108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes - Lectures 79 to 84

Rebirth and human evolution.
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Charles F. Lutes; 108 Inspirational Lectures - Lectures 79 to 84

Editor note: This special web edition of “108 Inspirational Lectures by Charles F. Lutes” is presented in 18 sections of 6 lectures each, and has been specifically formatted and edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS). It is re-published here by permission of the author: Vincent J. Daczynski. Please see the Introductory Page for more details. -RJR

108 Inspirational Lectures
by Charles F. Lutes
Lectures 79 to 84

79. Rebirth
80. The Maya of Life
81. Human Evolution
82. Will and Desire
83. Guidance in Life
84. Homeward Bound

Lecture 79

The only true change that must be affected
is the change within one's self, one's heart
and mind. And that is the real transmutation
of lead into pure gold; through love.

“Ye must be born again” has been taught down through the ages and its meaning has been obscured to most who have pondered over its meaning. It simply means that those born in the physical must, at some point, also be born of the spirit.

Anyone who believes himself to be only a physical being is locked into an infinitesimal part of his own real Self. To place one's total value upon the altar of materiality is to be totally deluded. Such misplaced value unnecessarily delays one's full development. Often, to such a person the grave is the goal of life.

Others say, if I endure in this life in hope and faith of something greater beyond this life, I will be rewarded in heaven. They do not expect to find peace and happiness here on earth, but live in the faith that their true reward and happiness lies beyond the grave in an exalted world where grief and sorrow no longer exists, where all that they have so long loved and desired will now be given unto them for an eternity as their reward of endurance. The truth is that, if you were given every desire in such a heaven world, you would become bored because the greatest desire of all desires is to gain liberation. However, this is a dream that helps to make life bearable; it is a defense mechanism designed by the mind to serve just such a purpose.

What the world needs is an awakening to the inner truth and real meaning of this worldly life. Such an awakening is not easy, either for the world at large or for the individual. This message has been spread for ages, by those informed ones who had inner vision, but usually to no avail. Man is tightly locked into his dream world of make believe.

Ignorance of the truth of human life is the curse of mankind, the curse he cast upon himself eons ago. This delusion has left him in the shadows and darkness of the reality of life. His values have become so distorted that he tenaciously clings to that which is transient, that which is material, in the hope that he can transmute them into eternal values as the alchemist of old tried to transmute lead into gold; both have failed.

The only true change that must be affected is the change within one's self, one's heart and mind. And that is the real transmutation of lead into pure gold; through love.

Transcendental Meditation is the true catalyst that affects this change; the metamorphosis of life. One now learns that to live only for transient physical values alone is like building a foundation of life on the shifting sands of time. What must be ultimately learned is that we must build on the rock of eternal values. We must learn that living for physical values alone makes one's life futile. Slowly, day by day, life after life comes the understanding of the true spiritual life with no limitations. We become a child of eternity and we slowly begin to see the blazing dawn of a vast horizon of eternal light and limitless life that now stretches out before us.

We now have been reborn from darkness to light, from death to eternal life, from ignorance to wisdom. The child of destiny cradled in mortal bondage has now come of age. The caterpillar has now become the glorious butterfly which soars beyond celestial heights on his new found wings of truth revealed.

This rebirth has come because we have realized that by cooperating with nature, nature will lift us up higher and higher to greater and vaster dimensions. We now begin to contemplate the creator and creation as a child begins to know and love his parents. So now one begins to experience God and realize his limitless, eternal love for us.

Man, building along the lines of his own inflated ego has always destroyed himself. He has for ages been the critic of life and never the cooperator. Man's rebirth affects a miraculous and a wonderful change in him. He no longer resents those above him or mistreats those beneath him, since he now realizes that those differences are the result of growth and not by cruel chance as he has so long believed.

We now begin to understand that there is an invisible power behind all things, that all things visible have their counterparts in the invisible. We now know that life is an orderly process of continual unfoldment and constant growth of greater and greater beauty that ultimately transcends into the grand harmonious splendor of eternal bliss.

We now know that life is earnest and that life is real and the grave has never been its goal. This is rebirth of the soul. The child of eternity is now reaching his maturity and is homeward bound. That spark who so long ago set forth on his long, long journey returns with divine mind and a full and compassionate heart. The trumpets have sounded and the gates to eternity are flung wide. The father rejoices for the return of his own who has for so long trod the road of materiality and has overcome and conquered all. He has slain the many headed dragon and now takes his rightful place as one with the one for all eternity.

Lecture 80
The Maya of Life

It is futile to try to tell someone of limited
knowledge that that which he knows
to be real, as experienced by his own
senses, is not real in the final sense.

The maya of life is the illusion of life, only seen as an illusion from outside of the universe. The universe itself is a mental projection of the Almighty. This is too great a consideration for most mortals and their minds rebel at such a consideration. The truth of such a projection is illustrated, however, in a dream. When we are dreaming, a dream is as real as it can be. Yet, when we return from the dream state to the conscious state, we then perceive the dream to be unreal and only a dream. The same applies to life in the world; real while we are in it and a maya when we are outside of it, or in the absolute. It all depends on from where we view it, from the relative or the absolute.

So, we might say that the universe consists of a mental projection of the Almighty encompassing time, space, matter, and change. Absolute truths are things as the mind of God knows them and relative truths are as the mortal mind sees them. The universe itself consists of seven dimensions, or seven levels of vibration, and anything that vibrates in the range of that dimension is real substance in that dimension. We as humans are in the third dimension, or the dimension of height, width, and depth. Life really traverses the gamut from extreme density to extreme tenuousness, and all levels serve their purpose of creation. It is futile to try to tell someone of limited knowledge that that which he knows to be real, as experienced by his own senses, is not real in the final sense. So, we must deal with reality on the basis of what is real to those concerned.

The purpose of the universe, as far as the human is concerned, is that which must be mastered. If creation is all mental, then so are we and we are slowly working our way up the ladder of life to a mental perfection. Anyone from his own level of attainment can look down and be aware of what is transpiring on lower levels, while the one below cannot be aware of what is above him because it is not in his awareness, or in his level of vibration. It is closed to him.

The laws of creation are simply shadows of the divine laws and we are bound by the laws of creation because of the mental nature of creation itself. At this point most of humanity is unaware of the laws of creation; nevertheless they are still bound by them.

The very universe itself exists by virtue of the framework of laws that holds it together. It is also through the laws that we are able to transform that which is undesirable into that which is desirable and useable.

In the mental creation of the universe there are enormous forces going out from the mind of the Creator and these forces sustain and also create all that exists in the universe.

Although most of humanity is under the dominance of matter, at a later time in evolution, the human will become master of matter because he will be able to apply the higher forces of nature that control matter. The only way we can overcome lower laws is by applying still higher laws. We in no sense escape law; we only come into higher usage of the laws.

Principally, the pranic force is what sustains and the akashic force is that which creates the myriads of forms, from the highest forms to the densest forms. All forms however, regardless of their level, serve their purpose in creation.

The involution process of creation is the outpouring of the divine energy and evolution is the drawing in of the divine energy. During the outpouring of energy the vibrations going out become lower and lower until they reach a point where the urge ceases. This is known as the nadir, and then the reversal begins and the vibrations become stronger and stronger as one moves closer to the source.

The pure spirit going down and down during the outpouring into lower and lower vibrations finally loses awareness of itself as a sentient being and at this point enters into a prepared primitive form, or body, and becomes virtually mindless. From this point it starts to evolve as a human, and as a human it is tied to the wheel of birth and death. Then, as the ages go by and the primitive form develops and the mind takes on a degree of conscious awareness, the human believes himself to be separate from all of creation. And in self-defense, he adopts the ego sense and the first instinct of self-preservation.

However, he has not been forgotten; the Gods came down to the earth to guide and protect the child of nature until he was able to fend for himself. Then later on the monads came to give him further guidance; to instill higher principles in him and to help accelerate his growth and increase his vibrations.

Each epoch of humanity brought about a more perfected vehicle for the soul. The sixth epoch of humanity is now beginning to be born and it is being given a higher, more refined vehicle than what those of the fifth epoch have. (The fifth epoch of humanity is where most of humanity is in now.) Also, a limited vehicle implies a limited mental capacity due to greater density in the nervous system of that vehicle.

However, as initiates, we are purifying the nervous system very rapidly. We are making quantum leaps in our evolution. We are pouring enormous vibrations, or energy, into the body and because the body has great impurities in it, we cannot force the purification of the body beyond its ability to purify itself, otherwise we will space ourselves out, or in extreme cases, even shatter the vehicle.

Human evolution is a very slow orderly process of purification. However, we are able by the “word” to take an immediate short cut to the goal. It is also true that all things material, mental and spiritual are moving upwards toward perfection. The great conclusion is that the spirit of each soul is never annihilated, but is expanded until the created and the Creator are merged into the oneness.

In the process of doing, the lower self first merges with the higher Self and the higher Self then in turn merges with the Creator. In merging with the Creator one does not disappear into the Creator, One always retains their individuality. This process is by the way of devotion to the Almighty.

Meditation is that processes of devotion which takes our attention from the physical world and affixes our attention on the absolute by means of the mantra. To do this the mind must be turned within and then taken to the most subtle aspect of thought, then transcend the thought. So we need a vibration that vibrates as the highest conceivable rate of all of relativity and this then takes the mind to the door of the absolute. Then the mind goes beyond thought into the transcendental field where the mind then begins to infuse the absolute into its relative nature. In doing this, one becomes less and less attached to the material world and moves more and more into pure awareness, or into pure spirit which is one's eternal nature.

We are creations of the Creator who in turn also become creators. The Creator is the all that is in each component of the all. Hence, we are the divine spirit in the process of perfecting the individuality by raising up the individual mind to become one with the universal mind and that is Brahman.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the molecules, atoms, and cells have their likes and dislikes, affinities and non-affinities the same as humans have, only it is a matter of degrees. So, if the all is in all, then all have the same intrinsic nature. It is the vibration and density that differs. In relativity it is the temporal that comes and goes while the soul and spirit, or pure essence of creation, remains and eventually gains divine mind. And that is the reality beyond the maya.

Lecture 81
Human Evolution

The greatest expression is the expression
of love as shown in expressing kindness
and help to those who need help.

There is no force on earth more powerful than loving thought. When we think of anything specifically something special occurs. If, for example, we think loving thoughts about someone, even far away, a magnetic rapport is instantly established because thought transcends time and space. If the one we think about is at all sensitive, it will cause that person to think of us. Thought is very powerful and as we evolve our thoughts become more and more powerful.

It is said that the mind, lacking a spiritual nature, is the veritable devil in man. The current problem is that intellectual pursuit and discovery has outstripped spiritual growth. Also, where there is a lack of spiritual growth the human remains a very superstitious person and the truth of life escapes him. There is a tremendous problem with intellectual activity and blind guidance due to the lack of spiritual insight. The mind alone is a good servant, but a bad master. However, now is the time that all this must reverse itself. Those who understand this will find light and those who do not understand will remain in darkness.

One truth of life is that a deep sense of responsibility is a sign of spiritual maturity. Only the evolved ones know well that they are their brothers' keeper. Very few people deliberately and consciously commit sin out of pure deviltry. Rather, they are mostly driven by blind impulses which they neither understand nor can control. However, the desire nature of the human cannot be killed as it is the moving force of the universe; thought and desire must find expression in daily activity. So, what is important is what is desired and what should be desired. Above all else should be the desire to love God and to know and to understand; then comes right action. And, the greatest expression of right action is the expression of love as shown in expressing kindness and help to those who need help.

If we learn to live constructively over here we will profit when we go over there, and in turn we will profit more when we come back here. When we are here our consciousness is turned outwards into contact with the experiences of life. Then when we pass over to the other side, our consciousness is turned inward and upwards, where the worst of us falls away and the best of us rises to as high a level as it is possible. Incidentally, the last thought at the time of death dictates the direction the soul takes immediately afterwards.

The psychic world and its matter permeate the whole of this physical globe and because of its tenuity extend into space for many thousands of miles. Also, there are seven degrees of density. Generally, psychic matter arranges itself in seven concentric spheres. Psychic matter is not conditioned by heat or cold and it is not resistant or impenetrable as the densest forms of physical matter are. It is, however, instantly responsive to the subtler impulses of thought, emotion, and imagination. Therefore, all psychic forms, no matter what they are, are built by this method.

Immediately after one leaves this world the astral self clothes itself with the coarsest matter of its constitution. This then limits the soul's vision to that sub-plane which corresponds to the soul's outermost covering of psychic matter. Thus, everyone goes to his own place. However, the coarser layers wear away in time and one's better side begins to manifest and he is then lifted into lighter, brighter, and more beautiful planes. The higher may descend to the lower if they desire, but those in the lower are locked in and cannot ascend until their hour of deliverance arrives.

The lowest of the seven astral sub-planes is actually the center of our earth. The next great sub-plane is correspondent with the surface level of the earth. Some parts of it are the psychic or astral counterpart of the physical world, reproducing all the objects of this world; every flower and plant, every object of this world is reproduced. In reality it is this world seen from the other side, except that over there everything has its own living light; the atmosphere is a flowing vibrating color where there is no horizon and no sun shining because everything glows with its own light. So it is also a world of no shadows.

The higher planes are further away from the earth and become more and more unearthly and are very difficult to describe. One thing for sure, the bodies one uses on these subtle planes are never ill, tired, or old, as are the physical ones. Also, one no longer requires food or drink. Over there one wears clothes he creates mentally, and one does not have to earn a living or clothe and shelter oneself. So literally, one is free to turn his attention to what one is interested in. There is plenty of time since there is no day or night and no need for sleep. To travel, one does not need airplanes, trains or automobiles since travel is done by mere effort of will, and what one thinks of becomes instantly present.
It is the spiritual that is the everlasting core of our being. Even the underdeveloped person, after some time, becomes spiritual and all memory of wickedness and sorrow is forgotten, because the higher Self cannot register that. When one returns to the earth, he again picks up the seeds of past deeds, evil or otherwise, and this is one's karma. However, one has grown stronger, so he should lead a better life than what the last one was, and this is evolution.

The heaven world is of matter so fine and radiant, so life giving and happy, that it cannot be described in words; a sea of living light surrounded by every conceivable variety of loveliness in color and form, and the whole changing with every wave of thought that one sends out from the mind. Out of this entire splendor of living reality, each person sees only that which he has within himself the power to see. So, one sees that which he has evolved the ability to respond to. This is where everything that a soul has ever dreamed of, idealized, and longed for now comes true. Here the air is always soft, clean, and clear and full of celestial light, clothing all things in exquisite beauty. Here are majestic groves, verdant meadows, eternally blooming gardens, and so forth. Here each renews the joys one formerly delighted in. A husband is rejoined by his wife he has loved and lost so long ago. Old friendships are joyfully renewed.

In this land of bliss, the life of a happy childhood is increased a thousand fold, where no evil or sorrow can gain entrance. One might wonder that if life is so beautiful and perfect over there why or what would cause one to want to return to earth. Everyone returns because their immortal spiritual Self wants to. The thirst and desire to gain eternal cosmic existence is always there and, being there, leads one back to another incarnation. However, this will only be when all the forces generated in the last earth-life have found complete fulfillment in heaven and the causes of that fulfillment are exhausted. Then, when all is learned and all is experienced and life has been distilled to its finest point, there are only two things we must have found; one is love, selfless love, and the other is God. And, having found these, we now understand that they are one and the same thing and so are we.

Lecture 82
Will and Desire

Spiritual knowledge is not acquired
or developed as human knowledge is.
It is born in one when the hour is right.

If one is constantly negative, one is heading toward trouble. By negative thinking, feeling, and acting one creates dark patches and muddy colors in the aura which, in turn, prevents the flow of God's creative energy from reaching him. Without the light of God, the body starts to manifest various imbalances and one's health and lifespan is compromised. Turning to vitamins, minerals and excess sunlight does not help because the body is primarily sustained by cosmic current.

The human alone, in all of creation, has the power to come face to face with God, because he has in him the spark, the germ of eternal life and the consciousness of the universe. The very principle that gives life also dwells in us and without us; it is undying and eternally beneficent. It is not heard, or seen, or smelled, but is perceived by the one who desires such perception.

All humans on earth have a superior above. This superior, whose inner pleasure is to infuse into them, cannot do this until one has grown to where they step onto the spiritual path, a la Transcendental Meditation. Spiritual knowledge is not acquired or developed as human knowledge is. It is born in one when the hour is right.

Nothing in this world can help as much as a single individual attaining God knowledge. It is then that the ordinary person does nothing, since he is now the prime channel of an infinitely greater wisdom with the power to help, in its purest meaning. Now he has a personality with wisdom and power far beyond ordinary human conception. Now the soul is married to God and this is the peak of mystical life; a miraculous power, a smooth and tireless energy to work for God and human souls as he is destined to do.

To best be able to work with humanity one must be highly spiritual, yet maintain a common touch. Thereby one is better able to communicate at the proper time, not by force and not by fright, but by love.

It is the higher mind that directs the will and the lower mind that turns it into selfish desire. Will is the exclusive possession of the human on this, our plane of consciousness. It is will that divides one from the brute in whom instinctive desire is only active.

Will is the offspring of the Divine, the God in man. Desire is the motive power of the animal life. Most of humanity lives in and by desire, mistaking it for will. However, anyone who desires to make real progress must separate will from desire and make will his ruler, as desire is unstable and ever changing, while will is steady and constant. This is very true when my will is now Thy will.

Lecture 83
Guidance in Life

It is said of all religion that it starts in great
noise and activity and culminates in silence.
Transcendental Meditation starts in silence
and culminates in cosmic consciousness.

It is the human who is called the microcosm of the macrocosm which means he is a universe in miniature. Therefore, the visible is a replica of the invisible. There is a constant interaction between the visible and the invisible, although most of humanity is unaware of this. Animals, as an example, represent, according to the species, specific forces. But the human, as a higher expression, represents all of these forces. He is a very complicated creation whose mind has unlimited potential and he possesses enormous dormant faculties and untapped and unused powers.

The mind of humans, having such power, should always be guided by spiritual vision. The mind should not be used to enslave and destroy others as well as to destroy the individual. Many ask that if the human is a divine creation, why he wandered from being constructive to becoming destructive. The reason is that the human, being the focal point of great opposing forces, found that the struggle to maintain balance, or equilibrium, was very difficult, if not virtually impossible. Therefore, he has had to fall back on something greater than himself, such as God (the Father) and the Holy Scriptures that pointed up the way. The human learned early in his journey through life that disobedience to the laws of God or the laws of creation caused him misery; that if he allowed himself to drift, he drifted into suffering; and that it required his constant effort to keep himself on a true course.

In the beginning there was the One, the all-pervading, from which sprang forth the two, referred to as light and darkness, male and female, negative and positive. And these two polarities are contained in everything in creation. Then from the two sprang forth the three. So God is called the trinity. In religion it is called, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or Father-Mother principle and Son. So, the son, or human being, made in His image consists of spirit, soul, and body. And when you incorporate the mind and thinking principle, you have spirit, mind, soul, and body. The spirit you might define as the eternal aspect of the human (the spark from the eternal flame), the soul as being composed of thoughts and feelings, the mind as the thinking principle and the body as the focal point, or vehicle, of experience.

When the human forgets his relationship with God, he forgets who he is, why he is here and where he is going. When the human becomes separated from God in his consciousness, he goes from bad to worse and thereby develops a sense of separateness with resulting deterioration. This applies to nations and races as well.

There have always been those who come as prophets, regenerators, avatars, teachers, and so forth, to point up the way and to bring commandments and laws to guide humanity along the path of life. Also given to humanity have been the Scriptures, only they have been couched in a symbolic code language in order to protect them as well as the ones reading them. Truth must be given gradually as one grows into and is able to receive the truth. As an example, many refer to the Bible as the word of God, yet they have no understanding as to its true meaning. There are great hidden mysteries in all scriptures that pertain to the spiritual life, hidden in symbolism, parables, and allegories. As one studies the Scriptures, and this includes all Scriptures, the meaning is slowly made known.

Because the human is caught up in so many facets of life, he needs clear guidance in order to find his way through the maze of life. The way is not easy, and clear guidance is a real necessity of life. Guidance is given in various ways in order to help all humans regardless of their level of consciousness.

It is said of all religions that they start in great noise and activity and culminate in silence. Transcendental Meditation starts in silence and culminates in cosmic consciousness.

The roads of life go in two directions, toward greater enslavement or toward eventual freedom. At a point of investigation all roads look the same, so that is why road markers must be very clear. If we journey down the wrong road across the desert of life, it is a long way back to the still waters and green valley. We do, however, have the ability to go within ourselves and transcend ourselves and begin to use our own built-in compass for unerring guidance to the true destination on the road of life.

Lecture 84
Homeward Bound

Our love for God, combined with the regular
practice of Transcendental Meditation, will
stimulate the intuitive (buddhic) faculty within
us. And as we come into the buddhic plane,
our problems begin to be resolved and our
inner life also begins to unfold.

In this world there is no real awakening until one hears the call of the Divine to return to one's true home. The real world will always remain a mystery to those who are still caught up in the illusions and attractions of this world. Yet, there must come a day in a life experience on this earth when one hears the call of the Divine and from that moment one is homeward bound.

The world of the mind and the world of matter are the expressions of a subtle real world which, by its nature, produces phenomena based on the subject-object relationship. It is possible to transcend the phenomenal world and to know this real world which casts its shadows in the form of these phenomena.

The reason we take such an interest in the unreal and temporal world in which we live is the fact that these phenomena are the shadows of realities which are within us, though unseen. It is this fact alone which imparts the feeling of reality to these shadows and makes us take them as real until we finally discover that shadows are only shadows.

When we embark on the voyage of self-discovery we are merely trying to leave the shadow in order to grasp the reality by which these shadows are cast in our consciousness. From time to time we are given the opportunity to see and experience the real through the shadow screen. This is simply our being able to see the reality which is within us. It is from the center of our consciousness that reality exists, that part of us which is eternal. As initiates, we are moving inwardly toward this reality, God and Self.

To be successful on the path we need to develop a strong attraction toward the divine life which lies within us and which will draw us toward our true Self, and thereby provide the necessary motive power which we generally lack. The motive is really nothing more than our love for God. Most religions express this outwardly, vocally, but persons of higher levels of consciousness express God silently and inwardly.

Our love for God, combined with the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation, will stimulate the intuitive (buddhic) faculty within us. And as we come into the buddhic plane, our problems begin to be resolved and our inner life also begins to unfold.

We must have strength, unselfishness, and purity, which must be acquired to a great degree, if we want to prepare ourselves systematically for the descent of the divine life within us.

Each person will trod the path he feels best suited to. Nevertheless, whatever the path, we have to be the ones who slay the slayer. We must conquer the mind which is the great slayer of the real. So, again, we must learn to control the mind and to see through its illusions and we can only do this if we are able to focus the light of consciousness on the mind. When we can do this, we will be able to see how the mind modifies and distorts everything before it reaches our consciousness.

Also, we must develop discrimination, the faculty which, in its highest form, gradually destroys the unreal world and reveals the real world to us. This is not something one can think oneself into, rather it is a level of consciousness one ultimately attains. The mind is always engaged in ceaseless activity and what the mind fixes on makes all the difference between a criminal and a saint. This is why the center of consciousness must be shifted from the region of the mind to that which is beyond the mind; the region of buddhi. When this is established the thoughts coming into the mind are true, clear, and inspirational. Gone are the plagues of the mind, such as fear, doubt, uncertainty, greed, ego, mistrust, depression, and so forth. Now one sees a person as they really are, for now one is able to see behind the facade. Now a great feeling of peace reigns over one and there is an inner tranquility that surpasses all else. Now one is truly born of the spirit and this is what is referred to as Heaven on Earth. Now truly one is on this earth, but no longer of this earth.

This has great meaning for now the mind is tranquil and loneliness is gone, for now one is able to live within one's own Self and the need for companionship is gone and so are the world's cares.

There also comes the time when the consciousness of the devotee and that of God are fused together in an ecstasy which always precedes the vision of God and then one realizes that he and his object of devotion are not two, but one. Now one is forever changed. This now ties one to the spiritual path, never to leave. And God is always with one and the light of God always shines forth. One is now a light in the world, to guide those who are still groping in darkness.

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