Sacred Sound and Light by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Sound and light contain energy, density, frequency, and vibration.
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Light and Sound waves are forms of energy; waves emanating from the multi-dimensional Subtle to the densest outer field. When manifested on the physical, Light is an Etheric Electromagnetic Frequency. Words and thoughts, when manifested as sounds, are frequencies, vibrations, and waves: energies that contain Spirit, light and density. The finest sounds, or vibrations, when expressed on the Subtle, are Mantras and the Sacred Divine Names, as found in Sacred Scriptures, Texts and Languages.

Sacred Sound and Light
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
Ray J. Rousseau

Sound and Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

From a Spiritual Science view, it is important to understand that words, manifesting as Sounds, contain Energy as well as Light and density. Words and Sounds also can be “lower thought waves” that can be coarse, creating disharmony, or they can be in a Higher Resonance and filled with Light. They can influence our surroundings for good or ill. In other words, they can heal and they can wound.

The very finest sounds on the Subtle are Mantras and Divine Names found in Sacred Languages, the Vibrations of these rise from the subtle to the physical, purifying and revealing Higher Truths in Creation. All of Nature speaks and sings in Vibrations, reflecting the forms and knowledge therein. Soul Awareness from the Holy Spirit and heart expansion in Consciousness is the discerning guide from the Source of thought. The Mantra, said in Silence, purifies all the levels, as one Transcends. Light illuminates each field in Consciousness and one is more self-governing from expansion of Spirit with greater awareness.

Soul Consciousness

“You are here to Awaken to your own Self and God. God while Being in all manifestation, as Spirit and Creation including all Realms, remains Unmanifest, Pure Supreme Being, Almighty Father Mother God.”
Charlie Lutes, 1972 - SRM.

As our Soul Consciousness expands, an integration takes place of the heart, mind, higher mind, and the Spirit. Self-mastery, developed over time, enables us to master the lower nature through direct knowledge of the cause and effect of thoughts, speech, and our actions; this is through Spiritual Transformation and strengthened Will, manifested to outer life. A person, in Realization, from knowing their own Soul and understanding… feels others, from the Spirit within that pervades in all life. From direct experience of the Holy Spirit, Higher Realms and remembrance, the lessons of life in the past and present are understood. Compassion is born of Soul understanding.

Just as Nature in all Her Beauty as Creative Love of the Divine is diverse in Expression, so too are all the Souls in Life; each with an unspoken Song that Love hears. Love is One With the Presence of the Divine… it is ever Present. Consciousness is of the Spirit, one's Soul a Spark in Truth in awakenings as the Journey of the Soul is Experienced, It's the past remembered in Its long history on this Earth, and before; the Gift of Divine Dispensation given to all to Advance. These are the differences one can make in their own life, from moment to moment, and to the lives of others, as one's heart overflows. To Know one's Self, is to Know the Brother-Sisterhood of Life as one's heart overflows for all the Creation of Almighty God.

Divine Truths

“The More Conscious one becomes, the more one Feels”
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1961.

Life has its trials, complications, and adversities; the more we Feel, the more we understand, and the greater our capacity is to help where we can. Everything we think, speak, listen to, read, and watch influences our mind, heart, and body. A person's intuition through expanding Soul Consciousness guides them to the best actions and the words needed that are best used for clarification, to uplift, dispel darkness, to bring Truth, add to Beauty, Kindness, and create ways of working together towards Peace and Hope - to inspire for the Good and welfare of all.

Empathy is a natural outcome of Feeling, as Intuition is heightened, perception is keener and Love naturally becomes deeper... for it ever refines in the Eternal, in Light Divine and Truth. Thoughts, based more in a greater Light of Truth, and Words, reflecting greater empathy and understanding, create Actions that reflect greater Love. The sound and vibrations of Truth, of Divine Truths, as expressed in speech and prayer, are ever realized as we raise our vibrations and expand in God Consciousness.

One of the greatest Divine Truths in Life is this: “Right Thought and Speech is Right Action Lived.” Spiritual and Divine thoughts, words and actions, as sacred energies emanating from the Divine Soul and Spirit, the Triple Power of God, are Lived and then Become United as ONE.

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