and real existence. When these self-created limitations, which are artificial, are removed, then the Atman is realized. This is called the liberation of the soul.

The soul does not then become something new; it simply remains what it is and where it is and what it has been eternally and it will remain so for eternity. The pure existence, or the Atman, is the first principle of all things and all thoughts. It is ananda, or bliss. The world of senses can neither add to nor take away from this supreme pure bliss.

In the absolute, there is a constant flow of that unbroken state of bliss consciousness; that flow-less flow of consciousness which is immutable, eternal, and all-pervading, and untouched by changes of the body, senses, and mind-stuff. It is the unity behind the multiplicity. It is that rate of vibration that is so rapid that is seems to be motionless.

It is Self-evident, whose nature is to be its own light. Neither heaven or hell or earth, good or bad, cause and effect, past, present, or future, has any place in it. It is that incorporeal principle behind corporeal appearance and it is called the Atman.

Liberation or the absolute has two main aspects: (1) freedom from our mental limitations, conceptions, and our prejudices; and (2) enlightenment as to our real and true existence. When the ignorance and the misunderstanding of our true and real Self vanishes, then and then only does the real Self stand in its own true effulgence.

That which is eternal was lowered down in density to where it lost its eternal state and entered a state of bondage. The deliverance of the human from his self-created bondage, the glory of that which is beyond all grasp of thought, the happiness that is the very foundation of our existence, is nearer to us than anything of a physical nature. It is not a heaven to be experienced after death; rather it is the eternal heaven which is ever present here and now, and always.

The absolute or nirvana is not an imagined world or an imaginary existence in which we have to live after we leave here. Rather, it is the real existence of the universe, the cognition of the primordial energy which constitutes all of existence. It is that which transcends our body, mind, senses, and consciousness. It is cosmic energy and the cosmic state of consciousness which are our eternal vibrations.

In a freed soul, the liberated and enlightened Atman assumes its original form which is infinite existence and bliss consciousness. Liberation is not the abolition of the self, but rather the cognition of our infinity, the limitlessness and absoluteness that comes through the expansion and illumination of our cognitive consciousness. This is why, when we reach enlightenment, we finally discover that we are the light.

Bliss is the essential nature of the Self; however, it remains concealed by the mind, by sensations, suffering, pain, and ignorance. In the absence of misunderstanding and ignorance, the sense of bondage, pain and suffering disappears. Then our true nature, unmixed with the senses and contamination, is manifested as pure bliss.

The realization of liberation, the experience of bliss, the cognition of one's own real Self, is not an objective process by which we are trying to obtain something. It is simply experiencing one's own true Self. Liberation is not about destroying the world, but instead, understanding the world as it really is. It is the knowledge of the Atman that changes the meaning of the world and its plurality.

The world does not change; it is just that the liberated soul's attachment to such a world has at long last ended. The world order and worldly events bring no more trouble to the liberated. One at last realizes the oneness of oneself with God. The world no longer stands as a veil between oneself and God. One has at long last gained liberation, the ultimate achievement, the gaining of divine mind, Brahman.

Lecture 54
The Soul

Time and again the soul returns to earth
through the gates of birth and death.
It does this in search of ultimate
perfection and spiritual growth.

The soul was never born and the soul will never die. The soul is like a chalice bearing the divine spark of the spirit struck off from the virgin spirit of the one great absolute God. In essence, then, the soul is divine. In its potential, it is godlike because it holds a portion of God. It clothes itself in matter in the form of a human body. It gathers this about itself as it descends deeper and deeper into matter and into the coarse vibrations of the earth plane.

Time and again the soul returns to earth through the gates of birth and death. It does this in search of ultimate perfection and spiritual growth. Such perfection comes slowly to the soul through different lessons of knowledge and experience that it has chosen to go through. However, most of these experiences are forgotten until a certain degree or level of conscious awareness is reached, and this is accomplished as a result of progress on the spiritual path.

The soul knows that it is only by undergoing certain experiences that the complete beauty of the celestial jewel of itself can be brought to fulfillment, much as a diamond can only be brought to completion and perfection as it is polished facet by facet on the polishing wheel of the craftsman. The soul is undergoing a similar polishing treatment on the wheel of birth and death. This continues until the light within the soul radiates through for all to see and appreciate.

The soul at death sets aside the garment of matter it has robed itself in during its life on earth. At its next approach to incarnation it takes on a new garment, especially chosen as suitable for that particular journey along its pathway of new earth lessons. The garment is woven to meet the needs and requirements of the weaver, who is also the wearer of the newly woven garment. At the end of each lifespan or incarnation, it adds to itself the virtues of the life it just finished. When it next reincarnates, these virtues are added to the basic structure of itself and this is evolution of the soul.

To the degree that the soul has perfected itself (as the individual is a many faceted being) that is the degree to which the light shines through. As a many faceted diamond, that can only shine to the degree that it has been polished, so the soul or individual can only vibrate to the degree that it has been perfected.

Vibration is also consciousness and so to the degree of perfection we have attained, that is our level of consciousness. That is why we are said to be locked in a level of consciousness. Light cannot shine through a facet or facets as yet unpolished. So many people are caught up in the glamour of matter. The soul would like to push on in evolution and perfect its virtues, but there is a tremendous pull in the other direction through desires, emotions, and the senses that slow down our progress and sometimes even take us backwards. These things we must guard against, and therefore, life must have discipline and orderliness in order for us to keep up in evolution and go forth in our spiritual growth.

This is why all religions are good, as they set forth a series of do's and don'ts in life in order to guide us along the right path. Later on, as we grow in perfection, and we enter the path of initiation, the soul takes over and we are no longer guided by the stars, but are then guided by the soul. What this means is that in ignorance we were compelled to do something, but because of greater enlightenment by means of initiation we go forward, direct to the goal.

Now we know what the goal is and how to reach it and the frustration we have so long experienced is now gone. The one thing that we must also guard against is pushing too hard or trying to go too fast along the path. Caution must be exercised as the body can only absorb and reflect higher vibrations just so fast and no faster than the nervous system can purify itself. If we force the body, we break the body down, disorganize the mind and we get into trouble.

To go easily is the only safe and sure way. The soul longs to reach the goal as soon as possible, but the soul does not desire a setback. The soul is an instrument of the divine spark and there are numerous forces and vibrations and truths that will be released to us for our control and use, but they cannot be forced upon us, the same as truth cannot be poured on our heads. We must grow into them as we become more and more polished until at last, we can no longer tell the light from the instrument of light; full reflection and full perfection. Now the diamond is no longer a relative diamond, it is a permanent absolute diamond; the soul has at long last accomplished its mission; the spark has returned to the flame.

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