108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 61 to 66

The mystery of life is meant to be lived.
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Photo: Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 61 to 66.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 61 to 66

61. Transmutation of the Sexual Force
62. The Relative and the Absolute
63. The Well of Life
64. The Way to Heaven is Through Hell, The Way to God is Through Devotion
65. Happiness in Life
66. One Cannot Travel on Two Paths

Lecture 61
Transmutation of the Sexual Force

Transcendental Meditation has the
power to transform the sexual force
from the sex center up to the brain.

The ability to gain access to the inner or higher planes is dependent upon the purity of one's life. This implies far more than physical chastity. It involves purity of mind and motive as well as physical chastity. Also, physical chastity cannot be identified with the mere denial of sexual expression through repression. Great harm has been done by those who believed that out of negative abstinence they would have a spiritual life. The truth is that one is not truly chaste until chastity flows outward from the soul easily and naturally. For as long as the sex nature is a source of trouble, even though controlled, it is not being fully transmuted into the higher functions of the spirit. It is said that one who finds pleasure in vice and pain in virtue is a novice in both, and anyone who finds pain in discipline is truly a novice on the path.

When the sacred fire force is finally lifted to the brain it will fill one, not with passion, but with light. Those who attain this state are the heralds of the new race in the New Age.

In the earth period, when the dense body of the human was being formed, a part of the sex force was directed upward and used for building the brain, larynx, and nervous system. To preserve the human race it was necessary for the male and female human to be created from the andro-genes being, and so they were. To encourage physical sex between the male and female the orgasm was introduced as a provocative feature. Hence, for many ages sex became a way of life for much of humanity, and the present mode of generation belongs to that transient phase of human evolution. Then, when the first purpose was accomplished restrictions to unbridled sex were incorporated into the various scriptures and a new code was introduced for all of humanity to follow.

The organs of reproduction or generation will eventually atrophy and their function will be taken over by the heart, larynx, and the brain. The time is fast approaching when the reproduction of the kind will cease to be physical and will become a mental projection; creation of forms will be by mental projection and the materialization of images. Man now generates, but in the future the new race will learn to create and the human will be very spiritual because the forces of the lower and the forces of the higher natures will be united.

There is a very intimate relationship between the brain and the creative organs and this is shown by the fact that excessive abuse of the latter invariably weakens the brain. This is true because both draw upon the same energy substance for functioning. Transcendental Meditation has the power to transform the sexual force from the sex center up to the brain; hence sexual activity is transformed into activities of mind and spirit and the control of every cell of the body is then by the mind. The body is thereby raised above the forces of physical passion and one's whole being is centered in the currents of spirit. Then one is truly spiritual and body heat has now become body light. The physical way of life will be gone. So, now is the time when initiates must move in this direction, for the new path now leads to immortality and humans will become godlike.

We are now entering into an age of Heaven on Earth, a time when those who heed the clarion call will live on this earth in peace and happiness, and there will be a golden opportunity for them to rise to the heights. Certainly all will not be initiates, but they will have outgrown violence and petty greed and they will be dedicated to a constructive and progressive way of life with a love of God along with a constructive universal religion of truth unfolded and a consciousness to see, to know, and to live the truth. For the truth will then free them. For all will now be “caught up with Christ in the air;” which means to live the meaning of Christ (which is love) in the Aquarian (air) Age. Still there is the terrestrial man who must remain with the Old Age and there is the celestial man who will move into the New Age. The dust-man will remain and the spirit-man will complete the journey to immortality.

Lecture 62
The Relative and the Absolute

The mystery of life is not a problem to be
solved, but rather a reality to be experienced.

There is no phraseology that can be derived from our experience in the physical relative world that can fit the absolute. In the world of relativity each thing is related to all things. All things in the relative universe are related to each other. We may not be conscious of that relationship, but it does exist. We have no existence as a separate creation. We are an integral part of the intricate web of relativity in which all things mutually determine each other. Within this world it will always be so.

Creation, as a mental projection of the creator, is a unitized projection, incorporating in its manifestation, multiplicity. Yet, it is all contained in the unity of oneness.

Relation dominates relativity, but the absolute has no relation to anything because it is all things. Although we as humans are in the relative, we are really in our true essence, absolute. Being totally enmeshed in the relative, we do not realize our true status. However, we finally gain the realization that we are all that is, and our finest knowing is Being. This is not something that is more beautiful or glamorous than our world image. It is something completely different. Here the finite mind, materially bound as it is, completely fails us. To the mind, the world may seem to be one or many, but never both at the same time.

Relative really means temporary, and the absolute means that which is real and permanent. In relativity our consciousness is, as a rule, very limited, and as a result, we are not aware of our true relationship to the absolute. We believe ourselves to be in bondage and we live as if we were, not even being aware of our ability to free ourselves.

The reason there can never be freedom in relativity is the fact that everything relative is at least partially determined by all else that is relative; one thing dependent upon another. Only the absolute is free because it is dependent upon nothing other than itself. There is no interaction between the absolute and the relative. The relative things can only be related to other relative things and not to that which is absolute. Relation is the nature of relativity, but the absolute has no relationship to anything because, again, it is all things. Externally, there is absolutely no way to go from the relative to the absolute. In other words, we must go within ourselves, and transcend ourselves to reach and unfold our true internal Self. And, this we all have experienced through our practice of Transcendental Meditation. That which is external belongs to the finite or perishable. That which is absolute belongs to the infinite or imperishable.

As long as our vision is limited to the external, we are forever bound to the wheel. We must turn our attention within ourselves to experience the true meaning of truth. This shift of attention puts us on the path of enlightenment, and towards becoming liberated from the world of delusion and the universe of materiality.

As long as we are externalized, we are locked into bondage. When we discover that really, we are not in relation to anything else because we are all things, then comes freedom. And, there is nothing outside to cause us to be any longer limited. When we infuse the Being into our minds and bodies (through our practice of Transcendental Meditation), we no longer have the desire for more or for greater, because the Being is not dependent upon anything else because it is all one, alone.

The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but rather a reality to be experienced. The absolute is its own fulfillment. The belief of separateness is the waking dream of life. It is the underdeveloped state of consciousness that believes that it is the body surrounded by materiality in time and space illusions. That which is all-abiding and ever present in the absolute appears to be a structure of past, present, and future development in the image world, but that world is not the “I,” the absolute, Being. Time structure is in the relative and is but the human way of interpreting the ever-present reality. Therefore, in ignorance of the true facts of life, we weave into this texture all of our thoughts and questions. All the problems that our imprisoned minds can perceive are impregnated with that illusion. We are self-bound, and due to the play of emotions, we rise and fall according to the destiny we create for ourselves.

Time is not a series of events. Time actually is. We objectify time as a succession of events, or a scroll on which events are written. This particular time structure of our world image is only our human way of interpreting ever present reality. The same thing applies to space and distance; these are interpretations of the mind and intellect functioning in a limited capacity in the universe and world of relativity.

Intuition alone can serve as a way to higher knowledge; intuition being the experience of reality in our being. When we seek the realization of absolute truth, we seek first the Kingdom of God and all else is revealed to us. The eternal path is the path within and to go within, the mind must be turned within and in so doing, we turn from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment, from bondage to freedom.

However, there has to be a point of recognition of a need to seek freedom or liberation. This point comes with increased consciousness, or awareness, as the first glimmer that we have an untapped latent potential that lies within us, and that there is a method for unfolding this potential. As long as we find success and happiness in life, we seldom become moved to seek the inner way of life. It is only in the face of adversity, when we are being severely tested in life, that we turn to higher insight for a solution to our problems. What we really learn is that we can no longer blame others for our problems, because we come to realize that our problems are caused by ourselves. Therefore, the answer lies within us, and it is within our power to effect the change. We become seekers of something that very few even know exists. And, we are seeking that which is also seeking us.

Lecture 63
The Well of Life

The reason for so much of our troubles is
that the mind is the servant of the emotions.
It must become the master of the emotions.

Humanity is at the bottom of the well of life. The body is the well. What we call living is the existence of humanity at the bottom of the well. In order to climb out of the well, we must move toward pure spirit. While we are at the bottom of the well, the memory of life above the rim of the well is kept in dreams.

The rim of the well is reality. It is a state of moving from death to life. First, we must awaken. We must inverse our consciousness. At a point of recognition, we start climbing our way out of the well. There is no mass exit from the well.

Not wanting to separate from profit and advantage keeps us from climbing out of the well. Those who climb out of the well become the leaders of humanity.

After climbing out of the well, some people return to the well in order to tell others of the true life beyond. When we reach the top of the well, consciousness absorbs us. We start to move toward right thinking, right speaking, and right action. When we do something wrong, we invoke a crisis. Anyone who is always in trouble cannot be right.

The reason for so much of our troubles is that the mind is the servant of the emotions. It must become the master of the emotions. The pressure of desire leads to dishonest thinking, speaking and actions. So, in order to find true honesty, we must find God within ourselves.

Cosmic consciousness bestows universal compassion. All desire to pass judgment passes away in cosmic consciousness. In cosmic consciousness the true value of life can never be lost.

Total consciousness is total life in total suspension. Pure consciousness does not move, because it is the end of motion. In pure consciousness all illusions vanish. There is only totality; absorption of all at the top of the well. There is no resemblance to anything we have known. In order to climb the well, we must go within to the source and climb toward spirit. At the rim, we find the true light, the bliss within.

That which is above the rim of the well is normal; the earth below is the abnormal.

Lecture 64
The Way to Heaven is Through Hell,
The Way to God is Through Devotion

Transcendental Meditation is the
path to liberation; through daily practice
we become spiritual and one with God.

For any mortal to become immortal he must be devoted to God, the one almighty God, with all his heart, mind and soul. He must serve God as he would serve himself, only in an unselfish way. God is love, and for the human to know God, he must learn to express love with all his being. In simple language, he must reach a level of purity of vibration that corresponds to the vibration of God in order to gain God consciousness.

It is not that easy, because we are bound in a situation of matter where the matter has tremendous glamour and we are almost totally attracted and attached to that glamour. In being attached, we are totally materialistic. And, in being totally materialistic, we keep our vibrations at that level that only serves to make us more and more greedy and selfish. However, it is the ongoing process of evolution that forces us to continue to grow and not remain stuck in a materialistic level.

The human, in looking around himself, cannot find anything in the universe that is not God, and when he finally looks within his own self, there he truly finds God. Devotion to God is simply the recognition that we are created by God and that we must grow in his image, and with that recognition we will serve God, and in so doing serve God-humanity and ourselves.

The human, through the ages, has grown to the point where he is now responsible for all that he says, thinks and does. Here on earth we live in a lesson world of opposites, tailored to our every need. We are endowed with resilient qualities in order to handle our free will. Therefore, we must live with and learn to deal with a myriad of situations before we are ready to leave this earth for a higher, glorious eternal life. Two things we must gain during our earth life are courage and strength of character. However, before we have forged these qualities, we must experience hardships and many disappointments. While learning the necessary lessons of life, we may feel that we have been cursed. However, we really have been blessed. In order to be of service to humanity we must live through lives of social inequality.

Hope and faith, two greatly needed human assets, are gained by living in an atmosphere of uncertainties and insecurities. Faith is always gained in situations of times of trouble where we know less than we are able to believe.

Being truthful is a great quality of human character development, much to be desired and very much admired by all. To gain this quality we must exist in an atmosphere of lies and constant error. Again, to learn to become loyal and devoted to our duty in life, we must experience a life where we are beset by betrayal and desertion and the constant and always present threat of failure to do our duty.

Also, to learn to become unselfish we must live a life where we constantly face a challenge of self-projection for honor and recognition. For us to gain the divine life we must forsake a life of self-service.

Life is such that if there were no evil for us to overcome, we would not know the good by contrast in order to exalt the good in life. For us to really know pleasure and the satisfaction of happiness, we must live in a world of pain and suffering where the likelihood of pain and suffering is always present and could overtake us at any time.

This lesson world provides us with an atmosphere where we become conditioned by knowledge and by experience in order for us to develop a desire and willingness to do God's divine will.

Life on earth provides us with a perfect school. Because of the myriad levels of consciousness in evidence in humanity on this earth, at any given period, there is always a class for us to fit into when we make our appearance in this world and start another life's journey. This is why there has never been a time on this earth when the high and the low did not manifest at the same time.

Sin is where, by our will, we consciously endorse and knowingly embrace a deliberate immoral judgment. Through knowledge and experience in life we come to know what is good and what is bad. Therefore, our excuse for embracing that which is bad becomes less and less valid.

Good is always that which produces an uplifting effect, or life supporting effect. Bad is that which tears down, or produces no good effect for the individual, or for anyone else.

All humans are a composite of good and evil. However, the thrust is to radically reduce the evil and dramatically increase the good. To become spiritual is the epitome of good. All who have become perfect beings, in moral nature and spiritual attainment, have done so through their earth existence. Celestial beings experience bliss and pleasure, but they know nothing of the sweetness of the pleasure of escape from the potential of pain. They are loyal, but they have never experienced the wholeheartedness and intelligent devotion to duty in the face of heavy temptation to default, or defect. It is true that they are unselfish, but they also have never had the earned satisfaction of conquering a belligerent selfish self-nature. Although they are godlike, they have never had the satisfaction of consciously becoming that way by evolving from an animal state to a God conscious state. As the scriptures state, it is the human, who is now lower than the angels, who will one day sit in judgment of angels. Also, the way is narrow and straight is the gate, and few there will be that find it. But, those who faithfully follow the way of devotion to God will be the ones who gain the goal here and now, and it also follows, that the sheep who have not found their way home and seem to be lost will, in time, come home wagging their tails behind them.

So, it is the destiny of humanity to go through hell in order to find heaven and consciously know that it is heaven earned, and that the way to God is to consciously know and experience God through unfaltering devotion.

As Guru Dev said, the human birth is the hardest of all births to obtain, for it starts in the jungle and proceeds on to the human and on to liberation where one stands forever in eternal bliss and as the eternal light. This is the goal of all of humanity.

Transcendental Meditation is the path to liberation; through daily practice we become spiritual and one with God.

Lecture 65
Happiness in Life

Life is meant for enjoyment.

Life is meant for enjoyment. Therefore, enjoyment is the source and end of all activity. Religion teaches us that to forego earthly pleasures is to earn heavenly joy. Yet, life was meant to be enjoyed, and for so long this has been misunderstood by much of humanity.

If life was only meant for pain, or the prospect of pain, no one would remain alive. There would be no incentive for life and the end purpose of life would never be known. However, this has never been, or will ever be, the divine plan of life. The divine plan is all encompassing and the beginning and the end has always been known. It is only the human, with his limitations, having no understanding of the purpose of life, who blindly blunders along in his own created misery until he arrives at a point of awakening.

At this point, there comes a great change in the individual. His behavior changes, his attitudes change, his selfish motivations change. Along with this, life takes on a new meaning and a definitive purpose. The true meaning of life becomes clear.

No longer do we try to master materiality. No longer do we force cruelty and selfish purpose upon mankind, because, at this point, we fully realize that we are all one, and in being one, no matter how we treat others, we have done the same to ourselves.

When this fully dawns upon humanity, then will the Golden Age of Man unfold. Then, life will be enjoyed by all, because all will be concerned with the happiness of others and not of themselves at the expense of others.

This is what the scriptures have been saying down through the ages. This has been the message of all who have come to uplift humanity.

Further, at the point of awakening to the true meaning and purpose of life, we realize that enjoyment comes from service to others and not self-service. We know that the greatest things we can know are the Laws of Life and how to live the Laws. We realize that to directly pursue happiness, we can never find happiness; that happiness is only found in making others happy.

Lecture 66
One Cannot Travel on Two Paths

One's ideals and ideas should be above the
pursuit of riches and all that such a path entails.
One no longer should incur this karma.

A path is a path is a path, and one cannot travel two paths at the same time. One is initiated onto the path of spirituality when one becomes an initiate. Therefore, that path has definite advantages to offer to the dedicated initiate, the greatest advantage being liberation. The one thing that cannot be justified is in trying to mix up the spiritual path with another path, especially when that other path becomes outmoded.

Some try, while desiring to be on the spiritual path, to still carry on the ways of another path, and this cannot be done.

All humans have had many lives in materiality; obtaining wealth and then losing it. Now, that is over and one no longer opts or schemes for wealth. Now, all one is concerned with is living comfortably; no more and no less. Now one's karma is no longer wealth, rather it is spirituality.

Trying to hang onto the desire of becoming rich is now futile. It is like trying to go for a balloon ride with one foot tied to a tree stump - how? One's ideals and ideas should be above the pursuit of riches and all that such a path entails. One no longer should incur this karma. One can no longer serve God and Mammon. One, by good karma, may inherit wealth, but one's days of scrounging around after wealth are over. And, one who is seriously on the spiritual path as an initiate should know this. One now foregoes selfish pursuits and is now dedicated to selfless service to humanity. One now is in the process of becoming free of anything that would bind him and he is not engaged any longer in further binding himself to materiality and further karma. Everyone always says that they would not let this happen to them. Yet, it always does.

When one becomes fully dedicated to God and the spiritual path, one then is no longer attracted by the worldly things of life.

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