Spirituality and our Higher Self by Charlie F. Lutes

Your Higher Self is the Real You.
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Stay devoted to your Path, stay on the path. Read scripture and Meditate regularly; one attains the goal, captures the Fort and gains “The Knowledge” by keeping one pointed attention.

Spirituality and our Higher Self
by Charlie F. Lutes

You have the Free Will to do, or not to do... in any situation. Free Will is the opportunity to learn and choose the best course of action.

Be totally devoted to your own Path, Meditate regularly, be Devoted; this keeps the Vibration of the Highest. Stay put (on your own Path), it is silly to 'monkey with' something else. One attains the Goal by capturing the Fort and gains the knowledge of the other outposts by one pointed attention. We can only be sponsored before God once in Initiation. (On the importance of the Teachings, and in keeping them pure, Charlie told me that, “going from one path to another confuses us…” and he likened it to being like, “a blind dog in a meat market; going from one thing to another.” - DMR)

Time to consciousness and abstract thought is eternal and circular; Time in relativity is linear. This is why it is difficult to predict. Consciousness changes Relativity. Meditation is necessary in this Age. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told Charlie, “TM is so great, we (do) not fully understand it.”

There are Absolutes Planets, they are self-Luminous. As there are material forms in material worlds, there are more Ethereal forms in Spiritual Worlds. Lord Jesus Christ said, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” and this shows the difference between material and Spiritual Worlds. In Spiritual worlds there is no corruption, in vibration ‘one' is Bliss Consciousness.

Human beings are here on Earth to learn to become self-sufficient, learn self-mastery. They could not survive without Religion and Scriptures, as these tell us of the ‘dos and don'ts of life'. When one enters a Spiritual life, as an Initiate, they are no longer bound by the planets.

Everything in Creation is in equilibrium, except Earth. Our thoughts and actions affect this equilibrium. We must be in balance and restore to Nature this Balance. You can only break bad habits while here (on this earth).

Heaven on Earth is a Keynote, it is individual, you must vibrate to the Keynote of this Age; there will no longer be any corruption or evil when Earth attains this. What is of hellish ways will no longer be able to be here. This is the reason for changes occurring. We will see an increase of vibration after 2003. Many changes will follow.

The “Worlds of Matter” have glamour, as does the astral plane; many get lost or pulled into this (distraction) and forget why they are here. Meditation unfolds the illusions covering the Soul. To keep up Spiritual growth requires discipline.

Time after Time one incarnates through the lessons, and lessons are learned by choice when one is on the Path. By learning lessons one's Soul becomes perfect. At the end of each life, the Soul adds Virtues to one's Higher Self and is evolving to permanent status. This is evolution of the Soul is an aspect of the Higher Self.

The Soul is the Instrument of the Divine Spark. As we grow into the Divine, we no longer notice the difference in growth as we attain the Light. The Spark Returns to the Flame. The Soul is part of the Higher Self that was sent forth. The Higher Self is learning the lessons of life. The Higher Self is the Real You. At one point we exchange the Higher Self for the Eternal Self. We are shadows of the Higher Self. The Higher Self has Divine Mind and is non-relative. No more shadow self (small self-ruled, lower nature) when one attains Full Enlightenment. Spirituality is our Natural State. It must be earned; it cannot be purchased at any price.

The failure (of many paths) is to not recognize God, as GOD. There are gods who do not know God.

All (souls) were created equal, but not born equal. Those who understand Spirituality are in this world but not of it. They understand Karma, cause, and effect. Those in the Mode of Goodness understand karma and this lesson planet (Earth). This is Awakening to Soul Reality, Self-Realization.

Spirituality is the Natural Infusion of Spiritual Energy. One can only pay the “Gatekeeper” after physical death with Spirituality, or, what one has learned and overcome. All things in this world are transient. In the Real Worlds, the Planets of Higher Universes are of Divine and Absolute Status.

No one is educated in Spirituality by themselves, they are educated by another. Spirituality is Self-Governed people gaining full Self-Control; no longer under the sway of emotions or their lower nature as they are mastering Prakriti,(1) or mastering their material nature.

Each Solar System has three planets of fecundity.(2) Beings will come from other planets in the very near future as friends. Laws govern each Solar System through each Solar Logos. In Higher Dimensions, our 3rd Dimensional body will become a very highly attuned Spiritual Body. We will be operating on very High Dimensions. Spiritual people gain Liberation. We are only concerned with 7 Dimensions; there are over 1000. The Higher the Vibration the Higher the Purity.

Color, Art, and Music have an important part to play in this Age. Refine and returning to higher values, and uplifting Consciousness. Morals will come back in a hurry. Nature demands perfect Balance. If you put something out of Balance, it must be placed back into Balance.

If you sincerely ask Almighty Father for forgiveness and live that type of new life, you are forgiven. Forgiveness occurs on several levels: by recognition of wrongs, seeking forgiveness and by restitution.

Everything we think, do, and say goes into constructing the body for our next birth. We are gods to the animal kingdom, Do Not Hurt or Torture Animals; Vivisection is bad. One must pay back to nature for the balance of these sins. Mammals are the most evolved in the animal kingdom; Dolphins are highly intelligent and not of this world.

Neptune is the planet of Divinity; we have to be Spiritual and on the path of Liberation to be under its higher influence. The Inner Planes are in ceaseless activity. After death, one goes to the plane of their vibration. In the Seed Atom,(3) on the subtle inside one's heart, are all the memories and lessons of every life.

In Meditation, we purify as we Infuse Being, the Holy Spirit; so (we) go from Conscious mind, and access and clear the subconscious of the Soul, now Spirit. One retains experiences as they Integrate, this is another reason TM is unique, due to the stabilization of Higher States of Consciousness.

Charlie F. Lutes (1912-2001)

(1) Prakriti: (Sanskrit) Nature, the primal matter or substance from which the physical and mental universe is composed.
(2) Fecundity: the ability to produce a lot of crops, fruit, babies, young animals; to create new growth and ideas.
(3) The Permanent Seed Atom is that which contains the ‘Divine Christos' blueprint in the higher heart 5th Subtle Chamber.

Transcription by Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD.
Lutes-Rousseau Archive, 1993 notes.
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Edited for ISS by Ray J. Rousseau.


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