New Science and Consciousness by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

There is a link between Science and Consciousness.
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Consciousness is not held, or constrained by time and space, Consciousness is universal throughout all of creation. Photo credit NASA.

New Science and Consciousness
by Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

Regarding New Sciences

With New Science, we are attempting to show the correlation between Physics (relating to Geometry, Densities, Energy, Gravity) and Consciousness. This is a very ancient subject, and Physics, as it has been traditionally regarded, must change to show a hyper-dimensional and soul expansion reality, or quantum mechanics, which directly relates to Consciousness and its expansion.

Ancient Knowledge of Consciousness

In Hermetic Knowledge, these ancient concepts are well known. The “hard” modern Science in Physics has yet to take in this totality of knowledge, which includes dimensions in Space and the existence of other life forms, of different densities of creation, with a unified and cosmic understanding. According to the ancient Vedic Tradition and of of Yugas, or Cycles of Time, we are now leaving a Kali Yuga. This was an age where the human soul and mind were often overshadowed by darkness and materiality; an Age of ignorance of the Soul and Divine Law, where many did not desire to seek higher truths and were not able to perceive, or experience, the higher realities.

There is no empty space in the Vedas; western thought as zero point entering the vacuum of perceived empty space touches the surface, as the Vedic texts also relate to how the Subtle Energy that is accessed as Ether or Spirit also has infinite intelligence and levels, or dimensions, reached through the continuous expansion of Consciousness. There are Vedic techniques that use Sacred Sound as a Language; transcending the mind directly into the Soul, tapping the non-relative or Spiritual Realms, gathering information and superior energies. This is also true in Prayer to the Almighty, where one receives and is devoutly receptive: the physical is then transcended.

New Science

Traditional Science is the last to see where and how this New Science holds all possibilities, such as the realization that gravity is not a constant, nor time, and how Consciousness is the key to advancing our understanding in these fields. This New Science is not based in conjecture; it is “experiential” as Spiritual Science.

There are many scientists that resonate with this idea, coming from their own experiences that transcend modern physics. Discoveries made through direct experience show how certain geometries that are used in structures release energies as well as attract, or repel, cosmic energy; the relative field and non-relative or subtle fields. There are dimensions or fields beyond zero point, which can be thought of as an open gateway. Nicola Tesla tapped into this subtle realm, and it was done without using advanced technology. It is reached though entering that state some refer to as Grace, Transcendence, and Intuition, where one is going beyond the mind to Soul Awareness. What was cognized and brought back as a creative thought energetically, can be used for new research and new discoveries, and in medicine, advanced healing, and creating new technologies. Higher consciousness, is accessed as a medium to create, from the subtle or Spiritual realm, to the physical. Due to a higher perception or Cognition, there is an innate understanding of Divine Law to Natural Law so that this New Science can only be used in positive ways: to heal, support, create, and sustain with respect to all life. This higher awareness takes in the responsibility we have within ourselves, to uphold and preserve nature on this planet, and then beyond, to the entire cosmos, fulfilling our responsibilities while traveling in Space.

A Professor in 2014, once told me that he gave a presentation at a Conference for Universities on Gravity, in which he went into great detail of the many dimensions, and how gravity was not a constant; his subject was not as well received as he had hoped. We discussed how his audience's reluctance to consider his presentation was an example of how expanding Consciousness is the basis, the key, for this expanded understanding. Consciousness is non-local as Spirit and local within, as Soul awareness.

Consciousness is Universal

We know Consciousness is not held, or constrained in, or by, time and space; Consciousness is universal, it is in everything. Consciousness is multi-dimensional, expressed as “Unified Fields of Knowledge”, it is cognized and experiential as knowledge of each subtle realm and density. As densities, or dimensions of creation, it is a multi-dimensional reality as well as a commonality of Spirit and a means of communication, both locally, and with off-world intelligence and higher realities.

Planets outside our solar system are known as exoplanets; this is NASA's hypothetical representation of Kepler-22, a rocky planet discovered orbiting a class-G type star (one similar to our own sun), 635 light-years from earth. Image credit: NASA.

While we, as a species, progress and learn to travel in space, we must not neglect our first responsibility, which is to take care of this planet and its inhabitants. We must accept and appreciate the relevance of our own ancient knowledge that is now coming to light, and this includes our planetary history and its higher cosmic reality. We will take who we are, wherever we go, and we will need to expand our own Consciousness to truly sustain our own environment, to work with the laws of Nature, along with our own personal and collective expansion. We must respect these laws, and in our exploration of space, this includes establishing future space settlements.

For all this to come about, Physics must change in its approach to Spiritual realities, hyper dimensional and quantum physics. The new energy sources needed will only be realized when Science merges with Consciousness and that there is a greater realization that we are not merely limited to the physical brain. This is the realm of Spiritual Science: where a cure for a malady may be cognized, where there is music that can heal and visual art that inspires humanity to greater beauty; all enhancing our own humanity and inspiring an awareness that touches the Soul. This is where inspiration is born, at and beyond the transcendent.

A Non-relative to Relative Reality

It is an expanded Consciousness that will reveal the next level of knowledge to the Scientist. When he or she is looking through a microscope at micro-dimensional space, or inner space, then they see a cell of intelligence as a living source matrix that holds the original blue print, as energy and consciousness not held in time. This is true also for the Scientist who is looking at macro-dimensional space through a telescope, studying the space around us, or the outer space. Higher Consciousness is a non-relative to relative reality, it is held in time as an expansion of creativity and expression. This is a continuous unfolding of knowledge that comes from experience and shows that Consciousness is part of the New Physics, the Spiritual, and the Conscious Sciences.

Perhaps we need a New Name, one that better defines this Conscious expansion in all fields. One that contains the Divine Laws which govern the Soul and the Spiritual Realities. A name for a “New Science” that is respectful of all creation's peoples, regardless of race, or faiths, and represents the natural laws. The more Consciousness expands, the greater the compassion, care, and desire to create a better now, a better future for all.

Diane M. Rousseau LHD, PhD
January, 2020.

Edited for the Institute of Spiritual Sciences (ISS) by Ray J. Rousseau.
Copyright © 2020-2023 Dr. Diane M. Rousseau

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