The Transformation of an Age by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Soul growth and the dispensation of Earth as a lesson world.
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Every state of Consciousness exists at once here on earth because this is a lesson World. It is those beings who are awakened in the light of the Holy Spirit who are Divinely Inspired and are uplifting all beings into an Enlightened Higher Planet of Love, Peace, and Cosmic Status.

The Transformation of an Age
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau
September 1, 2020

When the Soul Awakens

As our Soul awakens to wisdom then experiences begin unfolding, revealing the higher levels of Spiritual Truth. The Scriptures we read contain the do's and don'ts for life. Our Soul evolution is drawn to the desire for a practical Spiritual life, for the Spiritual to be integrated and lived; for this is knowledge handed down by the Shepards of Humanity from the Higher Worlds to infuse our being. Scriptures contain many levels, as guidance for the Soul and in all aspects for life.

When we experience a direct Higher Truth, our experience may be verified by another person, a friend or teacher, and their own personal experience, or sometimes, another corresponding event in our life, often when we were not even looking for it! At other times, we are intuitively moved to dig a little more, reach a little farther, and we suddenly find verification in a book, some text, or an ancient study or Scripture. This then is no accident. This synchronicity happens to give substance to the inner experience, as a full integration of “inner to outer life” and then this expanded reality takes place and so it now becomes known to us.

The Lessons of Duality

One of my early lessons in this spiritual synchronicity was with my own teacher, Charlie Lutes, and happened when I was 21 years old. It was a lesson confirming some of my past life memories and it also confirmed that this planet was a means of both Soul growth and self-mastery through choices based in integrated wisdom in practical life. The Earth was created and given this dispensation, so it holds opposites; one learns by choices they make, due to a greater understanding of right and wrong, cause and effect. This comes through our thoughts, speech, actions, in ever increasing awareness and importantly, in clearer depth of soul as self-referral. This planet Earth holds all levels of consciousness at once, which is why there is so much disparity and division. Charlie Lutes said this was important, “because it would not be a very good schoolroom for the growth of the Soul otherwise.” No one person is perfect, and what actually becomes refined and perfected over time is ones Soul and Consciousness.

When the time is right, we see more clearly the reasons for Earth's duality. We then understand how, through self-mastery and devotion to God, we will eventually graduate and advance to increasingly more evolved worlds, The Father's “House of Many Mansions” which Lord Jesus Christ spoke of, where All are gathered in their higher nature according to development, and are in Tune with each other as Family.

This earth is a lesson planet and each Soul individually awakens to their own Self, to know the Almighty; and then we can understand the higher reason of life, to see it more clearly, and be part of positive changes. The earth is in a state of physical and moral duality, and it is through one's Higher Nature that answers come from Within, ‘that still small inner voice of intuition.' Every state of Consciousness exists at once here on earth, as this is a lesson World. It is those who are “awakened in the Holy Spirit” who are Divinely Inspired and feel an inner call, who are impressed spiritually to teach, guide, and who care to inspire and bring goodness to others. The awakened feel their brothers and sisters, their open hearts hear the cries of the world, of the poor, the sick, the lost, those who have no voice, and so they act from Love. No action is too small, as it all adds up in Love, Grace, and in time, goes into the greater Collective of God's creation.

Learning and Growth

In a practical sense, the higher ‘mental ability' earned from soul growth is then able to comprehend the difference between that which is our karma, and that which was an accident or unintended event. To believe otherwise is to deny a world of choices. There are accidents that occur in life, as well as abuse and ignorance, all of which are not necessarily something that happens to us from our own karma, nor were these earned, deserved, or attracted to one's self. True Lessons, on the other hand, are understood from right choices to be able to transfer a personal “lesson” to the Higher Self, as true Lessons are from “realized states of Wisdom” and they become Virtues. A Loving Almighty did not create our suffering or create us to suffer; this is not His Will. His Will is that people Awaken, Remember, and desire to seek Truth, and to Know themselves. To know the Soul, Self, and what needs to be done to help themselves, and others; the Spiritually Awakened selflessly guide, help to be a voice, and, give hope and knowledge, as this learning Planet is one of expanding development of the Soul in Action. The ancient Traditions know the Wisdom and that we are all here to grow.

This planet is in a constant state of learning and growth, however, in time, this planet will completely reflect the Divine Beauty of the Spirit, the Soul Realized in the Divine, and bring this realization back to physical life, manifested as Heaven on Earth. This will be both individually and collectively reflected in the outward growth of Divine Illuminations as a Fullness in Reality, where Love is lived from gained heart and mind Wisdom. In this universe of Time Cycles, darkness comes and then a Prophet or an Avatar must come again every 2000 years to Guide Humanity back to the Truth, because many are caught in darkness and have lost their way. This is found in every Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and in oral Traditions, Prophecy, and written by those Prophets, Teachers, the Awakened, and the Wisdom Keepers who see the Future while in Prayer, Meditation, or in States of Grace.

The Light Descends

In the past much has been accepted without thought or discernment, some thinking hardships were God's Will, when His Will is for us to Know Him, to live the Divine Laws set down as Guides for Soul Evolution and in soul Awareness of Divine and Natural Laws. It is then through each individual that all humanity will eventually have a World that is fully Enlightened. Until then, it is us that must bring the needed Changes, learn the lessons, and Love. The Light Descends more each day, known from within in experience that we, as souls, are part of each other. If one sees an act of injustice, they are part of the awareness present to bring truth and goodness; otherwise, they would not have witnessed it or been there. These are the forces of opposites, and Good Triumphs in actions from Wisdom that keeps expanding. Sadly, there is much confusion on this, and teachings which have mislead one to think whatever they witness must be deserved, or some karma that is being worked out, and so ignore it. In talking to Charlie Lutes on this topic he said, “that this was ignorance of what karma even means, as sometimes it is one's own mean small self who does these actions, and if there were not Divine laws, very few would sometimes learn anything.” Charlie also pointed out that this time was an Age of Truth and the return of Scriptures.

Time and again, The Almighty sends Prophets and Avatars, and they Teach to uplift, guide, and inspire an Age where people will live in peace and will treat each other as true brothers and sisters, respecting another in body, heart, mind and Soul, and all nature too. God as Holy Spirit functions though each receptive individual who Awakens to His Will, and these are the ones who will speak and act for positive change. Some remember their Past and so are here bringing the needed answers for a better created Now and Future, one that benefits all. Lord Jesus Yeshua Christ Incarnated and brought the Key (Word) for Salvation. As an Incarnation of Love and the Living Word, he gave practical Sermons to guide the Soul and the Way to live life; He would not have had to come to a world that already lived by God's Divine Laws and Will, where people were already perfect… there would have been no need. He Baptized not by water, but through Spiritual Fire, the Power of the Word, Unspoken and Spoken, and this was Passed on.

The Transition of an Age

How powerful but humble is a Divine love, love that desires to serve. Once this Awakening through Grace and the Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Paramatma, in God occurs, one expands in Consciousness from the inner revelations and experiences, to outer actions from these Realizations. Unlike earth, Heaven does not contain duality; it is from the increased Light of God that one brings this inner experience, Beauty, Goodness, Love and Wisdom, and continues to grow, as the Soul, Self, in the Eternal. It is the irresistible force of God, as Divine love, that leads humanity towards change, growth, and Spiritual Transformation.

Ages come and go, however, after taking a thoughtful look, we see that we are now in the time of Prophecy and the great ‘Transition of an Age.' We all can make a difference, contribute for good, through our love, working to build together, and helping to end needless suffering. We do this through compassion and expanding spiritual growth, integrating Spirit into our hearts to reach the fullness of soul and life. Our expanding Awareness as a Vibration of Being and Love from inner thinking is also lived more each day in outward actions, so we become the positive transformation to Balance, uplifting all beings into an Enlightened Higher Planet of Love, Peace, and Cosmic Status.

Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD
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