108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 67 to 72

Spirituality and the meaning of life.
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Photo: Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 67 to 72.

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 67 to 72

67. Wealth and Spirituality
68. What We Really Are
69. Attachment and Detachment
70. Man Moving Toward Wisdom
71. The Road to Reason
72. The Meaning of Life

Lecture 67
Wealth and Spirituality

The conditioned mind is bondage and when
the mind becomes unconditioned; then one
becomes liberated. This is why we transcend
and infuse the Being into the nature of our minds
through our practice of Transcendental Meditation;
to gain liberation.

Many have asked the question, why should one on the spiritual path have to give up striving for wealth? The reason is that striving for wealth carries, in most cases, heavy karma. Also, it is said that wealth is the mother of evil. Further, sense-pleasure is the source of pain.

Rejection of the pursuit of wealth is a victory on the road to spirituality. Generally, the individual “I” is something to be repressed and not accentuated while on the spiritual path during one's growth. When the true, universal nature of the “I” is correctly understood, its meaning is known as infinite consciousness. The reason the universal “I” has been misunderstood is that it has identified with the body. So, the higher form of I-ness has to be cultivated by one becoming spiritual, and thereby the lower form of “I”, that is, the lower self that is absorbed in material pursuits, completely disappears.

The conditioned mind is bondage and when the mind becomes unconditioned then one becomes liberated. This is why we transcend and infuse the Being into the nature of our minds through our practice of Transcendental Meditation; to gain liberation.

Absolute consciousness is not created and it does not perish because it is eternal. The world appearance is superimposed on it, as a wave manifests in relation to the ocean. The wave is different in appearance to the ocean, yet it is only the ocean. Similarly, in creation, it is the I-am notion that gives rise to diversity. It is the consciousness in the form of a seed or spark that in the course of many incarnations becomes the fruit or flame. Creation is like a storm on the surface of the ocean, while the ocean below the surface remains undisturbed.

The spirit, coming into relativity, becomes conscious of itself and considers itself as a person. This continues on through the ages of evolution. Then, when ignorance is dispelled, truth is realized.
Those caught up in worldly pursuits of pleasure and power do not desire to know the truth about life, or even the meaning of enlightenment. They plunge headlong into their selfish pursuits.

One is not liberated until he knows and sees the truth of the illusion of life and lives that truth. This does not come easily because the glamour of matter is very powerful. It takes a long time and many lives to begin to understand that in order to rise above the worldly one must cease to identify with the sticky mundane. It is only then that one rises above the herd instinct of selfishness and greed. This is done through the slow rise of consciousness, which takes many lives to accomplish. Yet, this is the whole purpose of life; to rise to cosmic consciousness here on earth.

One thing that the Aquarian Age will provide is a clear channel for millions to acquire a cosmic status. Many souls have been waiting for a long time for this particular age to arrive so that they could come to earth for this opportunity. Soon, there will truly be heaven on earth.

For us who are already on earth, now is the time to stay on the path and not be led astray. The coming years will be a time of cleansing of the earth, and for the most part, nature will do the cleansing, and a very thorough job will be done.

Kali Yuga is a time when evil is rampant on the face of the earth, and therefore the way of liberation is made very easy. “I have done as you have asked. I have given them their word and the word shall save them.” What is the word? The most pleasing name of God and anyone saying the word, will be liberated.
The Transcendental Meditation practice is very easy, and what transpires in and to the individual is almost beyond belief; the individual is brought up to a state of complete purity and becomes able to stand vertical in the light of God, with God, for eternity.

Lecture 68
What We Really Are

Most people wish to know
what they will be when they die.
What is important is to find out
what you really are before you die.

Every act, thought or feeling is supposed to have its opposite in phenomenal life. The world, therefore, is comprised of opposites. Life is impossible without reference to opposites. Words carry no meaning without reference to their opposites. So, opposites signify duality; they comprehend the subject and object in all realms. Opposites are an extreme manifestation of relativity.

The first move away from truth was the development of the ego, with its sense of separateness from the ultimate subject, the “I” principle. Gradually, it began to expand into realms of objects, actions, thoughts and feelings.

The chains and shackles that bind one to this world are attachments; loves, hates and all material desires. This is a desire world and we are here by desire.

However, no one can be a slave to the world and master of the universe. To entertain desires is to acknowledge bondage to the material world. To realize truth is to become the master of the universe. It is said that blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Purity of heart means freeing yourself from earthly desires and the objects of this world. To become spiritual one must do this.

When you succumb to worldly temptations and enjoyments, you lose everything of true value. When you really learn to enjoy the truth and live the truth, you will no longer be able to desire worldly pleasures. The major attachments we have are greed, hatred and jealousy.

Become your own true Self and realize your own divinity. This is the goal of life. Do not pray for more light. Free yourself of all worldly desires and you become the light.

The world has as much reality as a person's ego. Until one can conceive of the unreality of his ego, he cannot conceive of the unreality of the world. As soon as one understands the unreality of his ego, he understands the true reality of the universe, but not before. A dream is as real as a dream, but unreal as objective reality. The universe is real as a manifestation of the Atman, or Self; but unreal outside of the Self.

Most people wish to know what they will be when they die. What is important is to find out what you really are before you die. What you will find is that you are deathless and eternal; that Self which is pure Being, pure consciousness, pure bliss. It is the mind that creates the illusion of a separate individuality. In deep sleep the mind is stilled and one is one with the Self, only in an unconscious way. What we want is to realize that we are one with the Self, only in a fully conscious way.

The true nature of the mind is that the mind is only thoughts; it is a form of energy that manifests as the world. When the mind goes forth, the world appears and the Self is not realized. When the mind sinks into Self, then the Self is realized. What happens is that the individuality is never lost. It is expanded to infinity. What we really are is pure bliss consciousness.

When the realization of the Self comes, the “I” thought is destroyed. Shankara said that a man sees a coiled rope and mistakes it for a snake and is frightened. When he finally sees that it is only a rope, his fear leaves him. The reality of the Being is the rope. The illusion of the serpent is the objective world.

Lecture 69
Attachment and Detachment

What we go after here
determines where we go hereafter.

Ignorance in life created all other obstacles to enlightenment. Obstacles grow automatically through the power of desires. This is a desire world and often what we desire becomes an obstacle to our growth toward enlightenment. It is also said that what we go after here determines where we go hereafter.

The spiritual aspirant must seek balance in life. He cannot love the things of this world too much as this will continue to bind him. Also, he must not hate the things of this world too much as this will also bind him.

Attachment comes from things that make a deep impression in the mind. And where one is in consciousness, determines what makes a deep impression in the mind.

Detachment comes from the infusion of the Being into the nature of the mind, so that deep impressions are no longer possible, except for the desire to become spiritual which does make a deep and lasting impression in the body, mind and soul.

Anyone who does not move toward non-attachment in life and becomes enmeshed in material pursuits, upon his rebirth, will be confronted by the same obstacles that caused his failure in the present life. One comes into the world with lessons to be learned and karma to live out.

Those who are on the spiritual path and desire enlightenment still must deal with their obstacles set up in prior lives. However, the power of these samskaras are greatly reduced and do not present as serious a threat as long as one stays on the path and continues to progress. If one goes back to making material pursuits a priority, then one sets the samskaras into full force again.

So, we must still guard against these samskaras, only now, having infused the Being, we have a new found strength we did not previously possess to help us stay with our spiritual focus.
To regard the non-eternal as eternal and to regard the non-Atman as the Atman is ignorance in full bloom.

To identify consciousness with that which reflects consciousness is egoism.

We must learn to read nature and not to continue to misread nature. As long as we continue to misread nature, we will continue to dwell on the external things of life and remain unaware of the internal. As long as we continue to misread nature we will see the universe as multiplicity and not as unity.

Due to ignorance, we continue to seek happiness and peace in the external aspect of life and we are forced to accept very poor, transient substitutes. Then, we try to convince ourselves that this is real, and we become really deluded.

What is real is real as long as we see it as reality, but when we awaken to actuality, we then realize that such reality was the maya, or the waking dream.

We seek God in a far off heaven and we fail to realize that God is within ourselves; the spark is the flame.

Lecture 70
Man Moving Toward Wisdom

We should always reason toward
a conclusion and not from one.

By living the good life, the life within as well as without, we are made ready for the true wisdom. There is an exact process, and it goes step by step to the goal. The goal of the human, to grow into truth, is achieved by purification.

Truth is always shrouded in mystery, and it is our destiny to unravel this great mystery of life. In doing so, we should always reason toward a conclusion and not from one. History is merely the record of the decline of truth. Now is the time when the record shall show man moving toward wisdom and increased truth.

Humans in adulthood become factual, instead, they need to move toward truth, or they start to crystallize. For the most part, the truth of yesterday has become obscured and corrupted into the fantasy of today. We must move toward the truth of each day, and then live that truth.

In our worldly journey, we have fallen from the light into darkness. Instead of spreading wisdom, we are busy combating ignorance. Ignorance is of our own creation and it is an artificial untrue state. It is a state of delusion, a state to be overcome; not by external effort, but by the internal infusion of wisdom into the mind.

In ages past, when we lived under wisdom, there was no sin and no ignorance. We once walked with God, and we lived in happiness and in peace. That kingdom has been lost and that kingdom needs to be regained. When we started our journey in life, we started as happy creatures. However, as we moved deeper and deeper into matter, we became selfish and self-centered, and this started all wars and all sin.

Our quest as meditators is to regain our true status. We are surrounded by absolute truth. Truth can never go out of fashion; only that which is untrue does that. The soul became lost in the body and the truth was drowned in an illusion. However, that which was born of truth can never be lost from truth; only misplaced from truth for an eon of time. What is really true is that all of us are seeking the great revelation; the unfolding of the great truth, the merging into the great white light.

As most things in the world are couched in symbolism, so fire is the great symbol of purity. It is often spoken of as the fire in the heart; that coming of purity; the life-giving force; the coming of the eternal flame, born of the eternal spark; the divine dispensation of all humans.

That which passes through fire is made new; the melting of the hard heart; the taking on of the quality of love; the restoration of the true heart; the fire of truth versus the cold light of the intellect. This is why we must learn to think with our hearts and love with our minds.

We must rekindle the fire in the heart, the great fire that has never failed. All fires are lighted by the one true fire, truth. It is the flaming sword that keeps the unenlightened and ignorant from entering the holy city. Only those who are reborn of the true spirit can enter.

The dross and the contamination in us must be removed so that we can discover and merge into the great eternal light, free from ignorance.

In a state of ignorance we cannot storm the gates of the eternal holy city, the gates of truth, as they are ever well guarded by the teachers and masters of wisdom who wield the flaming swords of truth. Anyone who would pass into the inner sanctum through the gates, eternally guarded, must first be initiated into truth, that is, into Transcendental Meditation. One must be born again, born of the spirit which is truth.

Then, from a human's base metal must be fashioned the key (the soul); the key that opens wide the door that allows us to go forth to ultimate eternal virtue, where we find peace and timeless security and our God Self. The enlightened has now become the light.

There is really only one path and that is the path of light. We must become the servant of the flame (truth) and then we become one with the One. And like the phoenix bird of old, consumed in the fire, which has arisen from its own ashes, the self has now become the Self, forever clothed in its golden raiment, bathed for all eternity in total wisdom, one with Brahman.

Lecture 71
The Road to Reason

Transcendental Meditation is a method or
practice which strengthens the mind and in
so doing it gives the mind right perception.

The function of reason is to build a perfectly symmetrical structure of thought, but it can not change the content of the mind. When the facts of a situation are completely changed or colored by the content of the mind then what comes forth is that which is unreasonable.

It is the hangover of an experience, an event that has passed, which causes stress and strain in the mind, a deep impression in the mind. If the experience is not psychologically completed the consciousness becomes modified or altered. Each experience needs to be completed to leave the mind fresh and vital; this is not easy to do.

Unfortunately, the mind is filled with reactionary tendencies and emotions which color or alter the truth or reality of a situation. If this condition persists then the truth of life is changed. Hence, there are many concepts of what truth really is. Truth at its best in the field of relativity is relative to the time and situation at hand. Then as time changes, so does the truth which is relative to the time. However, underlying the relative truth there is always the absolute truth which knows no time nor does it ever change. While it is true that certain truths change with time there are certainly some truths that never change and never will, though they manifest in the relative they are absolute.

When the mind distorts the truth of a situation, when the mind colors and alters the truth of the situation, this distortion stays with the mind life after life and one distortion follows another and then the mind becomes conditioned to where reason no longer exists. Also in each life these distortions become subconscious pressures that dictate the way one reacts to society and life in general, and one often becomes a malfeasant in life and becomes very destructive. This is why we should always reason to a conclusion and not from a conclusion. In reasoning from a conclusion the altered colored conditioned mind jumps to a conclusion, usually erroneous and then acts from this incomplete and false evaluation of a given situation. This is the reason for much of the strife and struggle in life and this not only applies to individuals, but to nations as well.

We are now entering an age of spiritual science and to be productive in this age we must begin to use our hearts and minds in a most reasonable and loving way. This simply means that the vibrations of the new age are going to be considerably higher and so must our vibrations be considerable higher. Love is the highest vibration in all of creation and it is the vibration that created and sustains creation. In order to be in tune with the new way of life we must come to a clearer communion with God and with ourselves. When this occurs then our perception of things will be in keeping with the thing as it actually is and not as we have distorted it.

The truth is that our mind has been little used and is far from being developed. Therefore, we have been operating in a sort of void or vacuum, and instead of ascertaining the truth of a situation we have been filling in conditioned responses devoid of reason. The remedy lies in time or in Transcendental Meditation. If we chose time as a means of developing a constructive, powerful, perceptive and reasoning mind then we must be prepared to spend ages acquiring this state, life after life until we finally learn. If we chose Transcendental Meditation, then we will accomplish the mission of life here and now. We will discover that we are beginning to find the substance of things and not the shadow of things which have been the basis of delusions in life. When we are deluded enough we become demonic. But, when we see things as they really are we become godlike.

There is also a condition in life that is not a distortion of actuality, but a condition where the actual does not even exist. The cause of this is usually something unknown to us or something said to us of an unknown nature which causes us to form mental images that are entirely a product of the mind and which bear no resemblance to the truth or fact of the situation. This then becomes an illusion of the mind and we act on this. We imagine something to be that doesn't even exist, such as hell, fire and brimstone. This mental activity is also referred to as the mind taking flights of fancy. Something is constructed in the mind completely devoid of facts; the mind indulges in flights of fancy with no actual foundation of truth. This causes pressures to reside in the subconscious which rise to the surface with impelling force, completely coloring and distorting reason.

A mind that is distorted is usually a weak mind. Transcendental Meditation is a method or practice which strengthens the mind and gives the mind right perception. Transcendental Meditation also releases the pressures in the subconscious so that they are gone and no longer haunt us with memories of the traumas of the past. The mind becomes infused with the absolute pure consciousness which, in eliminating all pressures and illusions and delusions, creates a state of bliss in the mind and we become reasonable; we see the truth, and we live the truth and we see God in everything. With a clear perceptive mind we become true seers and we become spiritual.

Lecture 72
The Meaning of Life

The spiritual life is the life which, looking into
the infinite variety of phenomenal forms, pierces
through the veil of maya and sees the one
and eternal within each and all changing forms.

There is a vast difference between a spiritual person and one who is caught up in the physical world.

Nothing that is phenomenal can be said to be spiritual. The person who is growing into spirituality must do it by staying in balance and not to jump to extremes, because the brain must be able to receive the higher subtle vibrations without the loss of equilibrium. Also, the body must be able to purify without the sacrifice of health, mental and physical.

As the body is purified it becomes more and more sensitive to the higher vibrations. Along with this, one gradually loses interest in the lower aspect of life and becomes indifferent to the attractions of the outer life. As long as one still clings to the things of the world the higher consciousness cannot make use of its vehicle. One gradually gains a clear well-balanced development of the intellect and emotions which are necessary to gain higher consciousness. Then, when one sees the Self in all things, then one really sees. One sees that nothing that is of form is spiritual in its nature, because the life of form, on every plane, belongs to prakriti and not to the spiritual. The manifestation of the life of form may be on the subtle planes, but it is no more spiritual there than it is on the physical plane, because any manifestation of prakriti is always phenomenal and nothing that is phenomenal is ever spiritual. Also, one may develop many powers, but that is still phenomenal and transitory.

The spiritual and the eternal are never the life of form. So, one might ask, what is the spiritual? It is the life of the consciousness that recognizes unity which sees one's Self in everything and everything in the Self. The spiritual life is the life which, looking into the infinite variety of phenomenal forms, pierces through the veil of maya and sees the one and eternal within each and all changing forms.

To know the Self, to love the Self and to realize the Self, alone is spirituality. When one is able to see the Self everywhere, that alone is wisdom. All outside of that is ignorance and is unspiritual.

When one decides to chose the life of the spirit in lieu of the life of form, one is truly on the path of liberation. Then, one no longer lives for the sake of form, but rather for the sake of Self, which is the life and reality of the form.

Most people go through life struggling against the wrong in order to eventually become perfect in the right. So, by trial and error people learn. This is a lesson world, created as a school for all humans to attend and to learn. Also, it involves the taking on of forms and outgrowing the form and then taking on new ones and in so doing life continually evolves until one outgrows all forms in the field of relativity and becomes cosmic.

At the present time we are entering a period of heaven on earth, a time of peace and prosperity for all of humanity that is involved in the New Age. Only a certain part of humanity will be able to qualify for earth life during this period since heaven implies good only, and the opposite can no longer exist here for that period of time of two thousand years of heaven on earth. We are now in the last days before the great change takes place. Therefore, evil is making its last stand and doing everything possible to pull as much of humanity down with them as possible.

Evil survives on energies generated by hate, treachery, greed, crime, drugs and alcohol, envy, cruelty, jealousy, and so forth. These forces are hopelessly lost and they become anomalies in evolution. They wander through space outside of the cycle of birth and death until their very existence is a greater torture for them than any purgatorial experience could ever be. There are some who, having hopelessly fallen out of line with the evolutionary progression of the life wave to which they belonged, must in some future time join another life wave and pass through all of the earlier stages of development, while at the same time retaining a conscious awareness of what they have lost.

There is a limit to evil, which then leads to a state of no possibility of being able to make up the karma heretofore committed. This is a result of the law of cause and effect that controls and directs evolution. It neither rewards nor punishes, but it unerringly guides causes to the consummation of the inherent effects. Also, the idea of forced rebirth does not exist. We are here because of our karma and because we wished to be here, and this is also in accordance with the law of attraction which operates in accordance to our desires and aspirations. Even while we are busy working out our karma in this present life, we are also setting up desires for our next life.

Many people say what they would do or desire if they had the opportunity to do this life over again. However, between lives, we have the opportunity to receive higher knowledge of the spirit and thereby change our desires for our next earth life. Even so, sometimes our desires are so strong that we reject the gentle promptings of the spirit and again come back to our same desires. Then, there are times when we are born in circumstances that are a compromise between the spirit teachings and the grosser desires, and these result in a life torn with conflicting desires and restless longings.

This is the life for one to be fully committed to the influence of the spiritual mind and thereby one's next birth into a spiritual life will be assured by the guidance of one's higher mind, and there will be no repetition of old mistakes that one has committed. From this point onward there will be no unconscious births of blind desires. All rebirths will be planned for a cosmic future life. This is the purpose of Transcendental Meditation and its regular practice; to lead us to a spiritual life. So, fasten your mind on God and your love for God and your destiny will be assured.

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