108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 55 to 60

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Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 55 to 60.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 55 to 60

55. From Physical to Spiritual
56. Prana
57. Prana and Apana
58. Real and Unreal
59. Who Am I?
60. Living the Good Life

Lecture 55
From Physical to Spiritual

When one becomes an initiate one
then steps on the path of liberation.

Every human is born with a certain allotment of energy. Much of this depends upon how one took care of their body in their past life. One who punished their body has less energy the next lifetime and one who took care of their body has much more energy during their next life; cause and effect. Also a person who is born may be very physical or may not be so as this is according to where one is in evolution. What is important is that one improves oneself as much as possible during every lifetime. When one becomes an initiate one steps on the path of liberation. Then as one meditates they begin to infuse the Being into their mind and body. As this occurs it has a permanent effect on the body; one becomes less physical.

Initially, when one begins to practice Transcendental Meditation, one infuses more energy and thereby feels to be more physical. But, as one continues to meditate and infuses more of the Being one becomes less physical, more spiritual. One's power and bliss increase, yet at the same time the old physical drive fades; one no longer has the physical endurance they used to have. They start the day in an energetic way, yet they fade fast. This is a normal condition for an initiate and this is why one should not force their activity; one should take it easy and no longer try to maintain their old physical way of life for now one has changed; one has moved into a different stratum of life. One's physical power erodes and the strength changes from the physical to the heart and the mind. This is a radical change that takes place in the nervous system.

During this time great energy is utilized to increase the vibratory rate in the nervous system; this is called purification of the body. Ultimately, the nervous system must vibrate at a cosmic rate. However, down through the ages the nervous system has become impinged by all of the vicissitudes and traumas incurred in each lifetime. In some cases there is quite an accumulation of stress in the nervous system which starts to be removed by the tremendous vibration that is set up through the mantra and the meditation reacting against the blockages in the nervous system. Sometimes this can be quite painful due to the rigidity in the nervous system which resists all efforts to free the nervous system of the blockages.

This is why one must go slowly and not try to force the removal of the blockages. If this is more painful than one can stand, the removal must be done in slow stages. There can be no free vibrating nervous system until all blockages are removed and this is something that may take a long time to accomplish, yet it is something that has to be accomplished if one is to gain a cosmic status, and this status is the reason and goal of human life.

The worldly things that have always been so attractive no longer attract one's attention. One who used to by faith believe in God realizes that they are now experiencing God, and that the Being is always with them. They no longer feel lonely or separated, for now they are never alone and they are always connected. Now they are the self in the Self. They are in this world, yet they are no longer of this world. For when the Being is active in all states of consciousness the “line on water” analogy comes into focus; nothing makes a deep impression in the mind. This is the true state of “out of sight, out of mind.” Nevertheless, one is never disconnected from God or Self. One now truly sees the world as maya; as reality when you are in it and as maya when you are no longer in it.

One becomes selfless with a pure motivation of love to help humanity where it is possible to help. This means to help when asked to help without casting judgment, but serving only in the light and love of God. Judgment is always passed on others by the lower self. When one operates through the higher mind, judgment is never rendered. One only has the pure motivation of being in God's service to help humanity and not to hurt or hinder anyone. This is the qualification of those who will be the new citizens who will lead the world into the spiritual new age.

Humanity will change radically because under the condition set forth by the hierarchy for the age of Heaven on Earth there are no electives proffered, only that humanity must function in peace and love. In a world of harmony and abundance, where the emphasis is to elevate earthlings to a status of free global relationships, the days of conflict and isolation are coming to a close. The tremendous spiritual energy now being released on earth will not only affect us, it will also equally affect the other bodies in the solar system and beyond into the galaxy. We must now come to age and realize we are new citizens of the cosmos and those who contact us must be received in love and peace.

Truly a new age has been born in all of us and we must rise to meet the new age as sons of God and now exercise these tenets to a new earth for we are the pilgrims of the new age and what we sow must reap harmony on this earth and in the cosmos. The earth will change in many ways and so will we; not in some distant future, but now, for now as spiritually awakened individuals we will march to a new beat and the path is now ever upward and inward.

Lecture 56

A yogi, perfectly understanding
prana, and who can control it, would
have control of the universe. All
nature would be under his control.

The whole universe is composed of two materials. One is called akasha, the other is called prana.

Akasha is the omnipresent, all penetrating existence. Everything that has form is the result of combinations evolved out of this akasha. It is akasha that becomes the air, the liquids, the solids, the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, and the human body; everything that exists. Akasha is beyond ordinary perception. It can only be seen in its gross states. At the end of a cycle of creation, all melts back into the akasha. Akasha is the omnipresent material of the universe.

Prana is the infinite, omnipresent power of the universe. Prana is everything we call energy. It manifests as motion; gravitation, magnetism, nerve currents, thought force, and so forth. Everything as energy is the manifestation of prana. The total of all the forces in the universe, mental or physical, is called prana.

When there was darkness upon the void, there was akasha without motion. At the beginning of creation, the energies (prana) started up and struck against the akasha, and out of akasha came the myriad of forms manifested in creation.

Pranayama is the knowledge and control of prana. A yogi, perfectly understanding prana and who can control it, would have control of the universe. All the forces of nature would be under his control. All the gods in heaven would do his bidding.

Prana is the vital force in all beings. Thought is the finest and highest action of prana.

Instinct or unconscious thought is the lowest plane of action; it is an automatic action. All reflex actions of the body belong to this plane of thought. Another plane of thought is conscious thought, such as to reason, to judge, to think. Reason is limited to a certain extent. Beyond that it cannot reach. It is a very limited circle. Into this circle facts rush and are cognized by the mind. A higher plane is the plane of the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind goes beyond the limits of reason and comes face to face with facts that no instinct or reason can ever know. Learning to control prana helps the mind to go higher and act from a super conscious level.

Matter is represented by the ether. When the action of prana is most subtle, then ether, in the finer states of vibration, represents the mind. If one could reach the subtle vibrations, one could see that the whole universe is composed of subtle vibrations; the whole universe is seen as an ocean of thought. In the ocean of thought, we exist as whirlpools of individual thought. In the universe of thought, when we gain the Self, we find unity or oneness. All is one. Beyond the vibration of matter, beyond motion, is the oneness.

We as human beings represent prana at a certain rate of vibration, and we are aware of all on that plane. Step up the rate of prana, and this plane vanishes and we are aware of a higher plane or prana vibration rate.

Lecture 57
Prana and Apana

When prana and apana flow together
through shushumna (the central passage
of the spinal column) to the top of the
head, the experience of samadhi takes place,
which is the goal of all yogic practice.

Prana is the life force itself. In Sanskrit it is synonymous with life and it is also the name of the life-breath we take in with each inhalation. Prana is also the name of one of the five major airs in the body. Prana, as a body air, is situated in the cavity of the mouth and it enables food to pass through into the stomach. It resides normally in the area from the nostrils to the lungs and its location near the heart preserves life from destruction.

Prana maintains the other elements of the body in balance and controls their function. It is with the help of prana that we are able to move, think, see, and hear.

From birth to death prana plays a crucial role in our lives. At the time of birth it is the air that gives energy during delivery. At death it collects all vital energy from the body and flows out, leaving a lifeless corpse behind. Prana is like a faithful servant who fulfills all the demands of his master, but does not in return demand of his master any reward for his services. Prana is devoted to the service of self-consciousness twenty-four hours per day. Yet, prana is also temperamental. A slight change in the attitude of the master affects its speed and rhythm cycle. A good master, understanding the devotion of his servant, must try to help prana evolve. The methods to accomplish this are called pranayama, one of the most essential yogic disciplines.

In yoga, prana is of primary importance. With the practice of pranayama the yogi directs the flow of prana downwards toward the pelvic plexus, where it mixes with apana, the air which resides in the lower intestines. When prana and apana flow together through sushumna (the central passage of the spinal column) to the top of the head, the experience of samadhi takes place, which is the goal of all yogic practice.

Prana is not to be confused with oxygen. It is the energy in the gross physical body that feeds on oxygen. Prana maintains the existence of the physical body. Prana is life. To understand prana, life and consciousness must be seen as distinct from each other. Life is a vehicle through which consciousness manifests, and prana is the energizing force of life. When life ceases, consciousness does not. While prana is the air that takes in energy from outside the system through the lungs and aids in conveying food-energy to the stomach, apana serves the opposite function.

Apana literally means, downwards. And, this is the air responsible for the elimination of energy from the body. Apana resides in the lower intestines. Apana expels the child from the womb and causes downward discharges of energy. Apana is the air responsible for urination, defecation, and ejaculation. The importance of apana is not well understood in the West. It is known that there are intestinal gases, but the full reason is unknown.

There are many remedies for conditions brought on by apana, but there is no understanding of their cause. According to Indian medical science, Apana is the great cleanser of the system. The digestive process releases gases trapped in foods through the chemical interaction of the foods and the digestive juices in the intestines. These gases are produced in greater quantity when the food is improperly digested or when the circulation of juices has been disturbed (raw foods, nuts and seeds produce more gas.)

When, for whatever reason, the gases are disturbed they start moving upward instead of down. This unbalances the chemical system of the organism. If the gases reach the heart, they may produce high blood pressure, heart palpitations, or even a heart attack. If driven still higher, disorders of the respiratory tract ensue. If the gases reach the head, then schizophrenia may result.

When prana, which is charged with positive ions, is made to function with apana, and forced to enter through the central canal into the spinal column, a great fusion takes place between the positive ions of prana and the negative ions of apana. This generates a great amount of energy at the base of the spine called kundalini.

Lecture 58
Real and Unreal

To gain enlightenment, one must destroy the
impurities of the mind. And, this can only be
done by going within, which we do by our
practice of Transcendental Meditation.

As long as we live in the unreal we can never know the real, until we experience reality.

In the unreal, we take everything at face value. We have no awareness beyond our physical senses.

Only when we have been awakened to the fact that there is something beyond the senses do we begin to awaken spiritually. We begin to sense the reality hidden within us.

We do not suddenly become aware; we only awaken to the realization of the vast field of the unknown within our own selves.

If we have always been in darkness, we cannot know the meaning of light. When, by some one reason or another, we start to move toward the Light; then by degrees we become enlightened by our own experience.

We have to know the real and unreal and be able to live this in daily life. Then and then only can we discriminate between the things of a permanent value and things of temporal value.

The pursuit of the Light is the only way we can find freedom from bondage.

Once we are aware, we must then grow in awareness. To be aware of the Light does not mean one is fully enlightened. The awareness has to be a continuous unfoldment.

As we grow in the Light awareness becomes less and less obscured. It is said that one must go through seven stages of increasing awareness before one reaches the final goal of full enlightenment.

To gain enlightenment, one must destroy the impurities of the mind. And, this can only be done by going within, which we do by our practice of Transcendental Meditation.

As this occurs, we rely more on inner guidance and less on external guidance. We begin to understand that the only true guidance is within and really nothing outside can help us.

Seeing and knowing the Light gives rise to the desire to be permanently established in the Light of reality.

Some who come to yoga fall away because the seeming ceaseless strain of purification becomes too much for them to bear. You cannot be self-driven toward yoga for personal aggrandizement as this will only lead to the left-hand path or deep trouble.

The one who comes as a true seeker of the truth for truth's sake is the real seeker who will find the goal. As one goes along, tests are given and sooner or later one has to decide to continue along or cling to the earthly way; which means to decide what must be given up in the cause of spiritual purity.

What we say, what we think, and what we do become more and more important. Hatred, anger, dishonesty, possessiveness, cruelty, sensuality, and many other vices must fade out of our lives. Until this happens, there is no release from mental and emotional disturbances that are part of our daily lives.

Evenness and calmness of mind indicate that we are released from emotional problems and now we are able to view all things and remain calm. As long as we are caught up in emotional problems, a deep impression is made in the mind, and we act and react causing more and more karma.

A calm and even mind is like a line drawn on water.

Many say, “If I give up all vices and sensual pleasures, what is there left to live for?” What is left to live for is eternal life in freedom; an unbroken state of bliss consciousness.

The one great advantage of the householder is that he is able to put his virtues into practice, and practice makes perfect.

Lecture 59
Who Am I?

You are personal as long as
you are conscious of something
and you are impersonal when
you are consciousness itself.

It is the I-principle alone in the human that really lives and knows no death. Every human being is an eternal being; only one has to learn this and know this. Once we learn this, the wheel of birth and death, or the forces of nature, no longer bind us, because we have reached full realization.

When the knowledge of your true Self is correct, then and then only can you know anything else in its full and correct context. Realization is not a case of understanding truth, but rather being one with the truth at which time the truth of you merges into the truth of existence itself. To have inner peace and inner bliss, and not have this ever disturbed, is the end aim of life itself.

Ultimate truth is attained as a result of realization of the mind and giving up all else that is foreign to the real Self. Realization is really shifting the emphasis from the object to the subject in each and every perception. Then the realized person perceives the absolute, diversified as objects.

Those who are not enlightened identify themselves with the gross body and perceive only gross objects with gross minds and gross thoughts. I see Me when I see me not. I shall see Me when I cease my objective search and turn inward to discover my Self as one with that for which I was searching. When this happens, the subject-object relationship has vanished. The real experience in life is when consciousness stands as pure experience without an experiencer. Then is when the I-principle stands as pure consciousness.

You are personal as long as you are conscious of something and you are impersonal when you are consciousness itself. The only real death that exists for the human is the death of the ego. That which was born of necessity must now of necessity die. When this finally occurs, the sense of separateness vanishes and one is moved from his unnatural state. Also, human error vanishes and one ceases to create further bondage for oneself.

Some say, “I have bliss and then this disappears. Why is this?” It is not that bliss disappears, it is you, the ego, off on another tangent that overshadows the bliss and this is done through the mind and through the emotions. Some strong desire or situation arises and is cognized by the mind and the mind and ego become lost in this for some time. Then, when this passes, the bliss is again felt. This goes on and on until the infusion of bliss is so great that nothing ever again overshadows the bliss; this is infusion that is permanent.

Another great problem of humanity is that everyone seeks the truth outside of one's Self and in doing this the search becomes endless, because such outside truth is relative. The search for truth ends when we learn that truth is not outside of ourselves, rather it is inside ourselves. In other words, we are that truth.

Consciousness and activity in life are closely related because the degree of our consciousness, for the most part, determines our activity, or the nature and quality of our activity. As we increase our consciousness, the quality of the activity changes dramatically. So, consciousness is the background of all activity and as we grow inwardly our outer activity becomes more and more effective and the effort of the doing becomes much less. We notice this from our practice of Transcendental Meditation; we do less and accomplish more.

As one opposite in life relates to another, so happiness in life exists in our awareness only to the degree that we understand previous suffering. When we no longer project suffering for ourselves and others, then and only then do we experience continued peace and happiness. The Being in us, the human beings, becomes expressed as happiness and our activity becomes of a quality that no longer binds us.

It is the normal flow of energy that goes outward from Brahman through the intellect, mind, ego, and matter into and through the realms of lower vibratory frequency. And, it is through the medium of humanity that it is made to flow back to its source as pure vibrating consciousness. He who sees in this world of multiplicity that thread of oneness that underlies all that exists and he who discovers that there is only one light and knowledge, to him comes eternal lasting peace.

There are many reasons for starting Transcendental Meditation, but certainly the greatest reason is that through meditation we discover our true identity. What we need is the manifestation of the unmanifest into the manifested. Three fourths of us is unmanifest and by meditation, we begin immediately to experience the unmanifest directly.

The perception of the Self is only possible while we are alive and keep the body in a healthy condition. If we have to experience death due to the lack of Self-realization, then we have to take on another embodiment on this, or some other suitable earth, in order to complete the journey to the Self. Discrimination will not lead us to the Supreme; we may get close to the gate of reality and the threshold of the Absolute, but it will not get us in. To get in, we need full development of our intuition, insight, revelation, cosmic consciousness, and full God vision.

Intellectually we are unable to free ourselves from the domination of worldly possessions and earthly human desires. It is only by infusing the eternal light into ourselves that we are able to free ourselves. No other way will serve the purpose. We now know that for ages we have been born in a self-induced bondage and that our freedom will be gained by gaining full awareness of the Self. We will learn to control the body with the senses, the senses with the mind, the mind with the ego, the ego with the intellect, the intellect by the individual self, and the individual self with the cosmic force, and then cosmic consciousness. Then, we will be free and into the eternal life.

In that state our hearts are hearts full with love. Our minds are minds of pure thoughts and we stand with God in the eternal light with eternal vision, full knowledge, and complete experience. The age-old question of who am I is answered. I am myself. I am Brahman. I am one with God. I am the traveler through human life who has returned home in full resplendent glory. I have gone down the long road of involution and into human involvement, then up the long road of evolution and out of human evolvement and I now stand, not in the light, but as the light. I am That and That I am.

Lecture 60
Living the Good Life

The human is always a slave to his
past, but also a master of his future.

This is a time when human thought manifests in a preponderance of negativity and destruction, and those engaged in this type of thinking have very little control over their thoughts. They are caught up in a mad rush toward destruction. The outcome of this type of thinking is determined by whether, in the sum of human thinking, the good shall outweigh the bad. This is determined, not by the quantity of the thinking, but rather by the quality. The thoughts of the majority of humanity are of the senses and do not carry the light of divine Intelligence.

If, in the future, there comes a point where the thinking becomes so negative as to make recovery or balance in nature impossible, then the divine Intelligence calls forth the God of fire, or the God of water, to give humanity what their thinking has called for, and mass destruction of this earth begins. Volcanic action cracks the earth's crust open and the crust then breaks up and begins to sink and the water covers the earth and a large segment of humanity is removed from earth; then, a new land mass rises to the surface to support a new civilization that conforms to the laws of nature and who loves God. This is not wholly necessary if humanity will only change their ways and turn to God and start supporting nature. However, in the main, the opposite is occurring.

The spiritual path is referred to as the razor's edge, or the narrow way. The reason for this is that, as we progress along the spiritual path, right and wrong comes very close together. What is right for one moment may be wrong for the next moment. So, our faculties must become increasingly more highly honed to properly guide us under all circumstances and keep us from doing what is nearly right, which is wrong. As the Upanishad says, “As hard as it is along a razor's edge to fare, so hard is it to tread the path, the wise declare.” This simply means that, in order for us to retain our balance along the path, we must develop qualities of a higher and higher nature to stabilize ourselves.

Along the path we must have perfect assurance and a total loss of fear. It is said that one must be: firm and consistent without being rigid and inflexible; be self-respecting without being arrogant; be humble without being abject; be generous without being foolish; be thrifty without being miserly. This is the spiritual path. The qualities we must have are patience, aspiration, being intellectual, perseverance, diligence, being unyielding, determination, good fellowship, self-respect, universal love, and efficiency. Also, along the path we must hone the following qualities to a fine edge: self-confidence, fortitude, integrity, equanimity, forbearance, detachment from possessions, and humility.

The only real security that we can find in life comes from being on the spiritual path. Everyone is seeking security. However, most seek it in money, dependence on others, and on other things outside of themselves. The real lack of security comes from our attachment to our karma. It says in the Bhagavad Gita, “Therefore always do in detachment the essentials of karma, for by doing karma in detachment one reaches the supreme.” The more we detach ourselves from karma the greater is our security from the trials and tribulations that karma subjects us to.

Most humans conform to the law or principle of good behavior, not because they desire to do so, but because of fear of punishment. One on the spiritual path develops an inner quality of goodness that creates in them a desire to support nature and not run contra to the laws of nature. They are very aware of karma and they desire to create good karma through all of their thinking, speaking, and doing. This is what is called, living the good life, for good does come to the good and evil comes to those who create evil. This is due to the law of cause and effect and we should always remember this at all times. If we choose the low path in life, we inherit the low, and if we walk the high path, we receive the light of God and his blessings. It is for us to choose, and we have the free will to do so.

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